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Breaking Benjamin: Away Meaning


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Away Lyrics

Cold am I
I'm beside myself
Because there's no one else
Have I grown
So blind
Only god could save you
If you knew your way to the light
So fly away
And leave it behind
Just stay awake
There's nowhere to hide

I see you
Cause you...


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    Feb 7th, 2:47pm report

    Grieving, mourning, loss...TLA


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    Jan 26th, 2017 1:47pm report

    I think in this song he's in a relationship that's bad for the both of them. He wants her to get away from it because he's too weak to leave her. He needs her help to let him go. He want her to "Fly away and leave it behind. I see you because you won't get out of my way. I hear you because you won't quit screaming my name. I feel you because you won't stop touching my skin. I need you..." She clings to him too and is unwilling to let him go.


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    May 26th, 2015 5:46am report

    Truthfully this song is about addiction and alcoholism. Benjamin had struggled with alcoholism through most of his adult life until the band released the "Dear Agony" album, which was Ben's first album that he wrote sober. You can see traces and hints of addiction all over the song, especially in the chorus. I see you, I hear you, I need you. All references towards wanting something so bad yet expressing an incredible desire to get away. You see this in addiction specially. mo matter how hard one tries you simply can't stop.
    "Only God could save you if you knew your way to the light" this particular lyric is referring to a higher power of some sort being the only thing that can make him stop. Trying so hard to get away "but you won't get out of my way,


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    Sep 20th, 2014 9:05am report

    I think this is about someone who realizes they have surrounded their self with people who are bad for them. The first verse "Cold am I, I'm beside myself because there's no one else, Have I grown so blind?" I think is the author reflecting on how he has separated himself from the bad influences he was involved with, and he doesn't know how he did not see it sooner. The next part "Only God could save you, if you knew your way to the light" is the author talking to a loved one (girlfriend, family, best friend, etc.) whom he had gotten wrapped up in his problems. The person he of speaking to is still involved with those negative people or actions, and he is telling them it is hard to realize how far down you have gone without something, or someone, showing you the proverbial "light" so that they can stop lying to themselves about how everything they are doing is fine. Then the prechorus, "So fly away and leave it behind/Just stay awake, there's nowhere to hide," is the author telling his loved one to get away from it all. Also, to stay awake in the sense of keeping themselves on track, and not falling back into old habits; there is nowhere to hide from yourself one you get off track. Now the chorus! The whole thing is the author telling his loved one the he sees them, hears them, and feels them everyday even though he wants to have separation until that person fixes themselves. He needs the person in question back to who they used to be, but the outside forces are "coming to take you away" back to the old habits. The second verse, "Frail and dry, I could lose it all, but i cannot recall it all wrong," is the author saying that watching his loved one spiral downward has weakened his own mind, body, and spirit. Also, that he could easily fall back into those habits with them again, and just look the other way like he used to. But he won't allow himself to purposely recall the past differently than how out actually was, only for the selfish propose of having his loved one back. Then he tells them "Don't cry, clear away this hate, and we can start to make it alright." This is the author opening up about how he feels toward his loved one and their actions, so he asks them to not cry at what he has to say because it's tough love to make them see their faults. He wants then to get rid of their hate and inner demons, so that he can help them get back to who they were before. He is telling then that no matter how far it has gone, he is willing to be there for them, and that he can help them fix their problems like he did. Now for the second prechorus, "So fly away, and leave it behind, return someday with red in your eyes," is yet again the author saying get away from all of this and do what you need to do in order to find your inner self again. Then he tells them to look back on the past, or even physically visit the people who brought them down and look at where they still are. A person who changes dramatically for the better will reflect on that situation with anger toward the people who were bad for them, and/or sadness at the fact that they were once part of said group. Or possibly sadness for those people who are still "lost" in a way. Then the last chorus just reinforces the current situation that is still unchanged, and the authors' hope that the person they are singing to will actually take the initiative to change. That's my take on it.
    Who knows what frontmen mean most of the time? John Lennon had a professor of literature and poetry approach him in the 70's with a proposition to have his students try to translate a meaning from one of the Beatles' songs. Then he would have John Lennon come to the class after they had written their essays, and explain the true meaning of the song. The professor picked the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and most people think it is about hallucinating on LSD. (L)ucy in the (S)ky with (D)iamonds being an hidden acronym. Others thought it was about a loved one dying, and watching you from heaven. Everyone was quite wrong. John listened to the classes interpretations, then they asked him what it was really about. He replied "It's not about anything." He explained to them the melody was what was important in that song, not the actual lyrics. The Beatles had no idea what to make the song about, so Mr. Lennon wrote words that flowed well together in a melody with no regard to what the actual words themselves were. He told them there was never a meaning to the song, and the beauty of that is that it can mean anything to anyone. He pretty much told them look how many different ideas everyone had about the song, while the song's writers never put a meaning in it at all. This shows that some songs have no meaning, at which point it can mean anything to you that you want it to. Or even songs that do have meaning, may never have the author's real feelings realized by the listener. That's what makes music beautiful, the same song can be a million different songs to different people.


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    Aug 26th, 2013 8:15pm report

    I agree with that, (below interpretation, but woulden't that mean that the point of view would have to go back and forth between the narrator and the other person?


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    Aug 20th, 2013 8:42pm report

    A lot of people say that this song is about a love relationship that got broken up. I think otherwise. My interpretation of this song is about someone who thinks that someone else is their friend, but in reality, the other person never liked them in the first place. Now, the person who never liked the other person in the first place, wants betrayal and revenge because the first person is too cocky.

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