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Breaking Benjamin: Ashes of Eden Meaning


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Song Released: 2016

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Ashes of Eden Lyrics

Will the faithful be rewarded
When we come to the end
Will I miss the final warning
From the lie that I have lived
Is there anybody calling
I can see the soul within
And I am not worthy
I am not worthy of this
Are you with me after...


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    Mar 19th 2017 report

    This is a song to God about redemption asking him to stay until the consequence of sin ends (until the ashes of Eden fall), or until the end of our life, and receiving us in heaven.

    This is my favorite song of all time.


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    May 12th 2017 report

    At first I thought it was a love song too, but after listening closely, I realized it was about questioning one's faith when the end is near. Reaching out to God/Jesus/whoever and being unsure about their existence because he can't hear or feel their presence in spite of his calling out to them. Then pleading for his maker/messiah to not let go when all that is left is the hope for heaven. Very moving and thought provoking lyrics and matched up perfectly with the music.


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    Oct 2nd 2017 report

    I think this song is about someone who is lost and broken by sin and is asking God to stay with him and take away his sin.

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 2nd 2022 report

    It's about fear. Fear of not knowing what happens next. Did I do enough good to be rewarded in death? Will there be heaven, or am I stuck wandering and eternal black abyss? Did I mess up too much and Hell is my only reward? Will I be alone in death, or can I walk into it hand in hand with my loved ones? It doesn't matter what you believe as this sort of "end of days" self pondering spreads across the entire spectrum of belief. And that fear and uncertainty of what happens when we depart this world, I feel, this song sums up quite nicely.

  5. anonymous
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    Nov 22nd 2021 report

    I know rhe band and this was done as a joke at first. One of the band members, "name witheld" wrote some lyrics down and due to his past his fellow members told him that he was writing these lyrics to his own private part. Nevertheless it became serious after they started recording. Benjamin is singing to alcoholism.

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  6. anonymous
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    Apr 19th 2021 report

    After a lot of reflection of my own mind and those of others who suffer from various mental health problems, as well as studying current neuroscience, I believe this song has a meaning which relates to many people but is perhaps hidden. This manifests as a conversation between the ‘become self’ (or adult, logical self) and the first self, (or ‘inner child’ which is love and the need to be loved, something monotheistic faiths call God).
    The ‘become self’ searches for the ‘first self’ in a desperate plea for emotion and feeling after suppressing it for so long. This is when the adult ‘become self’ realises it can’t live a fulfilling life without the original, true self. Here the adult begs for the inner child to rescue both of them because it was, and is, so much purer than what they have become.
    In many ways this is what the story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor for: the moment when human knowledge and logical thinking severed the link we once had with our more primal, emotional, true self (a paradise with ‘God’ so to speak). Heaven, or enlightenment, is a state in which both can be held in equal balance, where compassion and wisdom guide or steps hand in hand.

  7. anonymous
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    Aug 20th 2020 report

    I think it has multiple ways of interpreting it. It's begging a loved one to stay with them as they leave. It's questioning their faith with god and asking why they feel alone. Its coming to the end of ones life and fearing being left alone.

  8. anonymous
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    May 9th 2020 report

    Desperately calling out to God, but the feeling that is God distant. Continuing call out to call out to God, but no connection and wondering what will happen to his soul as the world (or his world/mortality is coming to an end). Contemplating the life he’s led and saying he believes in God and has faith, but lives a lie of of human mistakes that he does not believe should have happened if he had enough faith. Will God ever show His light and save him...or will his soul go somewhere darker to where he believes this is what he deserves. Life’s ups and downs of contemplating ones own faith and what will ultimately come at the end of life’s journey.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 20th 2019 report

    I think it's simple he's talking about marriage and it falling apart. Both religious and love song.

  10. anonymous
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    Oct 9th 2018 report

    The song is about a futuristic adam and eve in the video they fall away from their spaceship and fall to a water like planet and then they evolve into life as we know it and at the end they reunite as different ppl... but they recognize something about each other

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 10th 2017 report

    I think there's a combination of questioning one's faith and pleading with a loved one to stay with them and transcend together.[Until the ashes of Eden fall]

    [Will The faithful be rewarded when we come to The end, will I miss the final warning from the lie that I have lived] So he questions if the final judgment will happen and if those who were good in life get rewarded for it and if so then he knows those who lived sinfully will be punished. I think most of us can relate to this because we all have a dark sin that we hide and don't confess to people but that's okay! You give it to God and he knows your heart and if you're truly sorry that dark secret is forgiven. Men aren't our judges... only God can judge.

    [Stay with me don't let me go] I believe he's talking to someone he loves.

    [And I am still calling to you] I believe in this line he's still trying to reach out to his loved one.

    Songs can relate to what you're going through in life so I don't know what the true meaning is but this is what it means to me.

  12. anonymous
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    May 3rd 2017 report

    Ashes of Eden is about asking someone not to leave them not to leave them for the last of his life. "Stay with me and till the ashes of Eden fall."

  13. anonymous
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    Apr 16th 2017 report

    About two soul mates finding each other.

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