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Alan Walker: Darkside Meaning


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Song Released: 2016

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Darkside Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Tomine Harket]
I’m not alone
We share those stories
Just something in your eyes
Don’t be afraid
The shadow’s roaming
Let’s leave the world behind

[Pre-Chorus: Tomine Harket]
Take me through the night
Fall in to the...


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    Apr 9th, 2019 4:52pm report

    I think "Dark Side" is about just being you (the dark). Because some people are afraid of the dark,and some people are afraid to be themselves,so I think the light is suppose to be representing a cover some peoople put on to hide who they really are. "Let go of the light fall into the darkside" is saying,stop hiding yourself with a cover (the light) and be you. At the beginning when it says "we're not in love we share no stories" that could be saying that this song was meant for anyone, anyone at all, anyone who was hiding themselves.


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    Nov 26th, 2018 11:52pm report

    I think it’s about how society is seen as “light” or deemed acceptable by most people, and anyone that goes against that is seen as an undesirable or “dark” person. The song, to me, is about throwing aside that idea that we need to follow society and to create our own path while we still can, and to try not to drown in the lies and opression that come with society.


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    Mar 25th, 2019 3:39pm report

    "We're not in love, we share no stories, just something in your eyes". The beginning of the song talks about how their relationship is just pure attraction. "Don't be afraid, the shadows know me, let's leave the world behind". This part refers to how they shouldn't worry about what the rest of the world thinks and just enjoy the night. "Take me through the night, fall into the darkside." She wants someone to "take her" all through the night, and not worry about the aftermath. "I see it, let's feel it, while we're still young and fearless". This part refers to how they should still have fun while they are still young and not to worry about it, hence fearless. "Don't wait for truth to come and blind us, let's just believe the lies." She saying that it's ok to just enjoy the night for what it is, whether its a lie or not. "So fool me like I'm dreaming." She doesn't care what his situation in life is, just make her believe that this moment is real.


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    Sep 28th, 9:49am report

    I think it's about being yourself and showing who you really are.


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    Sep 18th, 9:23am report

    I think this songs said about young generations' mortivation and desire to try drugs. I don't know i'm correct , but i feel like that.

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    Sep 12th, 9:37am report

    The light might be someone not being who they want to be and just force themselves to do something they dont like because when you look at the world in day time there is more light than darkness because nobody wants to be noticed all the time especially now because of bullying and also cyberbullying and the darkness is the hidden talent or where the hidden talent is hidden because when we think about deep places like caves it is really dark and normally you have to have a light to see and most people when they hide things they put it in dark places to make it somewhat invisible and you have to jump into it to find it like how i found my hidden talent of singing by just going out of my comfort zone (the light) and trying something new ( the darkness) when people cover themselves up using the light (the thing you dont wanna do) you just think that " i dont love doing this" and in the lyrics it has "were not in love we share no stories" which means exactly what i said earlier but it could also just be someone that thinks that light is always good and another person telling him/her to not "judge a book by its cover" and go to the darkness to find out that everything is equal and that nothing is out of place


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    Aug 10th, 8:25pm report

    Nobody mentioned this one yet, but my first reaction to the song was about suicide.

    I’m glad I looked it up and got everyone’s interpretation. Although, the popular response here seems to be about love, I don’t quite feel satisfied with that answer as there are loopholes to the lyrics that tends to steer away from that.

    Some mentioned the light meaning a cover up of your true inner self as your inner being is the dark side. Nope, still not buying that interpretation and one can argue that it’s the opposite...light could be your inner beauty while most are consumed by the dark side by portraying fakeness and a cover up of whom they really are.. I guess we won’t know AW’s interpretation until he openly discusses it himself.


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    Jul 12th, 7:13pm report

    I have a strong feeling that alan walker is being used by the devil. "Give in to the darkside" and "we don't need the light" is saying to give your life to the devil.


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    Jul 7th, 7:44am report

    I think its a song calling out the darkness in people,everyone silently fights against inner darkness .I believe being evil,going dark is full of pleasure and so sweety whilst being in the light means being cautious and abide by many rules .Its a song which is speaking to the inner evil. Tempting.


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    Jun 16th, 6:44am report

    This ''Darkside'' song is basically about it's mysterious absence of the Lightside. Within which was symbolicaly and metaphoricaly invited in this song as a female that fell in temptation with the Protagonist's invitation for seeking and exploring the otherside of him. By roaming together in the night's darkside. Where both of them are discovering and expierencing eachother's secret thoughts and dreams heroically,while still fearless young daredevils. In a opposite way the song reminds me of that song ''On The Darkside'' by John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown band. Where the Protagonist seems to know his own shadow darkside that was kept in check. Until the female and her magnetism of light and attraction crossed over on the darkside of him. Where he became even more overshadowed by her ''appearance of love'' that blinDED him, not in a true sense of love by the grace of God[Jesus Christ] who could redeem and save your soul for life. For when being awaken and away from those certain EMBEDDED TIMES when our opposites do meet eachother by the artificial law of attraction for what ever reason that is, which only God really knows WHY and THE WAY out when finding yourself on the darkside.


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    Jun 5th, 6:43am report

    It tells us to be brave,and face new challenges, the light being the comfort zone,the dark side being the where all the hard challenges and obstacles lie, and in he


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    May 19th, 5:10am report

    I feel like the lines "we're running out of time" and "don't wait for truth to come and blind us, let's just believe their lies" are about the lowkey feeling of doom lots of kids and younger grown ups have. Might as well give into the darkside and believe their lies, and live while you can. My kids feel like the world's coming apart and so many powerful grown ups (eg politicians) really don't care. This is like escapism. This interpretation was made by my 11yo daughter and me and it's just our interpretation, you can have your own.


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    May 18th, 5:34am report

    I believe the meaning is relative to who will interpret the song.

    What I'm suggesting is please to clarify the meaning by the author of lyrics.

    So miss interpretation can be avoid by our new generation and can give them understanding to positive mindset and to the way it should be.



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    May 9th, 5:37am report

    We should not give up no matter how hard the situation is. We can live on the darkside. We don’t need the light. We’re the only thing that can light up our life. Just feel like you’re a bright star shining alone in the dark sky!!! Hey


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    Apr 25th, 2019 4:24am report

    It is About two groups with the same goal but the groups are total opposite of the other group and not hostile to the others.
    so I think that the meaning is that you need to accept everyone even wen there is a love that isn’t acceptable at the believe of the (gods) god or where you in believe.


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    Apr 17th, 2019 4:10am report

    To me this song reveals more of a matrix
    dont wait for truth to come and blind us lets just believe the lies
    " its just like saying d truth is a lie that will never open a reality but believing the lies are far better because there's no other choice
    its a song to influence the minds of individuals to stop depending on christ or GOD instead its more fun to join the darkside the devil " and the lyrics are possesive more like a poem


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    Mar 31st, 2019 3:56am report

    So, just be aware, because "if Evil is knocking on the door, it is beautiful and it offers you everything, what U wish". The journey to the Hell is wide and nice. It is very comfortable to close the eyes and believe in other - methaforic meaning of the song. However, the Devil is also a Father of The Lies. So - just open your eyes and get the hurtfull truth about this song go through. I am very sad for it, but it doesn't change the truth, unfortunately :-( Solution = not in my playlist. (Sorry for my poor English :-D)


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    Mar 19th, 2019 3:09am report

    As a mother of a pre-teen that is absolutely digging this song, my immediate and still interpretation of this song is death. I havent seen the video and in some ways am not visual. I am disturbed by the lyrics. Like the beat tempo and tune. But again the lyrics have me leaning to someone thinking of self harm and this is what's going on in their head.

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