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Carrie Underwood: Two Black Cadillacs Meaning

Tagged: Murder [suggest]

Song Released: 2012

Two Black Cadillacs Lyrics

Two black Cadillacs driving in a slow parade
Headlights shining bright in the middle of the day
One is for his wife,
The other for the woman who loved him at night
Two black Cadillacs meeting for the first time

And the preacher...


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    Jan 30th, 2013 1:30pm report

    Carrie plays the unassuming lover who finds out that her man is married when his wife calls her number from his cell phone. Distraught with heartache and then an embittered, passionate anger, both women plot to get their revenge. While Carrie's character manipulates the man into a dark alleyway, and bringing reminisces of BHC video, the wife drives into the ally and corners her unsuspecting husband. Pleading for his life, the husband yells, "no, don't do it," but the plan must be completed to lay the heartache to rest. Revving up the engine the wife finishes the blood crimson deed by ramming him into the ally wall. While, and on the opposite sides of the car, both women check to see if he is dead, they both go their separate ways. Meanwhile back at the grave Carrie's character leaves her car and goes to the bier where she looks up for one glance at the seemingly grieving widow. In another reference to BHC, Carrie's character is jingling the keys and lays them at the widows hand on the coffin. They leave the grave, one after the other, and go back to the Cadillac that killed the husband and both seat themselves on either side of the back seat, while the ghost of the husband drives them off. In a seeming reference to the 70's and 80's ghost car movies such as Christine, the car has spookily healed its damage and the now dead husband is forever stuck to the car in his ghostly state and a servant to the forever blood-stained damaged women.


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    Nov 16th, 2012 11:25pm report

    This song is so easy to interpret.

    He cheated on both of them, "for so long". he lived a double life. When they found out about his cheating they decided to punish him.
    The two women in black veils didn't bother to cry because they knew he wasn't the man the preacher and brother talked about, he was a liar and cheat.
    The two women had a secret of their own, they killed him, and that secret they left at the grave, his grave (one could almost assume poison of some sort not easily noticed so a routine autopsy didn't turn it up - cause of death buried in the corpse).
    The crimson smile they shared was crimson red lipstick mostly hidden by their veils, not a coulor associated with mourning of a loved one.


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    May 16th, 2014 5:29pm report

    That is exactly why you don't mess with woman! If you cheat on your wife, you're basically looking death strait in the face.


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    May 7th, 2014 5:36pm report

    I think this is about two women. Carrie, who plays the unsuspecting lover, finds out that her man is cheating on her. She and the other woman plot revenge by cornering him in an alleyway. She rams the car into him while he pleads for his life. To prove that he is dead, the video shows his hand crushed under the wheel (sorry for the graphics). At the funeral, they pretend to be depressed, but they really know that he is not a good man or a good friend, as his mother and preacher say. The video ends with the two sitting in the backseat of the car, which has magically repaired its damage and is driving itself.


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    May 1st, 2014 5:11pm report

    Carrie Underwood must think that cheating is so bad that death is appropriate punishment WTF!


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    Apr 4th, 2014 4:06pm report

    So what happens when a woman pulls this kinda behavior? Two black Cadillacs driven by two pissed off men? Women now days seem to think they can get away with this too!!!


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    Jan 29th, 2014 1:13pm report

    everyone seems to miss several images in the video. the Eight Ball key chain "being behind the eight ball", the caressing of the leather seat and the caressing of the steering wheel by each of the women. The fact that as the husband runs from the car, down the alley, he turns a corner only to find another car waiting for him, BOTH women had Cadillacs and BOTH killed him- I think it is Carrie's character who actually plows into him. Notice she is in the alley with him until the wife shows up, then she runs away. She gets the other car and corners him.

    It appears that one of the cars goes into the lake. The last shot closes in on the license plate 51 342... this is the mystery for me. What does it represent?


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    Sep 25th, 2013 9:14pm report

    Kay so it's like what the top rated answer says BUT the song is called Two Black Cadillacs. There are two Cadillacs And the Wife runs him over with her Cadillac ramming him into the wall. Obviously It'd have damage and evidence. So the wife gets rid of hers and they use Carrie's to leave. Which is why it has no damage.


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    Apr 10th, 2013 4:25pm report

    but why are there TWO black cadillacs? He's only one person hat died. Two funerals?


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    Apr 8th, 2013 4:36am report

    THEY had a secret to hide"....RIGHT? That being said....yes he was married.....and yes there was a girl friend........ But.....what if wife and Carrie were in love and the only way to be together was to kill him......so they did..


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    Apr 7th, 2013 4:14pm report

    Ummm he was run over by a car it was a trap the girlfriend lured him to an ally and his wife (in a car) ran hi over :)
    Hell Has No Fury like a woman's scorn


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    Mar 25th, 2013 3:09pm report

    Interoperate it how you want. It means what you want it to mean.


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    Mar 25th, 2013 3:56am report

    I think that both women found out about each other. I also think they plotted to kill him. In the scene when he is backed up against the wall, I think he is killed by the vehicle. You see the vehicle take its natural form again..to me that indicates the vehicle was fixed and no one knew they were involved...but themselves.


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    Mar 15th, 2013 3:07pm report

    I think the plot is more sinister than what it appears. I think that the wife and mistress knew about each other. One took care of him during the day and the other at night. I think the phone number was to some child pronography and the 2 women could not tolerate that at all and killed him.


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    Mar 13th, 2013 3:14pm report

    Many f you obviously don't understand this songs meaning.

    Carrie was the wife and that random lady was the "mistress". When Carrie drove her Cadillac down the ally, she saw him and another lady and the lady left. She turned on her headlights and drove towards him. When she is driving her Cadillac in the daytime, she is driving to the funeral. They both kill him for revenge. When they are at the funeral, she lays her magic 8 ball keychain on the coffin and it gets rid of the evidence. It's still a pretty good song though!

    Has anyone noticed her repetitive mentioning of cars? Me and my friend say (in carries point of veiw)-( what'd be funny if she said on a dating advice, getting over a break up advice column )::::: " well first I let Jesus take the wheel. Then I run over my ex in my black Cadillac. Lastly when they're dead, I shove my key in the side of their car, carve my name into their leather seats, then take a luoie vill slugger to both head lights , and smash a hole in all four tires.". :D. But honestly she is a talented singer and a great christian song writer. ;)


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    Mar 9th, 2013 3:05pm report

    In this song, Carrie Underwood begins to suspect suspicious behavior from her husband. For so long, he had been living a double life, as in "One was for his wife, and the other for the one who loved him at night." So one day, she calls a phone number and discovers he's been having an affair. Both outraged, they decide to kill him. In the music video, it shows her running over him, but that is just a suggestion. When it says they shared a crimson smile, that means that they both shared a smile about him dying, and crimson isn't considered a mourning color. When it says they left the secret at the grave, it means they left the secret that they killed him there, then parted there separate ways.


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    Mar 4th, 2013 3:12pm report

    Omg! I so love the music video *.*
    Well, it's about a wife who called her husband's phone and a strange woman answered; she turns out to be the one he's cheating his wfe with ,but his lover didn't even know he had a wife so they set him up and that damn husband GETS KILLED! ...
    That's what happens to every single man who'd cheat on Carrie. Fuck with her, she walks over you with her black Cadillac. ;)

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