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Billy Talent: Nothing to Lose Meaning

Song Released: 2004

Nothing to Lose Lyrics

Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins
I’d always walk home alone
So I became lifeless
Just like my telephone

There’s nothing to lose
When no one knows your name
There’s nothing to gain
But the...


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    Apr 22nd 2007 report

    I think this song is, as others have put it, amazing. With its melancholy sound and its lyrics... The simplicity of it all overwhelms any listener, and touches them in some way or another. As for the meaning, it is obvious. A seventeen year old boy was bullied and pushed too much until he couldn't take it. He wrote his desires and even planned what he was thinking of doing in his notebook, his only little piece of reality, his sanctuary, his safe haven (my notebook will explain). And the bullies took that away from him too. So what is there left, but to go through with his plan? To him it was obvious that no one would care if he was gone, and when in the video for this song was almost done... It became somewhat true with the empty hallways...
    What the bullies did was provoke what he felt. If he shown any sign of weakness, like his excessive writing in his notebook, they would find it and use against him, like they did. His parents didn't think what he was feeling was real (my parents had no clue that I ate all my lunches alone in the bathroom), the bullies didn't think he felt a thing, even his teachers didn't believe him (teachers said it's just a phase), and no one cared to ask if he really did....
    So the only escape from it all was to actually go through with his final plan....

    There's nothing to lose
    When no one knows your name
    There's nothing to gain
    But the days don't seem to change
    There's nothing to lose
    My notebook will explain
    There's nothing to gain
    And I can't fight the pain....

    There's nothing to lose
    When no one knows your name
    There's nothing to gain
    And I just died today.....

    So to anyone that reads this, I am a fiftenn year old freshman in high school, and I know exactly how he feels. And basically from third grade 'til now, I've been teased, picked on, pushed & locked into a closet, and was verbally abused from all the "in" crowd that convinced themselves that even though they tortured me, they were still my friends so they could mooch off me... And since now I started high school that no one I knew goes to, I could start fresh, but it still clings to every strand of memory you have. And it makes connecting to others and making friends even more difficult everyday. Bullying does affect people, whether they know it or not, it does...

    And I've tried his plans a few times, it's just that he succeeded while I was stopped.

    Just know that


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    Dec 8th 2007 report

    This song is based on the true story of a seventeen-year-old Bramptom (that's in Ontario, Canada), boy that was bullied all his life. Day after day, he felt worthless. Until, one day, the people who teased him gave him a quarter and told him to go kill himself.

    Later that day, he did.

    I get that worthless feeling a lot too. I've been teased almost all my life. I even cry in class sometimes. Unfortunately, no one is gonna do anything about it.


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    Jul 1st 2008 report

    This song , in my mind sounds as though this seventeen year old boy has been bullied all his life and then one day , after his notebook is stolen , he finally does. That notebook , to me, sounded like a suicide letter in the form of a book. When it was tooken away, or possibly, read,the boy knew it was time to "take his life"..

  4. anonymous
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    May 9th 2018 report

    This song was apparently based on my cousin! Who was not 17, he was 14! He dis not use carbon monoxide, he hung himself in his parents basement after he left school complaining he was sick! He knew exactly what he was doing that day and had it all planned out! 16 years later and I still remember that day like yesterday! He didn't leave a "note" or any explanation as to why he did it!! And this video was not filmed in the same school he went to! We went to Notre dame and his picture still hangs on the way today!!

    Rest in peace baby boy

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 24th 2012 report

    This is a touching song,
    It reminds me a lot about my life );
    I have been so close to that knife or car, NO ONE helps me, it is up to me, my friends bullyme, my mum and dad have been so close to death, we have lost much of our money, but everyone picks on me, but when they need something, they are supposedly "best pals"
    I fight back, but it avails nothing to me, my parents don't believe me about my impaired vision, I am verbally abused, but I stay strong and stay close to my self, kids are all bullies,
    I have learnt that you should never kill yourself.........

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 9th 2012 report

    Every site that I have looked on about this song have all the same comments about how it's about suicide caused by bullying. But when I first heard this song, I thought of a kids explination for a school shooting.....

  7. anonymous
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    Jul 31st 2012 report

    The real story, like said above is a boy in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. was Bullied everyday of his life, kids told him to go die, and he was worth nothing, his life was unnoticed. During class the boy drew up his plans to kill him self by going into the auto-mechanics room, start a car, and take the hose for the exhaust, run into the cars rear window roll all the windows up, and put a brick on the cars gas petal, causing the car to fill with carbon dioxide, the bullies where 4 boys and a girl, they didnt leave him alone, they kept pushing and pushing him, till he fell off the edge.

  8. anonymous
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    Jun 27th 2011 report

    This story was about a seventeen year old boy who was bullied for his entire life. He had no friends to comfort him. His only true comfort was his notebook. When they took away the only thing that gave him any comfort he couldn't handle the pain. He killed himself that day.

    I am a sixteen year old girl going through the same thing he was. I have been called everything that they can imagine. I have been laughed at, called names, and even attacked. Bullies need to be stopped. We need to rise above the hate and petty fighting before someone else takes their life for a pointless reason.

    Stop the hate. Please.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 11th 2011 report

    Well, you guys have covered the song, but I just wanted to say, that even though it's kind of bullying, I've beaten up bullies for the good of the victims. But it's not like I beat them up everyday, I just told them to back off and if not, I kicked their asses and told them again.

  10. anonymous
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    Jun 8th 2011 report

    My older brother actually went to the same school as the 17 yearold he was at our house a couple times too. The bully threw a quarter at the kid and told him to kill himself which he actually did. There is a rememberance picture in the school he went to, which is where im going next year.. Its really sad cuz its a catholic high school too

  11. Ronnie
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    Oct 27th 2010 report

    this song is a true story about a 17 yearold boy from Brantmpton, Canada. this boy was teased and bullied day after day untill one day a fellow peer offered to pay him 25 cents to kill himself. this boy followed though, taking his own life.

  12. anonymous
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    Aug 23rd 2010 report

    Obviously, I don't have to say what my interpretation is cause its going to be what everyone else has already said, all I can say is the kids who did that to him should face a million times as much suffering as they rot in hell >:( they deserve to get whats coming to them because they murdered that kid...

  13. anonymous
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    May 22nd 2010 report

    this song is about a boy named gregory who lived in canada. he was obviously bullied constantly by fellow schoolmates. the video takes place in the school where this all happened. he was constantly harrassed and went to the autoshop of his school. he clogged openings and turned the car on and waited for the exhaust fumes to take effect and take his life bless this poor boys soul

  14. Draklow
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    May 9th 2010 report

    It's based on the many cases where kids are bullied to the point to where they can't take any more and just shut down or commit suicide. personally people pick on me and fuck with me and I'm just about to the point where I'm gonna snap and hurt someone and my cousin has taken so much shit from assholes she has cut her arms to hell and I think people who see or know that stuff like that is going on need to stop it

  15. anonymous
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    Aug 5th 2009 report

    It's the true story of a 17-year-old boy who gets bullied every ef'n day of his life and then some bastard kid told him to go hang himself and he did that night. It's rather sad but sometimes I feel that way when I get the shit kicked out of me for no reason at all and I get called a stupid whore, slut, bitch, emo, and anything else they manage to think of. I am 12 too. Email me shantelle1996@hotmail.com

  16. anonymous
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    Feb 2nd 2009 report

    actually all of you that say he's from bramption. Or some other place, your wrong. he's from toronto, ontario. he's been bullied all of his life. His parents are clueless, his teachers don't really belive him. he finds his only comfort in writing in his notebook. eventually, the bullies take his one and only comfort from him. his notebook. He then feels that he has no reason to exist anymore. he goes into his school's auto shop, and inhales the fumes of the car. And slowly but surely dies knowing that he will never be missed.

  17. anonymous
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    Oct 9th 2008 report

    I am an 12 year old girl and I know how he feels. I have been called names. People call me emo, goth, bitch, slut, whore. I eat my lunch with people who say the are my friends but they talk about me behind my back. I know how he feels but I try not to think about killing myself.

  18. anonymous
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    Oct 9th 2008 report

    The song is about a 17 year old boy how has no friends. He does not hang himself or shoot himself he kills himself by inhaling car exhaust fumes.

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