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They Might Be Giants: We Want A Rock Meaning

Song Released: 1990

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We Want A Rock Lyrics

Where was i? I forgot
The point that I was making
I said if I was smart that I would
Save up for a piece of string
And a rock to wind the string around

Everybody wants a rock
To wind a piece of string around
Everybody wants a rock

  1. tiggstah
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    Apr 23rd 2007 report

    bluemoon, AWESOME. just a couple things that I would add or alter.

    The rock to wind a string around is the mindless praying and ignoring the things that would show you that you are wrong.

    The prosthetic forehead is the belief in god, and the unbasist knowledge of religion,or if you prefer the term for the religious zealot: the "truth."

    the playhouse is surely religion, the church. Instead of people growing up and taking responsibility for their own situation they act like babies by praying to god to give them what they need so they crawl in through the crib door.

    the people in the town that want to burn the playhouse down are the scientists, factitious, Darwinists and what have you that use things like proof, archaeological finds and theoretical models rather than religion's "faith."

    The lines about the carpenter are a obvious reference to the bij J.C. I'm not sure about the piglet though, it could be talking about religious icons and/or idols or it could be some vague reference to something I'm totally oblivious to. It wouldn't be the first time with these two johns.

    I'm pretty sure the collecting of 7 dollars is referring to religious offerings or tithing.

    So I think that the following could be read, if I were jesus I would work on my new religion, get all the tithing from it's followers and I would look smart with my knowledge of god. everybody wants to look smart and believe in my god but those damned scientists keep on saying that what I say couldn't have happened and are trying to kill my religion. They are trying to destroy my belief's "knowledge" and stop people from the mindless praying and tithing that would get them into heaven.

    If I were a carpenter i’d
    Hammer on my piglet, i’d
    Collect the seven dollars and i’d
    Buy a big prosthetic forehead
    And wear it on my real head
    Everybody wants prosthetic
    Foreheads on their real heads
    Someone in this town
    Is trying to burn the foreheads down
    They want to stop the ones who want
    A rock to wind a string around

    ... or I could be way off. I never thought of in in a religious way until 15 minutes ago when I read bluemoon's interpretation. it just seams to make sense with the lyrics. but then again it could be simply a song about yo-yos and Klingon costumes. Hehe

  2. anonymous
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    Apr 16th 2007 report

    The string and rock refer to a sling. A primitive weapon.
    The prosthetic forehead -- think caveman. Sling.

    The crib is people being protected by old ideas, perhaps religion, but certainly dogma and such.

    The one who wants to change that is one with new ideas.
    Everyone wants things to stay the same, and they get violent about the changes.

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 22nd 2007 report

    I always thought more of an old testament theme here. David and Goliath. rock to tie a string around = sling. Who would want a prostetic forehead on there real head = Goliath.

    For deeper meaning than that I leave it to the real thinkers out there.

  4. anonymous
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    Jul 27th 2006 report

    No offense, but I think you guys are a bit off on this one. Go a little deeper. The people who want the rocks/foreheads are being harrassed or stopped for wanting the same thing everyone else wants. Add to that the burning of various structures, and it points to events of the civil rights movement in the 1960's. People wanted the same rights and liberties enjoyed by everyone else, and their churches and homes were often burned by those who opposed them.

    Anyone else think I might be on the right track here?

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 5th 2006 report

    Precisely. A rock to wind a string around - Yo-yo.
    Prostectic forehead - Baseball cap, perhaps?

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