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Alan Walker: Ghost Meaning

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Song Released: 2016

Ghost Lyrics

Today I'm kinda feelin' like a ghost
Call my friends but ain't nobody home
Tell myself I'm fine, but I don't really know
I'm just scared that I'll end up
I'll end up, I'll end up alone

I never let it show
But I feel like a missed call on...

  1. anonymous
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    Nov 4th !⃝

    I think that everybody she knows have left her lonely. The phrase 'today i kinda feel like a ghost' means that she is invisible to everyone including best friends.

  2. anonymous
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    Oct 24th 2022 !⃝

    I believe it's someone suffering from depersonalization-derealization. I understand that the song likely wasn't written with this in mind, but as someone experiencing these symptoms, this song fits perfectly. "Today I'm sort of feeling like a ghost" refers to the part of this condition that causes you to feel as if you were detached from your own body. "Got phantom feelings I can never stop" means that when the disorder prevents strong emotions she doesn't know what she's feeling anymore. Not recognizing your reflection is another sign that you could have this condition. Add not feeling real, and you get "I can't see myself in the mirror, does that mean I'm not really here?" The next part, "I'm losing touch with everything I know, and I'm so scared that I'll end up alone" means that everything seems distant and unreal to her, but she's afraid to tell anyone because she thinks shes going insane.

  3. anonymous
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    Jun 2nd 2022 !⃝

    It’s about a girl who thinks she’s crazy feeling like a ghost because people aren’t answering or seeing her. But I think its not her that is the ghost it’s something else “haunting” her. Making them miss her while they see the ghost describing it as “I feel like a missed call on the phone”.
    When she looks in the mirror she asks herself “I can’t see myself in the mirror does that mean I’m not really here” … “I’m losing touch of everything I know” meaning she thinks she’s crazy. And she’s afraid that she’ll end up alone because of this ghost.
    I don’t know how or why but I feel she is able to talk to this ghost or the other person that she’s seeing, describing it, and it goes like… “You know I’m like a ghost sometimes I have to fade” excepting why people might not see her. “You say it’s gone cold…” maybe its the fear she’s mentioning and the ghost’s reason of causing people to miss her and/or haunt her. “I say I’ll do better but I always seem to disappear again…” she tries to convince herself or the ghost that she’ll be stronger that she’ll be okay but always loses to the fear and the ghost.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 20th 2021 !⃝

    It's about a person who feels alone. That person doesn't have anyone who is close and feels like left out.

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 12th 2020 !⃝

    It's about a man who is on & off relationship with her girlfriend. He is now again going through breakup but doesn't want to break up though

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