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Song Released: 2011

Someone Like You Lyrics

I heard, that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're, married now

I heard, that you're dreams came true
I guess she gave you things
I didn't give to you

Old friend, why are you so shy
Ain't like you to hold back
Or hide...


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    May 19th 2011 !⃝

    The way I see this song:

    There is this couple that have this blazing romance in their youth, growing up together and then they got older and they both went their separate ways. Probably with the words that they will end up together eventually or that they will maybe see each other again and see if things can work out then. But that promise meant something for her. hence the word "reminded".

    Then she hears, probably through old friends or family that he has gotten married, moved into a house/farm whatever in their hometown. So even though it has been several years, maybe 8-12years, she cant help but show up at his place, secretly hoping that when he sees her, he will remember their love from the glory days and see that she still wants him.

    But then when she shows up, he doesn't see it and she doesn't even want to ask him or anything, coz she knows the answer already. He is happy with his life now. So she, just says to herself, Nevermind..ill just find someone like you.

    But she wishes him all the best, and underneath it all she knows that its the right thing. Which is why she remembers that he said, that sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. I think it was her that endded things with him, always thinking that she one day might just come back. And now all her choices, has lead her in an opposite direction of him, hence her bittersweet taste.

    I dont know why, but it reminds me of this book I once read. Where this wild and adventurous girl ends up ending her relationship with this son of a farmer, coz she wants to become a famous writer. And then the book act ends with her, driving back in her fancy car, to her old home city, and then she cant help herself but to drive past the farm where her old love lived. When she gets there she is met by her former old best friend, with a big pregnant belly and then she sees her old love coming out from the stables. She sees its him, with a slight belly and starting wrinkles around the eyes. She remembers their love, and takes a walk with him across the fields, where she sees that this was always the way things had to end out. Then when she gets back in her car and drives back for the airport to return to her big apartment in the city, she smiles to herself. Kinda like "its funny how life ends out".


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    Jan 21st 2014 !⃝

    Such a sad and touching song the singer is telling the listener how bitter love can be.

    I heard that your settled down that you found a girl and you're married now.... when the singer was in a relationship with the person she is singing about he wasn't quite ready to be ''married'' and might have fall apart or drifted away. by her saying 'I heard' she is meaning to the listener that they are now broken up.

    I heard that you're dreams came true. guess she gave you things I didn't give to you, old friend why are you so shy ant like you to hold back or hide from the light..... again she implies that she heard, but here adele is telling us why or a reason to why they broke up by saying 'guess she gave you thing's I didn't give to you? it can be sex, happyness, communication, it can be heaps of things... adele then starts to question her ex by asking (why are you so shy), maybe she is asking this coz he might have tried hiding that he is getting married, he never told her and this tells the listener that they broke up on bad terms.

    I hate to turn up from the blue uninvited but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it I had hoped you'll see my face and will be reminded that for me it isn't over....
    here she might be talking about his wedding day, she attends without and invitation to let him know for her she still loves him deeply and wants him to know its not over, but is that really the case? or was her plan to wreck it for him, or just to see how happy he is? she says in a helpless voice she couldn't fight it she just had to see him.

    never mind ill find someone like you, I wish nothing but the best for you too, don't forget me I begged I remember you said sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead.....
    here adele is expressing her feelings, (never mind ill find someone like you), this line has 2 meanings, (the first), she can be meaning that she wants a guy that was just like him, or she is meaning that she would find someone new just like he has.
    adele also asks for him to never forget her, this makes me believe she is telling him if things go wrong in your married life ill still be available. or she is stating for him to never forget those memories that she still perishes. she also cant forget what he has told her about love, sometimes it last but sometimes it hurts instead. was he meaning or did he know they cant go any longer, that their love was going to die.

    you'd know how the time fly's only yesterday was the time of our lives, we were born and raised in a summer haze bound by the surprises of our glory days.... she is reminiscing the (glory) days that had together.

    In the end you start to feel sorry for adele coz she makes the listener feel like she didn't do anything to ruin the relationship she had with her ex, she is searching for answers as to why this happened. but somewhat she blames it on herself and she paints a picture to make the listener imagine her in a dark and horrible position in her life. this song is so good coz a lot of people can relate to it


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    Mar 5th 2011 !⃝

    she's not over it, she's saying the "right" things, in that she does wish him well, the best, because she loves him more than anything and there's nothing she can do as he's found someone else. she loved him more than he loved her. "nevermind i'll find someone like you" is more like wishful thinking and hoping.. she says it, then says she wishes him the best..but by saying those statements, she is struck by the realisation of the finality of that, she pleas that he won't forget her because really, she's just desperate for some ounce of connection from him. which she doesn't have at the moment as she's only hearing about him being married "through the grapevine".. there's nothing she can do but try and hold some dignity in her desperation. really emotional song

  4. anonymous
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    May 9th 2021 !⃝

    Is it possible this was just a friendship and not a romance? They were opposite sex, but just friends. Then they drift a little over the years, but then he finds someone and they get married. Now she has no person to hang with anymore, so she feels alone. Though just friends, she lost her best buddie. Not it's time to grow up, meet someone and settle down. But she's a.little older now, and finding another friend maybe difficult. She yearns for the carefree days of their youth, that they both shared together. But those days are now gone; now it's all work and no play.

  5. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2020 !⃝

    This is a song of a first love. Someone she was madly, deeply in love with and regrets breaking up. This is a song of a woman heartbroken. She finds out he's married, and his goals "dreams" came true... She gave him things she couldn't give him then. Possibly children. Their love was deeply rooted in a friendship. A soulmate. She brushes it off by trying to say she will find someone like him... But she never does... And the memory of them together is bittersweet.
    I closely can relate to this song. It's happened to me. And I will forever remain heartbroken.

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 12th 2019 !⃝

    I want to make this song with string and also it had some beats and so I wondered that I would have someone could write down the song for me, my friend Ben from my track team is going to help me but you’ll be yourself and be your friend and we’ve always been together. We haven’t have this time to think about what god teaches us.

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 21st 2018 !⃝

    I think the song from Adele, it’s a great song with my soul and also, the rough times and Adele had my heart, especially her private life because Adele loves me. Because she’s British. Like William, and Kate, and especially Harry, the crazy brother, I’ve met.

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 9th 2018 !⃝

    This isn't a interpretation.
    This could be a history of Adele' past?
    If it's the same Adele? I've met for a brief moment when I saw her standing outside when it was raining - Australia NT in a small town called Katherine, this is where she had the broke up and I guest I was the first to know about it.
    We were both strangers when I saw her so sad standing on the streets.
    I've asked her if she was o.k. But she had told me that her boyfriend had broken up and left her.
    I've asked her where she was from and she replied England.
    I've always kept calling her Adelaide but she kept on saying my name is Adele.
    So I told her to go back home and be someone important? A judge, lawyer or something where your voice can be heard. But I never imagine that Adele became a singer. I can recall when she sang this song.
    Someone like you - is about her break up.
    Before I walked away when we where much younger then,taking on the footpath. I said to her?
    Sometime it last to love but sometime it hurts instead – I think I was drunk the words came out different?
    I was supposed to say – sometime it hurts to love but sometimes it's a game. Gave her a hug and said take care of your self Adelaide and don't let no-one bring you down.
    Then I walked away.
    That was the first and last time I've seen her in person.
    My family calls me the quiet one or sometimes shy.
    But when someone I know or a stranger feeling sad or depressed I sometime approach them to find out what the problem and try to bring their self esteem back.
    Love can be strong but a broken heart is stronger but expressing your feelings can be powerful from the words you say.

  9. anonymous
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    Jul 17th 2016 !⃝

    This song is about how she left someone she truly loved, and, now, hears they have a family, and regretts leaving them. She knows she'll never find anyone like him. But, all she can do is hope, and, she's not really sure she ever will.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 17th 2015 !⃝

    To me, this song means that she was in love with the guy that she deems is perfect and then they broke up. Adele still loves him and realizes it is time to move on with life. She finds it hard and can't get over him.

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  11. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2013 !⃝

    She loves the person she sings of in the song. She loves them deeply. They may have been together at one time or may not have. Either way she believes this person is perfect for her. Their lives have moved forward and taken different paths and she must let go. She claims she will find someone like him to make her life complete.

  12. anonymous
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    Jul 25th 2012 !⃝

    We had this really strong thing and somehow it all went sore. I hav a lotta hope that yea, it's all gone now but hoping I meant to you what you did me, you'll find me someday. I do the finding and I see you've settled down, moved on! When I didn't even seek closure or think it.I see you're happy, I don't wanu spoil your joy but then I stil hope and hope we'll still have a chance at it, but apparently that's just wishfull thinking! So...I can only wish you the best, show you its alright and I'll find someone like you but all na wash as we say in Nigeria, I still see that when I'm 40 you'll be settled and happy and I'll still be alone, where went the someone like you? This is my. Story! I'll always be stuck on you, any substitute won't do it for me. *sobs*

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  13. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2012 !⃝

    its about a very nice relationship and maybe just a friendship its hard to know that your love is happy with another person but if you love him you just want to see him happy want bests for him and forget yourself.mybe she never told him that she loved him and thats why she said "regrets and mistakes thay re memories made" .i love a boy now its almost 1 month that he is married i never told him that i loved him but i dont regret it because he wouldnt want me even if i told!he loves me as a good friend i dont want to destroy this relationship i saw they were kissing eachother it was hard for me .she is not like me she is very differet "guess she gave you things i didnt give to you" maybe i fine someone else maybe even better but his not him he is not even like him because you cant fine 2 people exactly like eachother!

  14. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2012 !⃝

    it's about how things change,people settle down find new love,if u come back around you must know it will not be the same we shape and change our own destiny.

  15. anonymous
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    Jul 9th 2012 !⃝

    I have experienced this feeling.my firs love is already married and i can see that he is so happy thats why whenever i hear this song i cry.but i dont fool myself with the dream that i can find someone like him .i can feel the taste of bitter sweet in my heart

  16. anonymous
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    Jul 2nd 2012 !⃝

    For me, this is about a love that will never fade despite of the unwanted things that happened in her past relationship... Though she already moved on but she wasn't able to get over it because she's still hoping to find a man who is someone like him... However, despite of the tragedy she's still wishing the best for both of them which means that she has a tremendous love for him...

    And every time i hear the song it feels like their's an elephant on top of my chest... Its very heavy inside! Maybe because i can relate to it... But anyway, Adele did a great rendition of this song...

  17. anonymous
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    Jun 9th 2012 !⃝

    this song is about the realization of the ending of a relationship. in the song, she sings about her ex who has moved on with his life and it is at this point she now realizes that she has lost this person for good and the only thing left to do is wish him well and hope that she finds someone who encompasses what she loved about him. it is also clear that she has lingering hope that he will one day come back to her but she has resigned her self to the fact that if he doesn't come back she hope to find someone like him him.
    it can also be surmised that she never knew what she had until it was gone.

  18. anonymous
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    May 18th 2012 !⃝

    For me, she's trying to tell this guy that she's not over him, yet she won't interrupt his current relationship. She just truly wishes him well and tells him not to worry, she will find someone... like him.

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