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Song Released: 2010

Notbroken Lyrics

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  1. HuaSungJiang
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    Jul 23rd 2012 !⃝

    The title of the song suggests past emotional pain, but also the notion of perseverance and unrelenting hope.

    The lyrics start out as if someone has turned his/her back on the other, but the narrator has demonstrated patience in the midst of the fallout and beyond. The narrator seeks to have the chance to tell the truths that weren’t brought to light before. The narrator holds on to the crumbled pieces of the past, and tells the other that he’ll never let the fragments disappear, no matter how long.

    A desperate tone rings throughout the song, as “please come home” is repeated four times. Almost as if the narrator is a prisoner to the listener, ‘Please come home’ can be interpreted as ‘free me from this prison, free me with your forgiveness’.

    The narrator is describing time as the ultimate obstacle: “time won’t ever steal my soul” – this obstacle will not hinder me. The ascension of the song is analogous to heightened emotions, desperation, and ever-growing love.

    The irony of this song is that there is no such word as ‘notbroken’ in the dictionary. One can interpret this as a metaphor to the narrator’s plea letter, which may not be understood by the typical listener. It does not make sense on the surface, but deep down, to the one person that the song is directed to, the word and words make all the sense in the world.

    The song's emphasis is not the narrator's faithfulness, but his belief in a cause, his willingness to understand, as well as his quest to be understood – his availability, and his always being there to welcome the listener back again, all fueled by passion and profound loyalty.

    The last verse/transition in the song “You get used to the pain… And you don't even know what you feel” is hinting that:
    You don’t fall in love for practical reasons. You fall in love for emotional reasons.

    As unlikely and impractical as love may be, it is unmistakably there.

    The main message is that the world cannot take away from love, nor can time. And despite pain and confusion and the difference between right and wrong, love is born by emotions and borne (supported) by belief and need.

    “And I get like you, I'm alone and confused… But you know it's not forever… [chorus] Time won't ever steal my soul…”

    hope this helps

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 20th 2012 !⃝

    I think the narrator is telling someone that he/she is a beautiful person inside and out. But they keep denying and believe its a lie bcos they were born with low self esteem and feeling insecured most of the time.

    Love is a believing creature. Perhaps, make love not war. Peace :)

  3. belinda.dalessio
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    Mar 20th 2012 !⃝

    this song means that when you think that you have lost everyone you should know that one person will be there no matter what. like how it goes I won't let them break you down and I won't hear the empty sounds
    I'm hopelessly pretending that I know the answer
    Angel's light and neon fires that burn so cold through your desires
    And all you are is all I need to know

    When the world is insane
    You get used to the pain and you don't even know what you feel
    And I am like you, all alone and confused
    But you know it's not forever

    Time won't ever steal my soul and we're not broken
    So please come home
    And if the world has worn you down I'll be waiting
    So please come home
    like that all says to me you still have me to lean on because i am always here and i they won't let the world make you go crazy :) thanks

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