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George Michael: Father Figure Meaning

Song Released: 1988

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Father Figure Lyrics

That’s all I wanted, something special,
Something sacred in your eyes,
For just one moment, to be bold and naked
At your side

Sometimes I think that you’ll never understand me
Maybe this time is forever, say it can be

That’s all you...

  1. anonymous
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    Apr 20th 2013 report

    I though it was about God??????

  2. anonymous
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    Dec 26th 2012 report

    This song came out in 1988 when I was 8 years old. This was the year my uncle started to molest me. This song sang me to sleep many a night. It is about unconditional love not molestation. Father figure is what female abuse woman need. Their father was not there for them so they struggle through life over a crime that they did not commit. A man who is loving, supportive, protective, and unashamed is the best thing to heal these wounds.

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    Jul 12th 2012 report

    Must first say, GM’S SONG IS A TOUCHING SONG INDEED...

    George Michael (GM) is saying quite a bit in this song, but what seems to be consistent is that he is trying his utmost to convince/persuade his lover(or someone he wants to be his lover) that he(GM) is the one for her /him.

    His first and altogether unswerving means to accomplish his quest is by proposing to be a ‘Father Figure’. I use the word propose because he uses the words ‘will be’, meaning he is not yet the ‘father figure’. I must say GM must have seen this individual as fragile/vulnerable and must feel already that he has some power /edge over his prey.
    In order to secure/attain his lover, his persuasion was clearly heightened towards the end of the song when he tried to differentiate himself from other unscrupulous lovers he/she had had prior to him (GM). He noted in the following...
    "So when you remember the ones who have lied
    Who said that they cared
    But then laughed as you cried
    Beautiful darling, don’t think of me.”

    George Michael sometimes in his quest to attain his goal, goes off track and becomes somewhat contradictory (perhaps we all do when we are trying determinedly to hold onto the person of our dreams). For instance, he says, he will be the father figure – if given a chance- encouraging his prospective lover to trust him to be a preacher and teacher (good traits of a father figure). At the same time, he is giving him/her the opportunity to CHOOSE.
    He made it clear in the 4th line below when he said ANYTHING you have in mind. He did not say SOMETHINGS SOMETIMES. What then is the sense of proposing to be a father figure? I think HE IS using words solely to attain/secure his lover (Machiavellian style – any means necessary) that he truly has feelings for and perhaps truly love.

    I will be your father figure
    Put your tiny hand in mine
    I will be your preacher teacher
    Anything you have in mind

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 25th 2012 report

    This song to me talks about the natural human behavior to always try and please their fathers. It is paramount to have a Father figure, because this is a basic human need.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  5. anonymous
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    Mar 24th 2012 report

    It's not to do with dads and their kids everyone knows that so fuck off!.

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 15th 2011 report

    This one is easy. (Hint: GM is gay)

    Father Figure about a larger middle-aged gay man(a "daddy")who is attracted to a young smaller gay man (a "twink"). The older man is clearly interested in the younger man, perhaps they had just begun having sex. The younger man is hesitant. The older man is trying to convince the younger man the value of having a "father figure" as a lover.

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 7th 2011 report

    I totally agree with nr3 of most voted. Although you are only 16 (2005 so now 22...lol) In any way it can be perfectly interpreted he explains it!...Gery

  8. anonymous
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    Jul 15th 2011 report

    It's a beautifully sentimental and sensuous song about a man who has a girlfriend and he wants to be more than a mere lover, but a "Father Figure" as well in her life because for whatever the reason, she has been lacking that. He feels for her so much and loves her so deeply that he'll become whatever just to make her happy. I love it!!!

  9. Paula Sloan
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    Jul 13th 2011 report

    I'm 45, heard this song when it first came out. Loved it because of the beat and tempo. Never really understood it though. As I got older I thought "OMG this is sick" and even sicker that I still love the song. I still don't understand the exact meaning to it.
    I want to hear GM's interpretation of the song. Otherwise, it (opinions, including mine)doesn't count.

  10. anonymous
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    Jul 8th 2011 report

    This song is NOT about being molested. Whatch the video with the song and you will understand. This song is about love, passion and hurt. A man who wants nothing more than to make his partner happy if she will just give him a chance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It is deep and passionate if you get your mind out of the gutter. Molestation? Really? Like GM would right about molestation.

  11. anonymous
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    Jun 15th 2011 report

    I haven't read all the interpretations, but I did loose my father at age 10, then my best friend at age 11 (who was to be baptized with me the very weekend she died), I was also taken advantage of several times from age 14 to age 16 by older men (who later married teenagers and had children...not necessarily in that order...hmmm a pattern?)

    When I was 18, I met a man (young man...age 22) and we were subsequently married and have been together for 23 years...this is one of our favorite songs because he has always been there and taken care of me, like my father should have.

    I know that the implications are strong for molestation, but I needed and still need the innocent side of these lyrics. Anything can be made dirty or innocent, given ones life or artistic interpretation...for me, for my life, I need the innocent and I choose to see the song this way.

    (btw, I have a teenage son, a teenage daughter and a two year old, all by a wonderful, awesome father, who will always be my hero!)

  12. anonymous
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    Feb 13th 2011 report

    Am i the only person who didnt need to read the rest of these lyrics i read the first bit supposly a father figure tune, a didnt need or want to read the rest its sounds to beastie by s.maclean (uk scotland)

  13. anonymous
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    Jan 31st 2011 report

    This song reminds me of the idea of platonic love, true platonic love in it's original meaning.In Platonic love, it's typically starting out as 1 of 2 things: either 1 mentoring type of relationship where an older person is showing another things about life. ie. how to run a business, be a good citizen, sharing some wisdom and life experience, etc. Then as the relationship grows, a physical nature in the relationship comes about. Or the reverse can happen where there is a physical relationship, and as you spend more time with the person, you grow to love them as a person as well. Either way, it's a perfect love in that there is love of the mind/spirit and the body. It's an all around love. And According to the theory, true love is the same in all circumstances (between parent and offspring, mentor and mentee, between lovers(of the same of differing sex), etc. And in Platonic love you, in life become impregnated both mentally and physically. The idea of impregnation being that you want to pass on your contributions to the world and to future generations either by having offspring (physical) or by passing on their wisdom and experiences to someone of a younger generation (mental impregnation). That's why he is a father figure, a preacher, teacher, and everything you have in mind. He is passing on all he is. He is giving to the next generation in wisdom and maybe in a physical nature. He is giving love in it's purest most perfect sense. And yes, George Michael is gay, by I highly doubt he is a child molester, to the person of the above comment. It could be interpreted that way, but I don't think that was the song's original meaning. Don't forget the idea of Platonic love was originated in Ancient Greece by Plato and Socrates. Back when 1) homosexuality or sexual relationships with members of both sexes (bisexual) was common, excepted, and even considered to be beneficial to their society. It was common for a young boy to be a mentee or apprentice to an older man and learn how to be a man, and a good citizen. learn skills in life, and as a person the boy respected and trusted, it was common for a sexual relationship to ensue. These partnerships were often very strong.The same is true of men on the battlefield. It was not uncommon for soldiers to have relation with each other when off at war for long periods. And why not, if you can trust someone with your life on the battlefield, if you would protect them there and give your life for them, then a physical relationship almost seems a natural progression.

  14. anonymous
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    Dec 25th 2010 report

    I always took it as a song from the point of view of the guy who's with a girl with Daddy Issues, and the guy buys into it because he really does love her.

    But then, I've been accused of being naive and daddy issues, so...

  15. nikki
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    Oct 28th 2010 report

    I think people read too much into it. Its simple. It's about a man who had a life of crime and now finds his true love and wants to change. Gayness has nothing to do with it. It's human nature that most women like a man who will protect her, like a father figure. George Michael probably noticed throughout his life that women like men who are strong for them. Doesn't matter that he is gay, he has female relatives, friends, and maybe sisters he observed in his life. Also, stop trashing Michael Jackson. The man was as pure and innocent as could be.

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