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Alan Walker: Lily Meaning


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Lily Lyrics

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Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big, wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
Now and then she tried to run
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone

They warned her, don't go...


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    Aug 12th, 8:18am report

    I think that Lily is depressed because of bullying (afraid of the big, wide world) and just hides in her room (within her castle walls)

    Then I think she tried to kill herself (she went in the woods away so afraid, all alone) but her parents warned her not to (they warned her, don't go there) but she's stubborn she still went and there she met a strange "creature" witch I think she's being followed by death (There's creatures who are hiding in the dark Then something came creeping)

    I think it's persuading her to give in and kill herself (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    At first she is persuaded (She knew she was hypnotized and walking on cold thin ice) Then she realized what was happening and wanted to get out or probably save herself (Then it broke, and she awoke again
    Then she ran faster than
    Start screaming, is there someone out there?
    Please help me
    Come get me) but it still keeps on persuading her (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh)

    in short: I guess it's a story of a girl wanting to escape depression and save herself


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    Mar 17th, 2019 3:01pm report

    I believe it is a bout a girl, lily of course, who had a certain dream to do something. She is warned not to go overboard and be careful for what she wishes for, therefore the lyrics "They warned her, don't go there". But Lily decides to not listen. Then she meets a person, or in the song a 'creature'. They come up to her and offers her a deal that he, or she, will help her achieve her dream. But she must exchange something such as her life, hence the lyrics "just let me in". She accepts the deal only realizing after that she made a terrible choice, not aware of how to escape, she goes out yelling "is there somebody out there?" and "please help me" to try to make the public aware of her captivity. But I believe that this doesn't work and she is eventually captured again.

    Once again, just a theory


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    May 22nd, 5:13am report

    I'm not sure what I'm going to tell you guys, I know that not everyone agree with me. As you see, firstly this song talk about Lily. She's not a princess or something that royalty. She is us, must be weird but it just my guess. I'm Muslim so I believe this song talk about what will happen when this world will crushed. There's no faith in us anymore, we believe in anything that can make we safe. As you know there's lyric "she knew she was hypnotize", it show that us will goes for that creature only to safe. When Lily ask for help, that's mean we knew that what we should do but we lost hope and still believe in that creature. We knew that creature only tells lies but still lost in his story, trust him. It's not weird that we follow the creature cause there's hadis and al-Quran has showed everything. We knew it but still follow it. It's because only the real Muslim who will know that's a lie or not. This creature will give you everything you need but he will take you to hell. This creature will tell you guys that he is the god. There's a word on his forehead كافر.
    For my first thought I think it was about illuminati but I think there's a little bit about illuminati in this song.
    I'm sorry for others region. I'm not trying to be rude or what. It just my guess so sorry.


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    Nov 8th, 11:59 report

    I think this song has good parallels to drug addiction and drug use. The creature asking to be let in is addiction and after trying once she is chased by the creature continually.


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    Nov 7th, 19:24 report

    Lily was a little girl,who was afraid of the world, she never went out of her castle walls.She became lost one day in the woods, as she got deeper in, she met a creature.It told her it would give her anything she wanted if she'd let it in her castle.It promised her gold and anything she wanted.Lily was then accidentally himitised by the monster,who started leading her to the castle.Lily snapped out and realized that she was with this monster, who she was terrified.She started running and screaming "SOMEONE HELP ME" and "COME GET ME".As she ran to the castle she got inside the castle and locked the doors.As she ran upstairs, she could not find her parents.Lily started to cry knowing what she did.The monster broke open all the windows and doors,he floated near Lily and well let's say "got rid of her".

    This is really the simplest story of Lily, its suppost to be fantasy not anything about depression or that stuff.Sometimes the simple things are the most true.


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    Nov 1st, 11:59am report

    I think this song can be about the exploitation of a young woman who would give everything to be loved by a man who only uses her. Lily believes that if she gives her virginity to the man ( or simply has sexual intercourse with him) he stays with her and gives her love and safety and a real relationship. I think that's a problem for many young girls these days until they find someone who actually treats them well. But for this man Lily is only a one night stand and leaves her broken.


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    Oct 15th, 10:13am report

    for me there are explicit and implied meaning. just like in the song, lily was a lil girl who afraid and live in castle etc etc. its a story where lily runs from castle where she live and goes to the wood. before she runs, her family warned her of an evil creatures who lives there. so when she was in the wood, the creature offer to give her everything if she follows it. it will lead her to the top of the mountain. theres a valley low which can give anything she wish for, but in exchange, she needs to let it into her body and become one with the devil. which means, the creature will have her body. so like a magic, her wish may come true one by one and the creature will always protect her from death and all. however, lily don’t want to give herself to the devil. so she try to run and was hypnotised by the creature where she feels like walking on a cold thin ice and it breaks. the falls then free her from the hypnotise. so when she awake, she continue running and screaming for help as the creature keep chasing her. so for the other meaning. i think its about a teenage girl who always stuck at home because her parents are too controlling. she does afraid of the world outside as her family warned her that there are too many bad influence and she is too young to do whatever she wants. but as time goes by, her curiosity grew, which lead her to run away from home. so when shes outside, she met bad guys who promised to make her dreams come true like become a rich singer or such, but in exchange she must follows and live with them or do whatever bad things they ask. they even promise to protect her. after some times, she knew she were cheated by these guys, however she had no choice but to stay and regret. she had done an awful mess and ruin her life. so she try to escape and seek help from anyone. but its not easy to escape as these bad guys will keep chasing her and the mess she had done will haunt her life forever. -ely


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    Oct 14th, 10:18pm report

    I think this song is about a little girl (Lily) who is kidnapped and raped by an older man. This could work through the lyrics "Just let me in" as said by the monster, who could be the person who took her.


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    Oct 11th, 10:53am report

    Lily grew up in a castle and didnt know about big wide world, its a prison for her, but its also her comfort zone, just like us, we felt comfortable for our life, our religion and our social life, then this creature from the dark come to show her what is the real life is, want bring her to the peak so she can see everything out, she try to run and ask help but no one help, coz that is the reality no one even come to help. This creature wanna showing her the dark side doesnt mean to hurt her, accept it and the creature will help her and protect her from her illusion of life. When someone willing to tell u about ur darkside doesnt mean they hate you, they care about you and want to go through along with you together.


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    Sep 29th, 9:59am report

    I think this song tells us about how life is because even the album itself different world we can even tell that this is all about temptations.


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    Sep 26th, 9:28am report

    I believe that the song 'Lily' relates to the real world. Every day, people are getting scammed by others ('Give you everything you've been dreaming of') and tricked into making bad decisions.

    We smoke, fight, kill and drink and humans have become addicted to it; we've let these issues take control and made them part of us ('Just let me in, ooh').

    Lily represents us and how we have realized what humanity is doing is wrong('She knew she was hypnotised, and walking on thin, cold ice'), but civilization has dived too deep and no matter how much we try to fight it and try to call for help ('Then it broke, and she awoke again. Then she ran faster than- Start screaming, Is there someone out there? Please help me, come get me'), it always comes back to haunt us.

    In short: This is about the bad decisions we make and how we are triggered to do it by the devil. Keep safe, do the right thing and love God, because if you do, better things will come and we wont be doomed like Lily/ our world in this song is.


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    Sep 21st, 9:03pm report

    I strongly believe the lyrics are about a young girl, Lily, who is battling depression and resisting the temptation to self harm / commit suicide.


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    Sep 18th, 9:55pm report

    Its about eve Adam and Eve she seduced into taking a deal that cost humanity everything God had to share with his children the castle is Eden the woods are the toil of earth the grass was not greener. Then we blame God for our sin. These songs are unholy hymns. God bless u


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    Sep 12th, 9:56am report

    Lily might be us when we are children safe in our castles(our houses with our parents or guardians) then when we leave the castle (growing up and leaving the household) we easily get tracked by big companies and get easily hypnotized by their ads to buy their product that claims to give,do,or cure anything then you notice that it was a scam you try to warn anybody so they wont be scammed as well and trying to get help(the monster creeping up to Lily and hypnotizing her and the follow everywhere i go bla bla bla then Lily falls in to the water and awakes then runs away then calls for help) this is just an opinion tho so you can go and scream at your screen saying im wrong. •___•


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    Sep 5th, 9:49am report

    IT is about drugs.. drug addiction.. how drugs like heroin seduce you because you get addicted so fast and it feels so good. In the song she realizes she is addicted and tries to reach out for help... but the addiction keeps coming back and in the end it seems like she still keeps fighting it. I mean clearly it is about drugs atleast for me because its RELATEABLE but like just analyze the lyrics and you´ll get it.


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    Sep 2nd, 9:20pm report

    Umm I think it's telling us not to somewhere we aren't suppose to go an don't talk and follow strangers.


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    Sep 1st, 9:50am report

    I think lily is a young girl. She wants to know about the world outside her castle. And when she left she met the creatures well creatures can be everything. But she knew she was hypnotized in that woods and then she ran need for a help. I know my theory is so unlogic but nothing is impossible. This song is just like us who curious about the world and then we follow the wrong way. Then we realized we're wrong and then try to find the right way, no matter what would happened just find the right way and follow it.


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    Aug 13th, 8:55pm report

    I think this song tells about us.we live in a world what tought things good and bad and our minds prisoned to them.but we are curious to know what is and whats feel like.like as testing drugs but when we realize with experience we feel unsafe and needed to go back.

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