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Tears Into Wine Lyrics

The gun is loaded when the glass is full
Down the hatch and the trigger's pulled
Off the wagon and back onto the stool
I know that when I stare into your eyes
I can see all the years of lies
Ghosts and demons you never exorcised

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    Aug 6th 2014 !⃝

    Though it's pretty obvious that this song is about alcoholism I'm not completely sure about some parts.

    The gun is loaded when the glass is full
    Down the hatch and the trigger's pulled

    This could mean several things. Either the protagonist becomes violent towards other people when he's drunk or his addiction is considered a "death sentence". Every sip of alcohol brings him closer to the grave.

    All the friends that I've ever known
    Are the streetlamps I follow home

    He never had any friends. The streetlamps are the only ones he sees when he's walking home drunk.

    And I'm in the crowd but I'm all alone

    Maybe he feels like nobody understands his problem.

    Twist my arm like a knife tonight

    For me this is the most cryptic part of the song. Does he want to twist his arm to pour out the alcohol but just can't do is because of his addiction?

    Well I'll just turn these tears into wine

    This one is more obvious. He tries to drown his pain in wine (or any other alcoholic drink)

    His fate was written on a neon sign
    A DUI never changed his mind

    So he basically got caught driving under influence but that doesn't stop him from drinking. His fate might be death in a car crash (the neon sign is one of those "Don't drink and drive" warning signs).

    He got hooked like a fish caught on a line

    His addiction caught him.

    You never gave yourself a chance to shine
    Your destination's a chalk outline

    Maybe he could have achieved more in life without his addiction but he never gave himself a chance. His destination is a chalk outline like the ones the police draw when they find a body at a crime scene or after an accident.

    The tide keeps pulling me down
    I try to reach higher ground
    I'll never give up and drown

    Even though the "tide" (the overwhelming force of his addiction) pulls him down all the time he won't give up. He won't stop trying to escape.

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