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Alan Walker: Lily Meaning


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Lily Lyrics

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Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big, wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
Now and then she tried to run
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone

They warned her, don't go...


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    May 22nd, 5:13am report

    I'm not sure what I'm going to tell you guys, I know that not everyone agree with me. As you see, firstly this song talk about Lily. She's not a princess or something that royalty. She is us, must be weird but it just my guess. I'm Muslim so I believe this song talk about what will happen when this world will crushed. There's no faith in us anymore, we believe in anything that can make we safe. As you know there's lyric "she knew she was hypnotize", it show that us will goes for that creature only to safe. When Lily ask for help, that's mean we knew that what we should do but we lost hope and still believe in that creature. We knew that creature only tells lies but still lost in his story, trust him. It's not weird that we follow the creature cause there's hadis and al-Quran has showed everything. We knew it but still follow it. It's because only the real Muslim who will know that's a lie or not. This creature will give you everything you need but he will take you to hell. This creature will tell you guys that he is the god. There's a word on his forehead كافر.
    For my first thought I think it was about illuminati but I think there's a little bit about illuminati in this song.
    I'm sorry for others region. I'm not trying to be rude or what. It just my guess so sorry.


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    Mar 17th, 2019 3:01pm report

    I believe it is a bout a girl, lily of course, who had a certain dream to do something. She is warned not to go overboard and be careful for what she wishes for, therefore the lyrics "They warned her, don't go there". But Lily decides to not listen. Then she meets a person, or in the song a 'creature'. They come up to her and offers her a deal that he, or she, will help her achieve her dream. But she must exchange something such as her life, hence the lyrics "just let me in". She accepts the deal only realizing after that she made a terrible choice, not aware of how to escape, she goes out yelling "is there somebody out there?" and "please help me" to try to make the public aware of her captivity. But I believe that this doesn't work and she is eventually captured again.

    Once again, just a theory


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    Apr 30th, 4:03am report

    when i first heard this song, i always thought this was literally a fantasy story. so here goes!

    there’s a princess named Lily who was always kept away from the outside world as the people in her community always told her that the world was very bad. since she was told of this from a very young age, Lily was afraid of the world she never knew of. but she was a really curious girl and although afraid, she tried running away but always came back running home because of her fear. then one day, she came back out and ran for good from home and suddenly realized she was lost in the woods. she became afraid and alone. then, the “creature” (which i always thought was some sort of spirit or entity) came to her and promised her that she’ll be okay if she lets them “in”, meaning that she has to trust them.

    in the end she does and for a while she managed to survive the “outside world” with this entity or spirit guiding to wherever she wanted. the second verse (which was a little intense) was about Lily running into trouble with another spirit (a bad one). then before she went into deeper trouble, the good entity that wanted to help her came and save her, leading her to a safer place, opposing to the return of the reff.

    so basically, the rest of the song is more or less like a reprise between Lily and this “creature”.


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    Sep 21st, 19:03 report

    I strongly believe the lyrics are about a young girl, Lily, who is battling depression and resisting the temptation to self harm / commit suicide.


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    Sep 18th, 17:55 report

    Its about eve Adam and Eve she seduced into taking a deal that cost humanity everything God had to share with his children the castle is Eden the woods are the toil of earth the grass was not greener. Then we blame God for our sin. These songs are unholy hymns. God bless u


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    Sep 12th, 9:56am report

    Lily might be us when we are children safe in our castles(our houses with our parents or guardians) then when we leave the castle (growing up and leaving the household) we easily get tracked by big companies and get easily hypnotized by their ads to buy their product that claims to give,do,or cure anything then you notice that it was a scam you try to warn anybody so they wont be scammed as well and trying to get help(the monster creeping up to Lily and hypnotizing her and the follow everywhere i go bla bla bla then Lily falls in to the water and awakes then runs away then calls for help) this is just an opinion tho so you can go and scream at your screen saying im wrong. •___•


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    Sep 5th, 9:49am report

    IT is about drugs.. drug addiction.. how drugs like heroin seduce you because you get addicted so fast and it feels so good. In the song she realizes she is addicted and tries to reach out for help... but the addiction keeps coming back and in the end it seems like she still keeps fighting it. I mean clearly it is about drugs atleast for me because its RELATEABLE but like just analyze the lyrics and you´ll get it.


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    Sep 2nd, 9:20pm report

    Umm I think it's telling us not to somewhere we aren't suppose to go an don't talk and follow strangers.


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    Sep 1st, 9:50am report

    I think lily is a young girl. She wants to know about the world outside her castle. And when she left she met the creatures well creatures can be everything. But she knew she was hypnotized in that woods and then she ran need for a help. I know my theory is so unlogic but nothing is impossible. This song is just like us who curious about the world and then we follow the wrong way. Then we realized we're wrong and then try to find the right way, no matter what would happened just find the right way and follow it.


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    Aug 13th, 8:55pm report

    I think this song tells about us.we live in a world what tought things good and bad and our minds prisoned to them.but we are curious to know what is and whats feel like.like as testing drugs but when we realize with experience we feel unsafe and needed to go back.


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    Aug 12th, 8:18am report

    I think that Lily is depressed because of bullying (afraid of the big, wide world) and just hides in her room (within her castle walls)

    Then I think she tried to kill herself (she went in the woods away so afraid, all alone) but her parents warned her not to (they warned her, don't go there) but she's stubborn she still went and there she met a strange "creature" witch I think she's being followed by death (There's creatures who are hiding in the dark Then something came creeping)

    I think it's persuading her to give in and kill herself (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    At first she is persuaded (She knew she was hypnotized and walking on cold thin ice) Then she realized what was happening and wanted to get out or probably save herself (Then it broke, and she awoke again
    Then she ran faster than
    Start screaming, is there someone out there?
    Please help me
    Come get me) but it still keeps on persuading her (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    in short: I guess it's a story of a girl wanting to escape depression and save herself


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    Aug 11th, 8:50pm report

    I think this song is about the trafficking


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    Aug 3rd, 8:36pm report

    I think lily are princess or something that life in castle. She afraid of the world but she wanna see the world. She run away from the castle. And she saw a 'creature'. Its meaning of a demon or devils. Im Muslim so I can say its D A J J A L. The Creature is evill but lily doesn't saw it (evil). After that, lily realize that she was hypnotized. She want go out of there but cannot.. So that's only . its not hated OK?


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    Aug 2nd, 8:15pm report

    I believe that Lily is a girl who was scared of the world because of all the secrets it holds. The anger that resides in the world. But one day she left the walls of her home and protection. She ran away and ended up in a place she was warned to stay away from. She cautiously crept through the place, but a great power arose in her. It told her of it let her control hwr then she would have everything she wants. Lily kept running from the power and refused to let it control her. She had a power that was able to destroy the world. The power kept urging her to let him in, but Lily pushed the power down inside her. Thinks of it like the Amulet comics. Lily has this power so powerful it tries to take over her and she has to male sire that doesn't happen. No matter what it promises her...


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    Aug 1st, 8:38pm report

    I think it's about a girl who is heavily sheltered by her parents (Castle Walls meaning not allowed to leave the house) and she wants freedom so she runs away and ends up going in the one place she was warned against. Then a demon offers her a happy, perfect, fairytale like life only if she lets it in (demonic possession) "She knew she was hypnotized
    And walking on cold thin ice
    Then it broke, and she awoke again" Like she has figured out that the demon is trying to possess her and she snaps out of it and as she realizes what it is, she tries running while yelling out for help.


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    Jul 29th, 7:59pm report

    i believe that there is a hidden meaning to this song. just that it is not obvious. To me, this song clearly say something about our loss to something we should not go with. Talking about the lyrics, in a religion perspective, I think this song is trying to say what this creature or the Dajal in the end of the world will control us and convince us to follow him through his deception and in the song too the girl representing us humans, aware that we are into something wrong but we can let it go due to the control by them which bring us closer to the pit hole. So either this song is trying to warn people or the Dajal, the creature that will conquer the world as a test to humans faith in god. or to promote him to the world.


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    Jul 28th, 7:39am report

    I think Lily is a Princess that doesn't like being in her castle all the time with overprotective royal parents one night maybe she hated it so much, she left for good, her parents, servants, maids, told that the "orest had something lonely and evil in there, when she left she realized she was soon lost, cold, and lonely, then this creature (like a possesed human/wolf I guess?) offered her help and guidance "Just let me in" is the creature telling Lily to trust it, but eventually the creature was becoming borderline creepy or possesive and she didn't like this forest place anyways, and the monster gave her something to eat thats when the line "Lily know she was hypnotized" probably came from then she realized she trusted the wrong thing, she tries to escape the the monster knows this and lock her up in like a demonical realm or something, so no matter how loud she yells for help, nobody will find her. Or the second possiblity she becomes possessed by this entity spirit monster thing to do the same to other people who enters "the forest". P.S, Lily reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood.


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    Jul 21st, 7:41am report

    I think this is somewhere connected to being an illuminati because Lily gave her life to the creature and the creature promised that it will give all the things that she want. Then Lily realized that she made a bad decision that she gave her life to that creature and now she was crying for help but no one can hear it.

    P.S: just a Theory

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