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Alan Walker: Lily Meaning


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Lily Lyrics

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Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big, wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
Now and then she tried to run
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone

They warned her, don't go...


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    Mar 17th, 3:01pm report

    I believe it is a bout a girl, lily of course, who had a certain dream to do something. She is warned not to go overboard and be careful for what she wishes for, therefore the lyrics "They warned her, don't go there". But Lily decides to not listen. Then she meets a person, or in the song a 'creature'. They come up to her and offers her a deal that he, or she, will help her achieve her dream. But she must exchange something such as her life, hence the lyrics "just let me in". She accepts the deal only realizing after that she made a terrible choice, not aware of how to escape, she goes out yelling "is there somebody out there?" and "please help me" to try to make the public aware of her captivity. But I believe that this doesn't work and she is eventually captured again.

    Once again, just a theory


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    Mar 13th, 3:17am report

    I think Lilly represents people who want to explore, and just want more out of life, or you. The creatures represent the people who are in the world that we come across who try to manipulate. They try to keep you with them by promising you things, like clothes, shoes, love,or a better life. When You want to leave because the spell over you is broken. They don't let you go.


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    Feb 21st, 2:29pm report

    Lily is you and the creatures are all of the relationships we have with people but the people we love sometimes just dont love us back. They play you and that's what the hypnotized part means. When we realize they dont care we try to break them off but sometimes you're just so beneficial to them they dont let go


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    May 15th, 21:02 report

    I believe it was about a girl (Lilly) who was Sheltered as a child. She takes every chance she can to see the real world, hence the lyric “Now and them she tried to run.” But one day she Sneaks out. She meets a man (the “creature”) who promises her something like fame or fortune but there is a catch, Hence the lyric “Just let me in.”. Not knowing the terrible things people do, she assumed things would be fine. She then realizes what she gave away in the deal ,hence the lyric “but then it broke and she woke again” realizing what this man was doing she wants to leave but is trapped with a contract. She try's to make people see her and notice whats happening, Hence the lyric “Come get me” . She escapes and try’s to run back to her home but is caught by the man again. He's trying to convince her to come back and sign and contract , Hence the lyric “You’ll be safe under my control.”. She try's to warn people but they don't believe her. The man captures her again. But this time she cant escape.

    This may not be correct , for it is only what I think.


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    May 15th, 07:35 report

    I think it is about a little girl obviously named Lilly, she wanted more than she had. Guessing she lived in a castle. She went to the woods to escape everything surrounding her but the people that live within her walls told her not to go because there are creatures. But I think the people she surrounds herself with in the castle are the monsters saying there are monsters out there so just let me in, I’ll be with you. She doesn’t realize until it’s too late and she is becoming like them. She doesn’t want to realizing the monsters are her. Them saying follow everywhere I go I can give you everything is the monsters saying your staying because everything you want is here. It could also mean the monsters living within her but she thinks it’s everybody around her. Like depression and anxiety. I have both and you always feel like a monster. But you blame it on other people sometimes. You create your own monsters that hurt you. Like people have imaginary friends but it becomes a monster and you see it over and over and tells you stuff that’s why you hurt yourself. I think that could also be part of it. But lol it could also be her telling us the truth. But that’s what I think. I don’t think the monsters are out there, it’s the monsters that you trust the most. Of course there are monsters out in the world, but the bigger monsters are the people you want the most.


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    May 12th, 5:03pm report

    I was scared of the world,but my parents didnt pay any attention to me. I tried to run but it didnt work. One day I ran into the woods and I got lost hoping that my parents would come get me. They didnt. I got afraid and i was so alone. My family tried to warn me but i didnt listen. This "creature" came to me and told me i would get everything i wanted. So I "let him in". I realized he tried to manipulate me in the woods so I ran...again. I cried for help but no one came. He found me a tried to manipulate me again. He kept doing it and I kept running but he kept following me. I'm writing this for the woods. Please come help me.By the way...I'm Lilith a.k.a....Lily.


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    May 11th, 5:27pm report

    This is about the snake name lily, (lilith). The one who hypnotize people what they dreaming of such money, fame and etc. She is the first demon. She needs to hypnotized them in order to have power.


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    May 10th, 5:59am report

    i think it talks about drug. and what it brings, i dont know though but it seems like talking about it. everyone told u not to use it, because there is something "hiding" on the darkside of the effects. people always say that using drug will give you everything, u've been dreaming of, like the lyrics told. but when u finally "awake" from the effect, u will scream and want to escape, but u cant.


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    May 5th, 5:50am report

    I think this song is about a young girl(Lily) who has been sheltered from the harsh realities of the world. She hears about some of the things going on and she wants to become part of that world, not realizing what lies ahead. She runs away and is found by someone with malicious intent(the "creature"). They promise her all of the things she's looking for, and, still unaware of their true intentions, she accepts. Eventually, she realizes what's going on, and tries to run from them, and succeeds to an extent. She finds her way back into a place where she is lost and screams for help. This cry is heard by no one, though, and the person catches up to her, ensuing the second verse. She continues running and succeeds in getting away, eventually back to her home. She recounts the story to the people closest to her, in the form of the song. They try to find the person but fail. Because of this, the song continues to apply to other girls.


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    May 3rd, 5:38pm report

    My thoughts of Lily are that Lily is a little girl (duh) that wants to go on a mission to find something that could help her find an answer to all the questions shes been asking. When she goes on this mission, she comes along a man (who is the creature in de song) who wants to ¨help¨ her complete this mission. But in the end, he betrays her and hypnotises her (great grammer, i know) But then the spell wears off, but he still wont let her escape him.

    So basically I think Lily is about a girl who wanted to go out, but got fooled by someone, and got kidnapped.


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    Apr 30th, 4:03am report

    when i first heard this song, i always thought this was literally a fantasy story. so here goes!

    there’s a princess named Lily who was always kept away from the outside world as the people in her community always told her that the world was very bad. since she was told of this from a very young age, Lily was afraid of the world she never knew of. but she was a really curious girl and although afraid, she tried running away but always came back running home because of her fear. then one day, she came back out and ran for good from home and suddenly realized she was lost in the woods. she became afraid and alone. then, the “creature” (which i always thought was some sort of spirit or entity) came to her and promised her that she’ll be okay if she lets them “in”, meaning that she has to trust them.

    in the end she does and for a while she managed to survive the “outside world” with this entity or spirit guiding to wherever she wanted. the second verse (which was a little intense) was about Lily running into trouble with another spirit (a bad one). then before she went into deeper trouble, the good entity that wanted to help her came and save her, leading her to a safer place, opposing to the return of the reff.

    so basically, the rest of the song is more or less like a reprise between Lily and this “creature”.


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    Apr 29th, 4:14pm report

    I feel like this song could represent an abusive relationship. This “monster” being the abuser, s/he lures Lily in with love and support (thus the “just let me in”. Lily finds herself believing in this person and relying on them. One day she realizes that this person is abusive, yet by then she has already spiraled down the never ending staircase of reliance. She finds herself trapped, because she needs the very one who corrupts her soul. Her necesity could also be represented by the command “follow everywhere I go”.
    Thanks for reading my interperatation :)


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    Apr 24th, 4:11pm report

    I think it’s about drugs. Just let “it” in and it will control and takes you up and down. Sometimes when you wake up, you know you’re in trouble and try to get some help. But it follows you and keep saying “just let me in, ooh..”


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    Apr 23rd, 4:24pm report

    i think it is about depression. Lily is a girl who has had a hard life and then starts to feel depressed and the creature are her demons that are trying to get in by tricking her that their good and that they promise her anything. So Lily lets them in and then people noticed something is wrong she makes a friend and the demons go away, but as the demons go her friend goes.
    Sorry if it's too deep.


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    Apr 20th, 4:30pm report

    Lily was a princess who hated her life and she was told not to go in a dark forest for her own safety. She didn't listen and went in the forest alone. But she instantly regretted her choice and she got lost. Then something, a creature, came from behind her and wanted to become her boyfriend/girlfriend. It hipnotized her so she would fall in love with him/her. Lily was under the spell for some time, but then it broke and "she awoke again" means she was aware of what she was doing again. Then she ran to look for help but the creature was not willing to give up so he/she followed lily and tried to hypnotize her. But it didn't work and she ran again trying to find help in vain and the creature came back. And that's where the song ends. Dun dun dun~
    It was more of a story than a theory but I hope you enjoyed it! Lily is a very mysterious song... Good luck imagining the rest of the story! What will happen to lily?


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    Apr 18th, 4:19pm report

    I think that Lily is a girl who grew up sheltered and protected, as the lyrics imply at the beginning, and never truly knew of the dangers of the outside world. She ventures outside of her home out of curiosity as a young teen, and runs into a manipulative man, the 'creature'. I see the 'creature' as a child predator since the lily flower represents purity, and what could be more pure than a young girl who knows nothing of the life's harshness? So, the 'creature' manipulates her with promises that she'll get whatever she wants, and she soon realizes the danger that she's in. Lily tries to call out for help, but her pleas fall on deaf ears and the 'creature' captures her again since the last part of the lyrics are most likely the creature. Sorry if that was a bit dark, but that's how I see it.


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    Apr 18th, 4:38am report

    i think this song is about basically, Lily, has a very hard life. people will target boys and girls who have hard lives, act like their friend, give them money, help them, then they sell her to another illegal person for a slave. people sometimes survive this. the illegal people who do this hide from police. "She knew she was hypnotized, and walking on cold thin ice. then it broke." i forgot what this is called, but people who have survived this or escaped said its the most horrible thing ever. and yes, we live in a free country. NO for some awful people.


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    Apr 8th, 4:46am report

    It's about a girl who was sheltered and over-protected as an adolescent. Older she's out in the world on her own and she's struggling with either an abusive/toxic relationship or a substance abuse addiction. Trying to break free from the problem and asking for help. She gets away but it's always calling her back.

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