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Alan Walker: Lily Meaning


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Lily Lyrics

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Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big, wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
Now and then she tried to run
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone

They warned her, don't go...


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    Sep 26th, 9:28am report

    I believe that the song 'Lily' relates to the real world. Every day, people are getting scammed by others ('Give you everything you've been dreaming of') and tricked into making bad decisions.

    We smoke, fight, kill and drink and humans have become addicted to it; we've let these issues take control and made them part of us ('Just let me in, ooh').

    Lily represents us and how we have realized what humanity is doing is wrong('She knew she was hypnotised, and walking on thin, cold ice'), but civilization has dived too deep and no matter how much we try to fight it and try to call for help ('Then it broke, and she awoke again. Then she ran faster than- Start screaming, Is there someone out there? Please help me, come get me'), it always comes back to haunt us.

    In short: This is about the bad decisions we make and how we are triggered to do it by the devil. Keep safe, do the right thing and love God, because if you do, better things will come and we wont be doomed like Lily/ our world in this song is.


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    Aug 12th, 8:18am report

    I think that Lily is depressed because of bullying (afraid of the big, wide world) and just hides in her room (within her castle walls)

    Then I think she tried to kill herself (she went in the woods away so afraid, all alone) but her parents warned her not to (they warned her, don't go there) but she's stubborn she still went and there she met a strange "creature" witch I think she's being followed by death (There's creatures who are hiding in the dark Then something came creeping)

    I think it's persuading her to give in and kill herself (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    At first she is persuaded (She knew she was hypnotized and walking on cold thin ice) Then she realized what was happening and wanted to get out or probably save herself (Then it broke, and she awoke again
    Then she ran faster than
    Start screaming, is there someone out there?
    Please help me
    Come get me) but it still keeps on persuading her (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    in short: I guess it's a story of a girl wanting to escape depression and save herself


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    Mar 17th, 2019 3:01pm report

    I believe it is a bout a girl, lily of course, who had a certain dream to do something. She is warned not to go overboard and be careful for what she wishes for, therefore the lyrics "They warned her, don't go there". But Lily decides to not listen. Then she meets a person, or in the song a 'creature'. They come up to her and offers her a deal that he, or she, will help her achieve her dream. But she must exchange something such as her life, hence the lyrics "just let me in". She accepts the deal only realizing after that she made a terrible choice, not aware of how to escape, she goes out yelling "is there somebody out there?" and "please help me" to try to make the public aware of her captivity. But I believe that this doesn't work and she is eventually captured again.

    Once again, just a theory


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    Jan 14th, 1:22pm report

    Demonic posession seems like the answer which makes the most sense to me.
    My theory:

    Basically the demon persuades her to let her and tells her:
    "Follow everywhere I go
    Top over the mountains or valley low
    Give you everything you've been dreaming of
    Just let me in, ooh
    Everything you wantin' gonna be the magic story you've been told
    And you'll be safe under my control
    Just let me in, ooh"

    There is numerous parts in the song she tries to escape:

    "Then she ran faster than
    Start screaming, is there someone out there?
    Please help me"

    Which usually follows up with the demon behind her trying to presuade her more, however in the last line it's the girl saying:

    "Just let me in, ooh"


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    Jan 12th, 1:44pm report

    I believe this song is about a girl in an abusive relationship since she grew up so protected. Then she ran away and met someone who could give her what she wanted and eventually she saw the reality of her situation and tried to escape. In the end, music is a form of art and we can choose to interpret it however we would like to so for others this song way be just a fairy tail of have a deeper philosophical and ideological interpretation.

    One could see this as a comment on capitalism where the protection of her family is the protection of a socialist society where we are all equal and safe but she wanted to venture out and find her own means when she runs into a creature (capitalism) and it tells her it can give her everything she has ever wanted but eventually she realizes that she was fooled and is now seeking to return back to a system where she is helped by others


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    Jan 9th, 1:16pm report

    Elements to Interpret:
    A: Lily
    B: Big Wide World
    C: Castle Walls
    D: the Woods
    E: Creatures hiding in the dark
    F: the things Lily has been dreaming of, the magic story
    G: The Mountain high and valley low
    H: Letting the creature in / creature controlling lily / hypnosis
    I: Ice breaking breaks G (hypnosis)
    J: Lilys flight and call for help

    Lily (A) is a Princess living in a castle (C) being protected by her parents from the harsh world (B). Nearby there is a magical forest (D) populated by ill meaning creatures (E). Lily sometimes sneaks out of the castle (C) having heard stories (F) of adventure and magic. One day she stays out too late and gets enchanted by a magical creature (E). Lily (probably unwillingly) accepts this enchantment (H) the creature promising her safety and adventures (G). Lily succumbs to the enchantment but when walking over a frozen body of water the ice breaks, breaking the spell (I). She now realizes that the creature lead her far away from home and in danger and no longer wants to go with, and tries to run away (J) but the creature catches up and tries to enchant her again. Whether she gets enchanted again is unclear.

    Lily(A) is the American People. The big wide world (B) is the worlds complexity and abundance of ways to go wrong / to interpret the world. Castle walls (C) are the pre-internet era national consensus on what is right or wrong / how the world should be viewed e.g. that newspapers and big TV stations are generally reliable, the president and politicians want the best for the country, terrorists, communists fascists are bad, USA good ... The woods(D) are non-mainstream media / people telling stories different from what is generally accepted as true. Creatures hiding in the dark (E) are populists, conspiracy theorists, communists, whoever main stream /the public deemed as unsavory, not fit to be seen with. The magic stories (F) are what populists tell. Easy solutions to complex problems. Lily wandering out too long is modern society where the internet has undermined the old fabric of national consensus making former fringe opinions electable. The creature is Trump who promises what if you give him power (H) and let him do whatever he wants (G) his stories will come true: Coal comes back, the border wall will solve anything, ... Ice breaking (I) is the next election. People again have to decide whether to elect him (H). Everyone looks for another candidate but Trumps style has lead American society far away from its old safe walls having an unclear way to go.

    Religious (Christian)
    Lily (A) is a fallible human. The big wide world (B) is the world of flesh tempting humans to sin. Castle walls (C) are commandments / religious rules for proper behavior intended to keep us on the right path and safe from damnation. Humans are tempted by sin and leave the right path, being tempted by their desires and sin (D). Creatures in the dark are demons forever tempting us, promising is worldly bliss (F) that can be achieved through sinning (doing drugs, getting rich through immoral means, ...)(G) . This human gives in to temptation (H) and becomes depraved. Deep inside he knows that he is on the wrong way and in a moment of clarity and remorse (I) he tries to get back on the right path (J) but once you lived a life of sin it is hard to get righteous again.

    Lily (A) is Europe between before 1914 and 1945. Before WW1, the Great powers had their system of alliances (C) supposedly protecting Europe from a big war (B). The woods and the creatures hiding in it (D&E) are nationalism, racism, imperialism, militarism, communism which unseen threaten the entire continent to be thrown into chaos and war. The stories (F) are the myth of the glorious battlefield, heroism in war, that a master race must prevail over lesser humans. The creature (E) are people telling the war can easily be won, industrialists speaking of national honor but hoping to profit from the war. (G&H) Letting the creatures take over is going into the war which supposedly is easy to win. Ice breaking (I) is the inter war period where the seed for the new war was already sowed. The creature newly trying to enchant is Hitler and the Nazis promising to return German honor and glory (F). Going to Mountain High and valley low (G) is the total war effort. In this interpretation Lily succumbs again to the creature after awakening.

    Lily(A) is a girl growing up, becoming a woman an sexually active. The castle (C) is the youthful innocence which she starts losing once she comes into puberty. The big wide world is the big wide world of sexuality. The woods (D) represents the hiding / suppression of sexuality in our society making its exploration a hidden / shady thing. Creatures hiding in the dark are (E) her own desires for sexual experience, telling her to explore this area of herself. The story / dream (F) is her hopes / dreams of a fulfilled sex life. The magic represents the romanticization of the topic. Mountain High and valley low are the full spectrum of sexual experience / practice that she desires to experience. Letting the creature in(H), is giving in to her desire. The hypnosis(H) is the losing of her innocence. The ice breaking (I) is the realization that she has now become a woman. Her flight and call for help (J) is her fear of the future and the unfulfillable wish to become a child again. This interpretation is not to say that sexual development is bad. It just shows that it is a scary thing and often people wish back the time of innocence.

    Lily (A) is your conscious mind, that castle(C) is your self deception telling you that you are in control of things. The big wide world is your subconscious which actually steers your behavior much more than your conscious mind. The woods (D) is part of that subconscious where your suppressed desires (=the creatures E) lie. The magic story (F) is you believing you are a rational being and you have no dark subconscious. The creature taking over control of Lily (H) is when subconscious desire actually takes over your actions. Ice breaking (I) is the realization that you are actually not in control. The flight is your futile effort to suppress your subconscious.


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    Jan 9th, 1:47am report

    I think in this son Alan Walker is praising darkness cause there isn't any end of the song ie,Lilly hasn't escaped from the creature which stands for darkness


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    Dec 22nd, 12:16pm report

    I looked it up bcz alan walker actually said this was the meaning.
    .. So its bout a girl who is in an Abusive relationship and she doesnt ntoice this but other ppl try to warn her but she just thinks they r over reacting. The bad man tells her hell gov her ANYTHING she beloeves him tho. Later the abusion gets physical so she trys to escape it but nobody listens so she just keeps trying but she never escapes sadly


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    Dec 22nd, 12:09pm report

    I think that Lily is about well actually IDK lol just beleave what u wanna believe

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Dec 18th, 12:52pm report

    I think it's about a girl (Lily) being afraid of people or school (Afraid of the big, wide, world) and she wouldn't tell anyone or interact with people, so she was shy (She grew up within her castle walls) and then she tries to run from school (Now and then she tried to run) but someone wants to be her friend, and tells her what to do (Just follow everywhere I go, top over the mountains to valley low) and they promise to give her something (Give you everything you've been dreaming of) as long as they let them in. Lily then gets in trouble multiple times with her friend, but she is naive, so she did it. (Lily knew she was hypnotized, and walking on cold thin ice) and then she gets detention, and she isn't friends with that person anymore (and then it broke, and she awoke again) so then wants help to get better friends (Please help me, come get me) But then her old friend wants to be friends again (Behind her, she could hear it say "Follow everywhere I go...) and her ex friend tries to convince her, but lily declines, and runs away, which might be a scene in a music video for the long beat where there is no lyrics, but her old friend keeps on trying to convince her.

    But this is just my opinion


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    Dec 16th, 12:03pm report

    I think this about a young girl (called Lily) who has been kept away from the ‘big wide world’ by her parents who are always warning her not to ‘go there’ in fear of the impurities of the world. One day she runs away, hoping to finally get real human interaction. While running away, she meets a man who tries to lure her into a relationship. Lily, who has never been in the real world before, accepts and slowly but surely, he becomes abusive towards her. Lily thinks that this is normal until one day, he goes too far and she ‘awakes’ and realises what is happening. She tries to get out of it ‘is there someone out there? Please help me, come get me’ but he keeps on trying to persuade her that everything is fine. In the end Lily is stuck in this toxic relationship and never gets out.


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    Dec 6th, 12:28pm report

    I think this is a song about a new graduate (possibly from a small town hence the "afraid of the big wide world" and "she grew up within her castle walls"). She "tries to run" by going away to a big faraway college. Her parents are warning her about the impurities of the world and telling her not to go to the big college where they can not protect her. A boy (or girl but 'not trying to be sexist' most likely a boy) approaches her and offers to show her the ropes of college and tutor her. They eventually start dating but they are manipulative and abusive and she cannot break out of the relationship. This can be seen in the third verse "She knew she was hypnotized
    And walking on cold thin ice
    Then it broke, and she awoke again
    Then she ran faster than
    Start screaming, is there someone out there?
    Please help me
    Come get me", But they pull her back in. The rest of the song is her struggle with herself and this person she is dating. In the end, it stated "just let me in ooh" which implies she lost this battle.


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    Nov 30th, 11:07am report

    I believe the song is about a young girl who feels alone in her own home and compares it to that of a castle to show how large and empty it feels there for her. Her family and parents warn her not to go outside in the dark on her own because there are “monsters” such as kidnappers and adults who could hurt her or worse. She feels suffocated and isolated so she leaves anyway in need of some sort of friend or social interaction that could make her feel less alone. Suddenly a guy comes up to her as she’s out in the dark on her own and begins to tell her he will give her everything she wants and love her and care about her. Lily falls victim to his grooming and believes him instantly so happy that she finally has somebody she can trust and talk to who cares so much about her. Then after a while he starts to do things that make her nervous and pressure her a little saying “Just let me in” then reassuring her when she questions her trust in him with “everything you’re wanting is going to be the magic story you’ve been told! And you’ll be safe under my control” She realises this isn’t right and runs off putting distance between them before calling for help “Is there someone out there?! Please help me! Come get me!!” But he hears her calling for help and she’s so naïve and alone she trusts him, lacking an alternative choice. And in the end, Lily is taken by him and is never seen again and has simply fallen victim to sexual abuse... it’s a dark story but it makes a lot of sense and there’s a couple parts that I may have gotten wrong but it fits pretty well.


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    Nov 28th, 11:06pm report

    I think its about a girl who is told about the world being a cruel place. Therefore she is afraid of the outside and stays at home. Then one dag she decides to leave and meets a spirit/creature and it tells her he can take her anywhere she wants but it really wants to take control of her and pretend to be human in the city. And at first she goes with it and it hypnatizez her and finally she awakes from it and tried to escape. But it finds her and it takes control again.

    But this is just my guess.


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    Nov 27th, 11:19pm report

    guys its just about Human Trafficking. the creatures are the traffickers and they tell her about the goods things they will give her and when it says "she knew she was hypnotized" its means she knows the trafficker is going to sell her "then it broke" it means it was too late to go back and she runs and says "please help me come get me" she is trying to call for help "behind her, she could hear it say" the trafficker is chasing her and telling her the good things again.


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    Nov 25th, 11:24pm report

    I think this is about someone trying to escape the horrible things that happened in the past, isolating herself. (Lily was a little girl afraid of the big wide world she grew up within her castle walls) Then she is dominated by that fear(creature) so she decides to kill herself. Thinking it is the only way to freedom. But she changes her mind (she awoke again) But it was too late to stop it, so she was killed. She says "please help me" desperate, although she knows she won't live.


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    Nov 15th, 11:58am report

    This song is about drug addiction. The song set up the character Lily to be afraid of the wide world and have only learn within her walls, never knowing the dangers of the outside world. One day, she sneaked outside the walls during the night and got lost in the woods(outside world) where creatures (drugs) tries to persuade her. The chorus talks about the effect of drugs. (Over the mountain tops or valley low) are the feeling of being on high and being down. Next, the creature(drug) promise everything you "dreamt of" and "being in the magic story" indicate how the drug can affect the mind into escaping from the real world and into fantasy or dream where you have everything. Further into the lyrics, we see that Lily knew she was being hypnotized and was walking on thin ice. This can indicate the timeline that Lily was a regular at that point with the creature(drug), and knew it is affecting her negatively. (Hence the thin ice meaning close to death.) "Thin ice broke and she awoke again" indicates she is realizing she is dying due to her overdosing on this drug. She is attempting to seek help from others, hence why she is "screaming and asking for someone to come help her." But the creature(drug) always comes back to drag her into using it again.

    I looked into other meanings but I believe this one is most relatable and make most sense.


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    Nov 8th, 11:59am report

    I think this song has good parallels to drug addiction and drug use. The creature asking to be let in is addiction and after trying once she is chased by the creature continually.

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