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Carrie Underwood: Just a Dream Meaning

Song Released: 2008

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Just a Dream Lyrics

It was two weeks after the day she turned eighteen
All dressed in white
Going to the church that night
She had his box of letters in the passenger seat
Sixpence in a shoe, something borrowed, something blue
And when the church doors opened...


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    Nov 12th 2008 report

    I think she and her military man were already married.. They only give military WIVES the flags... I think she was going to his funeral and had flashbacks/memories of walking into the church on the day of their wedding but remembered/realized it was his funeral


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    Oct 2nd 2008 report

    I believe that it means that she was going to get married two weeks after she was 18 but her fiance/boyfriend was in the military,so he had to go to war. While he was there he got killed.On the day of the wedding she went to the church to get married but he never showed. The next day she found out tat he died. So instead of having a wedding she had a funeral. She keeps on wishing that it was only a dream but it's not.


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    Mar 11th 2009 report

    It's about a woman who gets married 2 weeks after the day she turns 18, and the woman and man are really close & in love.

    But then, the husband has to go to the military, then he dies there, and the woman can't even believe it.

    She is devastated, it's like a nightmare / dream. So she goes to her husband's funeral.

    If you watch the music video you can really understand it, it's so sad.

  4. anonymous
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    Nov 20th 2019 report

    I believe she gets married to a military man. He leaves and is killed in action. The letter she receives in the video says "Ms. Jonathan Roberts" and "your husband".

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 23rd 2017 report

    I think it's about her partner who is either military or law enforcement who was killed in the line of duty on the day they were due to marry and she didn't know until she got to church that it was his funeral instead of there wedding day

  6. anonymous
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    Nov 25th 2017 report

    This is what i thoght the first time hearing this song that she was suppose to get married this day but he died serving in the army so she wore her wedding gown to the funeral and married him anyway but than i watched the music video and it doesnt look like that so i guess its flashbacks to her wedding in her mind

  7. anonymous
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    May 10th 2013 report

    Just a dream is about carrie underwood and her boyfriend about to get married but instead she was going to his funeral csuse he died befor they could have thhe wedding so she turned into a funeral and the part that said "she had his letters in the passenger seat" was a clue that they were in a relationship cause normal people dont carry their friend's letters around

  8. anonymous
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    Aug 1st 2012 report

    I think the car talk was before he left for war. I also believe that she was getting married two weeks after the day she turned 18. He was supposed to come back on that day (two weeks after the day she turned 18). When she found out, she still got married (certificate) so they considered her a widow, thus giving her the flag. The "all dressed in white" thing was her wishing it had happened. But instead of white, she was actually wearing black. All of this she wished was just a dream, but it wasn't.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 22nd 2012 report

    I think she was supposed to get married on that day but he died before he could come home for the wedding so they turned what should have been a wedding day into the funeral.

  10. anonymous
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    Dec 16th 2009 report

    I think that she's thinking that there was such a short amount of time between the marriage and the funeral, that's why they show the dress turn from white to black. Like she felt it went so fast.

  11. anonymous
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    Dec 21st 2008 report

    i think the person above is right.
    they show her wedding dress like turn into a black dress, so hses propbably just imangining it being a wedding

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 25th 2007 report

    I think this song is about how her boyfriend and her were engaged, and he had to go overseas in a battle, because he was in the military. It was just about his funeral, because he died overseas. She is saying how could he go so early and all of these things. The military gave her a flag because they always give flags to the wife if a military personal has either died during his military life or retired.

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