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The Script: Nothing Meaning

Song Released: 2010

Nothing Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Am I better off dead?
Am I better off a quitter?
They say I'm better off now
Than I ever was with her
As they take me to my local down the street
I'm smiling but I'm dying trying not to drag my feet

They say a few drinks will help me...


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    Mar 10th, 2014 3:52am report

    2. You won’t feel a thing

    The song is about, two lovers or a couple challenged by problems that made their

    relationship complicated, and in order to save their relationship the persona did some

    adjustments and sacrifices to could save them and their relationship the persona took

    the pain, endured and ate it all, basically because, he doesn’t want his partner to

    experience everything that he will, and he wants to take this because, he is used to this

    kinds of stuffs, the first part shows a sense of helplessness

    “I’ve been kicked right down

    I’ve been spat on the face

    I’ve been pulled weighed down

    To the lowest pace”

    And because of this he is ready to face their problems and fears.

    “when troubles thinks it’s found us, the world falls down around us,

    I promise you baby, you won’t feel a thing “

    The assertion of self as sacrifice

    “cause I will take on the chin for you, so lay your cuts and bruises under my skin

    I promise you won’t feel a thing, cause everything the world could throw

    I’ll stand in front, I’ll take the blow for you”

    The willingness to do and to take everything the usage of the modal, verb “will”

    (desire and willingness) in this song the composer/singer used the noun

    “romanticism” going beyond what is possible to bring out the politics in the song the

    Power play how the singer/composer delivers his powers the song’s powers

    He also used figures of speech like hyperbole (exaggeration) which supports

    Romanticism, Alliteration to enhance the song and imagery of helplessness to show

    How he played with the emotion of the song.


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    Feb 4th, 2014 2:28pm report

    this song Is about someone that just got dumped but they cant get the other person out of their mind. they want to go & fight for them but the other person is just speechless. the guy is REALLY heartbroken & he just wants to fight for her & knows he can. He's in love.


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    Jun 1st, 2013 6:54pm report

    I think this song is about how he's no longer in a relationship with his ex, even though he is still deeply in love with her. ((She might have ended the relationship or he made a mistake and she won't forgive him) "I can change her mind, turn it all around")) His friends try to cheer him up by getting his mind to wander to a different subject, they do so by bringing him to his favorite pub so he can have fun and drink his worries away("They say a few drinks, will help me to forget her"), hopefully even bringing him to smile. Also comforting him by telling him that he's better off without her. But it's pretty well known that if you drink out of depression it just gets worse with every drink. He eventually runs off to the streets to desperately to find his ex, his drunk mind giving him false hope as he tells himself that he'll succeed in "bringing her to her senses". Considering seeing her face to face so she can see how hurt he is, basically using her sympathy to win her back, but then he only calls her up and is convinced that "this time" it will turn out differently. Not thinking clearly he confesses to her, (Which is probably not his first time doing so) and she doesn't respond, either because he won't listen to anything/take seriously what she'll tell him or because she can't say the same for him.
    In the rest of the song he explains how hurt he is, and how this is all almost driving him to suicide. ("Am I better off dead" "Oh you're coming down your hands are shaking, when you realize there's no one waiting")
    And the title "nothing" is first referring to her reaction, but then slowly turns that "She said nothing" into a "I got nothing", both meaning he got nothing from her (As in her response was nothing) and that now he's got nothing in his life, meaning nothing to live for.


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    Mar 8th, 2013 3:54pm report

    This song is about how Danny O'Donoghue is a drunk dialer. The lyrics say that he has one too many drinks which makes him drunk nf is missing his girlfriend so tries to ring her.


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    Jun 22nd, 2012 6:06pm report

    The concept is
    That this guy is inlove with his girlfriend, but they broke up, he wants to say sorry and give him one more chance, but she didnt anwser, so in the line "I'm still inlove but all I heard was nothing" so what Danny means is, he loves her, but she never responded.


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    Nov 3rd, 2011 11:35am report

    He's Fallen In Love So Deeply And It's Fallen Apart. He's Hurt Her And He Never Wanted To. He Can't Put It From His Mind And He Can't Let It Go


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    Oct 14th, 2011 10:57pm report

    Beautiful, but sad song.

    This is kinda an easy interpretation (maybe not). I think its about how the one he love won't love him back. Most of this is foreshadowed from what his friends making him have no trust in the girl "they say I'm better off now than I ever was with her". he tries to confess and believe (which hard because of the drinking) that she will love you back.
    But that just started to make things complicated. She said "Nothing" because she can't figure how to say that she doesn't feel the love without offending him.
    He realizes that there's no love and all of that embarrassment was for nothing.

    also, drinking makes things worse.


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    Sep 17th, 2011 9:46pm report

    I believe hes broken up with his girlfriend, and hes real heart broken. He went out with his friends as an attempt to cheer up, but despite all the drinking he cant forget her. Now, hes drunk and wondering around, thinking of what hes going to say when he sees her. But, instead he calls her and tells her how much he still loves her. Im guessing she used him somehow and theyr saying hes better off now. So when he calls her and tells her how he feels, she keeps quiet because she doesnt feel the same, and he knows it. So like in the video he jumps into the river, and after being saved he admits he has nothing now.

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