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Miracle Lyrics

A Penny for your thoughts now baby
looks like the weight of the world's
on your shoulders now

I know you think you're goin crazy
just when it seems everythings
gonna work itself out
they drive you right back down

and you say it ain't...

  1. anonymous
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    Dec 21st 2022 !⃝

    I really love this song and have come to appreciate it more and more since I first heard it when it was released. This song is about holding onto hope when being tempted by the strongest forces possible to give up. At certain points in the song, it's actually about triumph over those dark forces by using hope to always overcome bad situations no matter how desparate they seem.

    In the first verse, the narrator is talking to a person and trying to provoke them into feeling horrible about themselves and their outlook. The narrator reminds them how victimized they feel by the fact that man has to die but there's no truth to it because it can't be verified. Basically this first verse is all about putting your faith in something and having massive amounts of doubt. So much doubt that you can begin to think everything is a lie. By the way, the part where he's singing "And you said it ain't fair that a man walks..." is my FAVORITE part of this entire song! I didn't even know what the lyrics were when I first heard this but I just loved the rhythm of the lyrics, the harmony, and just how it fit so well with the music.

    Then the first chorus kicks in, which is basically the uplifting portion of the entire song and the main message of the song. Saying that a miracle is what will save us. And holding firm to the idea that a miracle is going to happen. There is a line in the chorus that confirms that the "savior has just left town", which to me means that there is nothing called salvation to believe in, which is discussed in the second verse.

    So in the second verse, there is a bit of darkness that starts to set in. The narrator now tells the listener how foolish he is to believe in something called salvation. He goes on to tell him, you thought salvation would be this shining angel's light. But guess what? I (narrator) have seen salvation and I know him well. He ran out of town basically ""caught the last train out tonight") with his tail between his legs. And the reason he did that? It's because "He said I'm just one man, that's all I'll ever be". Meaning, he could ever live up to your lofty expectations of what salvation is. There are millions, maybe billions of people that need salvation and guess what? That's what he means by "I've got big plans. SO BIG". Salvation is not happening because "I'm drowning in the sea" meaning I can't possibly save everyone.

    The second chorus is almost a repeat of the first chorus but there is a different line which says "your heartbeat's slowing down" which is a stark reminder that your time is fleeting and we all will die at some point.

    The third verse is an interesting one and kind of dark. I believe this verse is where the narrator who was speaking in the prior verses reveals himself and he's the devil, or some powerful dark force. What gives it away to me is he says "I've driven deep the thorny crown into the soul of someone's son". Which means he is claiming he is the one who crucified Jesus and is so disrespectful he doesn't even say "God's son", he says "someone's son". COLD! Anyway at the very end of this verse, the devil is defeated because he simply cannot convince the person to give up and go with him. He says "I'll die without regret". So, our hero has avoided being seduced by the devil and giving up all hope.

    After the third verse, the song rides out with the chorus and some additional vocals. But at this point in the story, the temptation to give up hope is over. The devil is defeated. Hope remains. Hope prevails...by holding onto miracles. Believing they will happen, and needing them to happen. The last line in the final chorus says it all:

    It ain't all for nothing
    Life ain't written in the sand
    I know the tide is coming
    But it's time we made a stand
    With a miracle

  2. anonymous
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    Apr 4th 2017 !⃝

    what do the lyrics coming out of the guitar solo have to do with the rest of the song?

    "well my eyes have seen the horror of the coming of the flood, ive driven deep the thorny crown into the soul of someones son..."

    in case we miss who the one seeing the flood is, the next line is clear...Satan drove the crown of thorns into Christ's head. therefore, who is speaking through Jon Bon Jovi?

    amd for those who think the devil isnt real, wake up.

  3. anonymous
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    Oct 7th 2016 !⃝

    man discovers all his inadequete problems and longs for something he deems to be greater and fails to find the true greatness he was blessed with,so in seeking something he views as greater trades blessing for cursing.what a pitiful people we can become when choosing what we were not meant to be

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 6th 2016 !⃝

    It sounds as if a man discovers his mortality and refuses to acknowledge anything greater choosing rather to believe he somehow can find his own way through another source [Ludcifer] rather than the one TRUE GOD [good luck with that]

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