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Coldplay: Your Love Means Everything Meaning


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Your Love Means Everything Lyrics

I slipped away last night
Took me away from sight and the place I know.
All crushed upon my skin
This mess I put you in and the punch i threw.
It was a strange reaction
for someone like you to remain on side
And in a chain reaction
I was...


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    Jun 24th, 2012 6:03pm report

    Interpretation of Coldplay ft. Faultline Your Love Means Everything

    I slipped away last night.

    A definition of the word slipped on dictionary.com is, "to slide out or become disengaged from a fastening, the grasp." So this line could mean he has purposely left from something or someone that brings pressure in his life. He's leaving at night so he may not be truly going anywhere, but just escaping reality through a dream.

    Took me away from sight and the place I know.

    The song never specifically says what took him away so I am going to assume that it is a dream or something supernatural because the line took me away from sight is extremely similar to the end of Acts 1: 9 which says, " And when he said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight." To be out of sight is, obviously, not being able to be seen by anyone. The only way for that to be is if he became invisible, was buried underground, went to heaven etc. But I am going to assume what took him away from sight and the place he knew was a dream.

    All crushed upon my skin

    This mess I put you in and the punch I threw.

    The songwriter doesn't clearly define what the mess is but the mess is not in the dreamworld, but something that happened in real life. This mess or according to dictionary.com, "unpleasant or difficult situation", is something so big that it's not only grasping him it's also grasping the one whose love means everything. It's innate in most healthy men to attempt to resolve conflict. He tries to resolve the conflict by throwing a punch. When someone throws a punch at someone the intent is to thrust a blow so hard into the other person that it breaks them. Symbolically, by throwing a punch at the mess he is trying to end his unpleasant situation, but the punch didn't do anything except cause the mess to get bigger and more personal, which is why it's all crushed upon his skin.

    It was a strange reaction

    For someone like you to remain on side.

    A definition of reaction according to dictionary.com is," a reverse movement or tendency; an action in reverse direction or manner." So, the same amount of power and force he threw to break the mess is now coming right back at him. (An easy way to picture what is going on is to envision someone punching a pop up punching bag.) But the mess is not only coming back at him it's coming back at the one whose love means everything. To him it's a strange reaction, because through all the conflicts and difficult situations that he has caused for himself and for her she still remains on his side.

    And in a chain reaction

    I was down and calling for a place to hide.

    A chain reaction is a series of events in which each event is the result of the preceding and the cause of the one following. The mess has now grown into a multitude of overwhelming messes or difficult situations. Life has become so unpleasant he is calling for a place to hide, but there is no place where he can go to get away from the mess, because it's literally crushed on his skin. So, the only place he can go to hide is by leaving the physical world, earth. I believe he hides in his dreams.

    I saw a broken arm

    Machines will all break down in the way I know.

    "The truth is that most cases of early failure of an appliance can be tracked back to a prolonged period of disregard. Parts do get dirty. Dust and lint are both primary enemies of virtually all appliances. Whether we are speaking about refrigerators, washing machines or dryers the number one cause of heat, friction and wear is dirt and lint." - www.bishopandsonaplliancerepair.com

    The songwriter is referring to himself and all humans as machines. "All household appliances are susceptible to breaking down....Machines are designed and created by man." - www.bishopandsonappliancerepair.com. At this point in the song we are getting to what the mess is. The mess isn't anything necessarily specific but is an inevitable, ever present force called conflict that all humans have to handle. Just like a real machine will break if there is too much dirt and lint; a human will break emotionally if there is too much pressure and conflict in his/her life. Also, humans like machines have different parts. He says he saw a broken arm. On umich.edu a symbolic meaning of arm is authority and power. So by seeing a broken arm in his dream he is seeing the same power he once had, now broken and incapable of retaliating against the mess.

    Mended and all made clean

    I saw up on the screen all the stones I throw.

    The songwriter does not say what or who is mending and he never says how he is cleaned, but by looking closely at the definition of mended we can find out what he is talking about. According to dictionary.com mended means, " to make ( something broken, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged) whole, sound, or usable by repairing." So who or what is repairing him? I believe the title of the song answers that question. Her love means everything to him because without it he's just broken. Earlier in the dream he saw a broken arm which symbolically is his power and authority being broken. His arm was broken because of a reaction between the mess and the punch he threw. But the punch did nothing except make a chain reaction which caused the same force he threw his punch at the mess to come straight back to him. So, in essence the lashing out of his anger and frustration at the difficulties in his life came back to cause so much pain that it emotionally broke him. "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are stronger at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway. Everyone has conflicts that at times can seem overwhelming and make people want to just get away. But the reality is it's impossible to escape those overwhelming conflicts and that's why her love means everything. Her love cleans out the mess in his life and mends his broken emotions. But he can only stay mended and clean for awhile, because soon he sees himself once again going against a difficult situation, the mess.

    It was a strange reaction.

    For someone like you to remain so sure.

    He's amazed that even though he's back in a place of pain and frustration her love is still steady and she still decides to be with him.

    And in a chain reaction

    I dissolve and break and then away I crawl.

    Once again his problems have grown into an overwhelming mess and he's trying to find a way to escape.

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