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Three Days Grace: Never Too Late Meaning

Song Released: 2007

Never Too Late Lyrics

This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don't belong
Who would have guessed it
I will not leave alone
Everything that I own
To make you feel like it's not too late
It's never too late

Even if I say
It'll be alright
Still I...


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    Jan 14th, 2010 1:19pm report

    The little girl dancing with her parents i think is the life that the parents thought they had , but the bandages over there eyes show they did not realize what was happening to her.She was obviously touched by the (sweater man).It was in fact the memory of this man and what he did that caused her to try to commit suicide and was holding her in the institution.Hiding under the bed as a little girl and then being found was her hiding from what had happened instead of dealing with the trauma. The butterfly was an apiphany that began the process of dealing with what happened to her which is why i think when the man had his hand on her shoulder as a little girl, she decides to move away from him and leave him behind.I may be way off on this but i feel the blackened angel is HER because as a little girl she had the black wings that i think show when she began to be molested. It was her that was fighting the (sweater man) or the memory of him,and the falling black feathers were her sheding the evil that held her for many years.If you noticed, the black feathers began to fall when she moved away from the (sweater man) touching her shoulder. Walking away from the bed and smiling was the begining of her recovery. God be with anyone this has happened to.


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    Jan 14th, 2010 1:28am report

    I think the black angel is representing her fears and pain (the black wings became part of her, as you notice earlier in the video); and as both the black man and the molester fight with eath other, she ends up being free of both; as she walks away from the feathers. I think this ending bit symbolizes her freedom from her past.


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    Nov 10th, 2009 11:00pm report

    mmm I'd heard that this song's about Adam's little sister that she gave up and tried to kill herself but he tried to support her. She ended in an insane asylum because she didn`t stop cutting herself.


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    Sep 14th, 2009 9:22am report

    this song is about anything that might have happened in someone's life
    It's what you feel, it could be sexual molest, a friend's suicide, anything..
    Just don't forget, your life is worth living
    and it's never too late!


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    Jul 15th, 2009 7:55am report

    The song itself is about not giving up. That's the blunt way to describe it. It's been said by Adam Gontier, the singer and writer of the song, that it's about helping someone not give up, or someone helping you to never give up.

    The video has the same concept. The girl is happy, the man is touching her. It pans over to the girl, older, and she appears to be depressed and exasperated. Later, the angel comes to help her through and fights her problem, the man touching her. The fight ends, and the woman reaches clarity and is no longer troubled by it.

    Personally, I think Adam wrote it during his drug addiction, and was questioning whether he had any purpose or not. I have a feeling it was written to thank his wife for not giving up, and helping him stay away from commiting suicide.

    Of course, though, everyone has their own interpretation of a song, considering how vague Adam writes his songs to be. To him, it could be a drug problem. To us, it could be love.


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    Jun 14th, 2009 6:42pm report

    i think the hand prints all over the wall, including on the little girl, shows how she was touched and molested by the man, and that his "hands" would go to pollute every aspect of her life, making her lose her mind to the memories of that event(s).

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    Jun 5th, 2009 6:00pm report

    I think this song basically means that it's never too late to do anything.

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    Mar 10th, 2009 3:28pm report

    The song is, as many people have stated, about a woman who, as a child, was molested by the man in the sweater. In the music video, it shows two doctors with bandages over their eyes, which symbolizes that the two doctors (Most likely her parents) are blind to her pain and what has happened. The woman is taken to an insane asylum because she tried to commit suicide due to the gruesome memories that the man left her with. Towards the end of the music video, you see the man in the sweater with black paint on his hand, symbolizing the terrible deed that he has committed. The man with wings most likely symbolizes her guardian angel or, more possibly, her virginity due to the fact that in the earlier times, they used to call it "De-feathering" when you lost your virginity.


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    Feb 22nd, 2009 2:26pm report

    this is about a terorist pinching a biscuit and doing the solja boi. he smokes heroin witch is impossible and he shoves weed up his but and goes logga weena. he had the shrooms and now is riding his unicorn and some 1 throws a taco at him and hes all like yay its never to late

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    Feb 22nd, 2009 2:24pm report

    i think this is about a terrorist going balistic and smokeing a joint and pinching a biscuit. he pulls out his glock and is like what now...yingaaaaaaa hauynasfnasdf. lalalallalalalalalalala.. and then goes a bloes him self up like ronnie radke.

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    Nov 27th, 2008 11:44am report

    Obviously the song is about a girl who was molested as a child, though the fight between the black-winged guy and the "other" I think suggests the same man fighting against himself because he knows what he was doing was wrong.

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    Nov 26th, 2008 11:13pm report

    It's about a girl. She used to be happy now she is depressed.

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    Nov 14th, 2008 11:17pm report

    i really don't like this band or style of music at all but i just want to say that it seems like people are interpreting the song by its music video not the actual lyrics. and a lot of the time the artists don't purposely match the lyrics to their music videos...however the music video probably was meant to match, this time...but i think that music videos that completely flat out describe what the song is saying just kind of ruins the song and defeats the purpose...

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    Nov 5th, 2008 11:59pm report

    I agree mostly with what is said here:
    "From watching the video I think the song is about a girl who was molested by the man in the red sweater, which seemed to be like a father or step father. The guy with the black wings in NOT a demon, its her guardian angel. Her older self was having flash backs as they were tying her down in the nut house of the times that he molested her. The black hand prints are a metaphor of the fact that she was touched everywhere by him. At the end you see the black winged man fighting with her "father" trying to protect her, and as his feathers from his wings fall down on her, it is telling her that she is safe now because he defeated the father.

    "Even if I say it'll be alright, still I hear you say you want to end your life"

    "The world we knew, won't come back. The time we've lost, can't get back. The life we had, won't be ours again."

    I can relate to this song and its video because that happened to me when I was younger, and its so true. No matter what anyone tells you, it will never be alright inside. Everything that you were you aren't because you are forever scared from it. Your life changes and your not the same person, and the time it takes to somewhat recover, if you ever do, you will never ever get back."

    However, I would say that the angel with the black wings is not her guardian angel. I think it represents the angel of death. She sees death as an escape from her past. Death defeats those memories or frees her from them. That would explain why she is in the mental institution, she is suicidal because she feels it is the only way out from those memories. This doesn't really explain why she got up out of the hospital bed and walked towards the camera in the end though. Perhaps she was tied down so that they could lethally inject her or something? Meaning she got what she wanted and death did save her from her memories. The also explains the black feathers falling on her in the end.

    I don't believe that the man in the sweater is her father. I believe he is an uncle or something because it shows the little girl dancing around with her parents. You will notice that, at a point in the video, they have tape over their eyes, suggesting that they are blind to what is going on.


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    Oct 25th, 2008 10:26pm report

    The girl was molested and she wants to kill herself. However the man with wings Saves her people. Hence why he fights the molester he's like her guardian angel. He beats the molester and she is then set free, she is saved, she Does not commit suicide as there is no indication she will, yes she is depressed and wants to but the angel saves her. Hence why "its never too late" to be helped

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