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Twenty One Pilots: Car Radio Meaning

Song Released: 2014

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Car Radio Lyrics

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I ponder of something great
My lungs will fill and then deflate
They fill with fire
Exhale desire
I know it's dire
My time today

I have these thoughts
So often I ought
To replace that slot
With what I once bought
'Cause somebody...


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    Dec 26th, 2016 12:31pm report

    Josh or Tyler gets his car radio stolen.


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    Oct 27th, 2016 10:24am report

    The car radio is the only thing that distracts him from his thoughts. Without it, he is left alone with his demons. "Sometimes the quiet is violent." He contemplates the easy way out; suicide ("pull the steering wheel.")

    This song has kept me sane - or at least the closest I can come to sane.


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    Oct 18th, 2016 10:27am report

    I think car radio has a more biblical or spiritual spin to it considering Tyler and Josh both come from a christian background. Anyways the car radio being gone and him being able to think means that he can finally think clearly with nothing distracting him from the truth of the human condition or what the purpose of life really is. When there is no radio to fill his mind with noise "filling that slot with what he once bought" he can finally deal with reality of the world and his sins "his pride is on his sleeve" and "deal with who I killed" meaning when someone hates someone (1 John 3:15) that is killing them in your heart. Then he says he's forced to deal with the truths and what is real meaning death when he says "I could pull the steering wheel". Later in the song he says that there is "faith" meaning believing the truth of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for your sins and being free through his grace and "sleep" meaning death because of ignorance of the truths. When he says "I try to come across like I am dying" means he wants everyone to see that they are sinners or dying and need to pick faith.


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    Aug 22nd, 2016 8:54pm report

    I think that car radio mean:
    Someone "stole" his voice (his pride) and when it says that he "sits in silence " it is referring to the fact that he no longer has a voice to stand up to anyone or speak his opinion . When his lungs
    "Fill with fire
    Exhale desire" I believe he is referring to him trying to speak or do an action but he can't because somebody stole his "car radio" (voice)


    Sarah Ann Martin
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    Jul 24th, 2016 7:02am report

    When I listen to Car Radio I think it speaks of how he has conquered his fear maybe losing someone and now he is lost in all his thoughts (maybe his girlfriend cheated on him?) and he sits there wondering why...why would someone that loved him leave him and hurt him in that way?

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    May 22nd, 2016 5:25pm report

    Personally, I can relate very much to this song. This song to me personally is my story. Tyler is looking back upon on the mistakes he made in his life. In the video, he shaves his hair, symbolizing how he's struggling to forget what he did, who he hurt, and the lies he told. He wants to die because of the mistakes he made. This is proven when he says "I hate this car that I'm driving." The car represents his life and he's driving it. He "Wants to pull the steering wheel," representing that he wants to just stop driving the car, or living, because life isn't getting him anywhere.
    However, he makes a point when he tells us that we need to think because thinking keeps us alive. He's telling us that we can't die, that we can't just look at the negatory and call quits.

    He uses music as a distraction to get rid of his suicidal and negative thoughts. In the video, Tyler is wearing a white mask, which stands for the mask he shows everyone as a person and as a celebrity. He doesn't want to give in to it, but he doesn't want to show everyone who his is. His thoughts are so complicated and he doesn't want them, so he listens to music.

    Tyler realizes that you can't use music as a distraction, that nothing is complete. When he realized that, the way he viewed music got so different that he couldn't give in to music anymore. Tyler says, "Now I just sit in silence," which means that he can't view anything the same anymore. Music is now a minor painkiller for him, as he realizes music is temporary. And he slowly starts to get the same thoughts again, hating himself more and more for hating everything, including music now.
    Tyler seems to channel all his emotions when he yells "AND NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE," because he's frustrated he can't get anywhere other than in his thoughts. When he refers to the "someone" who stole his Car Radio, he means himself... and now he hates himself for it. However, he realizes he can't die and tells everyone who are going through the same thoughts and struggles to "keep thinking" because that's what keeps them alive.


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    Apr 14th, 2016 4:00pm report

    "Sometimes quiet is violent.."


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    Mar 24th, 2016 3:33pm report

    I think that it really depends for each listener and where they are at in their own lives... The first time I listened to this song, I thought it was just about him not having a car radio and I kinda thought the song was dumb. But now that I've revisited it, i see it much different. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and while I was listening to it, I realized that if I were to sit in silence while driving, I would go crazy because my thoughts would take control. For me, quiet truly is violent because that's when my anxiety takes over. He also mentions that we can either give up and "sleep" or we can chose faith. And if we chose faith, fear will lose and we will find peace. I think this song is awesome because of what each listener can take away from it.


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    Feb 27th, 2016 2:38pm report

    I think that it means a man sitting in his car with no radio at all just sitting there depressed and his skin is screaming the violent it's been through

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    Feb 12th, 2016 2:07pm report

    He actually got his car radio taken away when they were on the tour I got vip tickets to the concert and asked them :).


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    Jan 16th, 2016 1:20pm report

    Tyler s friend used to sing to him when he drove instead of using the radio . His friend died in a car crash and now he just "sits in silence".


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    Jan 5th, 2016 1:56pm report

    okay, the first and second ratings really got to me. Good job, guys. I had a similar problem.


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    Jan 2nd, 2016 1:27am report

    Th car radio is his talkative girlfriend. Someone stole her and now he has no distraction from the voices in his head. He shaves his head and puts on a mask to go and try to stealthily get her back but gets distracted by his fans.

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    Dec 23rd, 2015 12:01pm report

    Okay so someone literally stole his Car Radio. He said that once in an interview.

    Since his car radio is gone, when he drives, there's only silence which leaves him just his thoughts.

    He starts to think about things he has done and he's left alone with all of his thoughts which lead him to think about suicide, (pulling the steering wheel).

    It's a deep song fam.


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    Dec 10th, 2015 12:54am report

    "I hate this car that I'm driving". The car is his life. The car radio is the distractions/temptations that numb the mind. He's coming to terms with living without the numbness provided by the radio. And I also see hope in this song. He's saying it's not easy being mindful and present in your own life but it offers so much if you make the choice to do so.

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