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Dave Matthews Band: Grey Street Meaning


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Song Released: 2002

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Grey Street Lyrics

Oh look at how she listens
She says nothing of what she thinks
She just goes stumbling through her memories
Staring out on to Grey Street

She thinks, “Hey,
How did I come to this?
I dream myself a million times around the world,
But I...


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    Jul 24th 2008 report

    This woman wants so much more out of life, she is trying but she is stuck, she can't break through. she is depressed but amazingly,still has hope. She is doing everything she can, but gets slammed again. Why? She doesn't understand what she has ever done to bring this on. She is trapped in her own prison.
    The analogy that the other person gave on the colors is right on!


    #2 top rated interpretation:
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    Dec 14th 2007 report

    Forget the meaning! This is the most pure example of Dave's ability to use literary devices in his song lyrics. Take them out of the music and read them on a sheet of paper. It is poetry. Someone else pointed out the "grey" area. But maybe rather than heaven and Hell, we can take it as the "in between" of right and wrong, of yes and no (a difinitive answer- which is particularly interesting considering the female Grey idea) and the devastation of never being certain that what you choose is the correct decision. His use of colors to describe emotions is fantastic! Reds turn to blue and colors fade to grey- such imagery!
    The best line by far is"
    She feels like kicking out all the windows
    And setting fire to this life
    She could change everything about her
    Using colors bold and bright
    But all the colors mix together - to grey"
    She dreams of changing the greyness of her life by using vibrant colors (maybe to symbolize courage, difinitive decisions, beauty, hope, love) but the depression of grey lies underneath and she can't escape it. The moments of glory soon end. And it breaks her heart. Just beautiful.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 16th 2020 report

    I am living with MS. I am now in a wheelchair full time. I have really tried to do my best to engage in life but I am so tired. I do pray every night to never wake up. I am so disappointed when I do. This song is my heart. I wonder how Dave knows about the depth of despair that I feel. This song is my story. There’s a hope in me he might.......please. How did I come to this place? Am I supposed to take it on myself. To get out of this place.... there’s a loneliness inside her. She’s do anything to fill it in..... how did he know?

  4. anonymous
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    Aug 2nd 2020 report

    It's about depression. I mean "the colors mix together to grey" is a pretty perfect description of depression. The girl in the song may kill herself, or that line could very well be a metaphor for something else. It's hard to say. But the song is absolutely describing someone suffering from clinical depression. Trust me. Lol.

  5. anonymous
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    Sep 11th 2018 report

    My interpretation of this song is that Dave is singing about a young girl who has been broken and abused. She cannot ask for help. She is trapped, living with guilt, anger, depression. She prays for someone to see and help her, but she can only help herself. She has to get out She has no hope for the future she is stuck

  6. anonymous
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    Aug 25th 2018 report

    My interpretation of this song is that Dave is singing about a young girl who has been broken and abused. She cannot ask for help. She is trapped, living with guilt, anger, depression. She prays for someone to see and help her, but she can only help herself. She has to get out when she can.

  7. anonymous
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    Sep 27th 2014 report

    It's about a domestic abuse relationship.

  8. anonymous
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    May 18th 2012 report

    I think it is about a depressed girl who ultimately decides that killing herself is easier than taking the initiative to change & live a life worth living...

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 20th 2011 report

    Again, drug references rarely occur in Dave songs, so I just want to put that to rest. Does Dave use them, most likely, that doesn't mean that all his songs are built off that idea, or tell the listener to use them. That is far from it.

    This song touches very deeply on the heartfelt emotions of life being very regular, despite the above average attempt to make ourselves better. We all are the same person in essence, our blood is the same color, and runs through every persons veins.

    It touches on the world around us, and vaguely we all could stare out into the future and try to reach our dreams, but usually when we look down that street, it appears grey. It is hitting that equilibrium point of our lives and how we fluctuate away from it.

  10. gwg222
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    Apr 30th 2008 report

    This song is about a women who is depressed.
    she tries being "cool" to fit in with people as symbolized by the colors that she uses bold and bright and she doesn't realize that when she never shows her real self all these colors or personalities mix turning grey meaning depression depression.
    to back this up think about the line "red blood bleeding from her now feels like cold blue ice in her heart" this girl is cutting her self for relief of the stress she puts on herself when she act different from who she really is inside.

  11. anonymous
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    Feb 24th 2008 report

    I think this song has more to do with a person's potential than anything else. Dave sets up a scenario of a person, nondescript, who lives their current life according to events that have happened in their past and can't let go. Former experiences dictating the actions of today. The point being made is that the past doesn't matter, and that dreams and aspirations can be realized if the past is let go. To me her dreams represent the colors (bold and bright), but the past mixes all of the colors together into grey resulting in fear, even though she wants to change (kicking out the windows, and setting fire to this life).

  12. GreyStGirl
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    Feb 1st 2008 report

    I think it's a little bit of everything the other posts have mentioned, plus more. I like to think it's not about a past relationship of his though. I like to think Dave's lyrics are a reflection of what he sees in those around him everywhere - not just those he's intimately involved with.I feel like it resonates with me personally because it makes me believe / find comfort in - that there are people out there who see and understand the rut of complacency yet don't give up the fight for something more. I think the song "Space Between" is a natural companion to this song and often wonder if this was intentional or not. I think the song is clutching onto hope - holding out for hope.

  13. anonymous
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    Oct 22nd 2007 report

    First off....who submitted the lyrics on this page?!....And I definitely agree with the person at the bottom of this page. It's about Julie Grey, just like "i'll back you up" and "halloween"

  14. anonymous
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    Sep 11th 2007 report

    It is about Julie Grey a women that Dave proposed to multiple times.

  15. anonymous
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    Mar 12th 2007 report

    I think the girl in this song has a lot of hope, but no matter how hard she tries she's never rewarded. Grey can symbolize the outcome of her life, or all life in general, considering we live between heaven and hell, we are the grey.

  16. anonymous
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    Mar 7th 2007 report

    Grey Street is about a girl who goes through life everyday with little hope for the future. The song is very symbolic, and it tells how people are losing hope and giving up more easily these days.

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