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Jason Derulo: Swalla Meaning

Tagged: Sex [suggest]

Song Released: 2017

Swalla Lyrics

(feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Young Money

[Jason Derulo:]
Love in a thousand different flavors
I wish that I could taste them all tonight
No, I ain't got no dinner plans
So you should bring all...


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    Jun 13th, 6:40pm report

    I sort of figured this is what this song is about. It's a disappointment! Like, me a young easily influences teen girl should not be able to listen to this on the frickin radio! It's so stupid! And it says a lot about our world. It's not that great that a freshman should easily understand what this song is about just by reading the name. It's a disgrace to all meaningful artists who actually put a message in their song other than sexualizing women. We should be moving forward ppl, not back!


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    May 29th, 5:02am report

    It's disgusting. What is wrong with people these days. It has a good beat. Everything is about sex. Definitely not what I want my teenage daughter listening to. Clean your lyrics up people.


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    May 19th, 5:08am report

    Brace yourself.

    Well the guys talk about, putting it politely, interacting with many promiscuous girls (Translation: they dig big booty girls who swallow).
    Then Nicki Minaj comes in and her lyrics contradict the overall meaning: The lines "Bad gyal no swalla notin'", "how ya'll wifing these thots, you don't get wins for that" criticize those promiscuous people's belief on soley valuing a girl's physical aspect.

    She calls the girls and guys out for their shallowness and lack of respect for themselves and others, wasting time with people they're not committed to.

    Then she explains how being sexy and powerfully fabulous means valuing yourself and others, even if you are expressing yourself sexually through fashion or attitude.

    That, ironically is the moral of the song. A lot of reverse psychology and a completely different meaning not everyone picked up on.

    Here's some more single line interpretations: 'Pussy game still cold we don't get minks for that' can mean she isn't offering herself for everyone and she's going to keep it that way (mink or fur coat is metaphorical for something that keeps you warm).
    'I'm in that cherry red foreign with the brown guts'can refer to virginity.


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    Aug 18th, 03:44 report

    i think the song is cool with the beats and everything...we all are not supposed to judge jason,nicki or ty cos the song has got a different meaning to all of us...one man's food is another man's poison


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    Aug 12th, 8:26am report

    How disgusting can the lyrics get? A person not knowing the meaning might find it good to listen to because the song has a really good tune and all and is fun to dance on but at the end, a song is all about its lyrics, right?


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    Aug 5th, 8:18am report

    Only if they had classics like songs with lyrics that mean something good with beats like these. Such shame


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    Jul 29th, 7:13am report

    I think swalla is one of the best

    attempts made by jason, niky(her artificial name spelling isn't important, however, nicki) and t.y to prove that they're freaks.
    Why waste such a beautiful rythm?
    These guys are just swalla!
    (that's a pun,
    swalla also means something that is 'LAME'.

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    Jul 27th, 7:27am report

    I interpret this kinda as porn + sex = Swalla song and music video! I don't think we should let our children live the lives that they have right now because it's all mostly about: "Can I pop your cherry?" or "Lets go hookup with the highschool hoes, bro!" It's nothing that serious because they need to be exposed to stuff like that, because the world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows! But for me it's a win-win and a two-sided opinion. It's good by exposing to the kids that there are some people who are disrespectful, and it's natural that they gradually need to find out about sex and porn. Well, scratch porn out, because life isn't all about sex! There's different paths you child can take, just make sure it's a win-win for you and your child. A certain path that is both good and exposing that will be enough for you and your child to handle. Not trying to say molest or rape them to show them what sex or porn feels like or is like. Just let them exlerience throughly with someone else they are sure to experience and share their life with. I'm not trying to tell you guys how to parent you children, just giving some sensual and kinda sexual advice. Expose them to masterbation so they can get a hint.


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    Jul 25th, 7:33pm report

    I just listen to the song because it has a good beat. although some might think our generation is hopeless and the world is going to end because of songs like this, every generation is different. learn to expect and except change.



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    Jul 25th, 7:18am report

    I believe that there is no harm in the song because if u r a parent worrying about Ur children listening to bad music it's our job as kids to live our lives because one day were going to be just like u as adults worrying about our kids so can't u ppl just understand were having a bit of fun and living our lives like u guys used to when u were our age. I'm 13 and I believe that the song is fine.


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    Jul 21st, 7:03pm report

    Guys stop hating it is a good song ik some of the lyrics aren't 'appropriate for kids' but if u CARE about ur kids then check out what ur exposing them to. Ik Jason, Nicki and Ty shouldn't disrespect women but check out a ton of other songs


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    Jul 21st, 7:58pm report

    I think that to be completely frank, it's just a song, people dance to it one day, the next week there is a new hit song, and nobody forces you to listen to it. I understand that it makes some women seem inferior, but it's not like they r saying it to a woman's face! Like they r not even targeting women, goodness it is just a catchy song melody and beat, the words r just the words, they r not meant.
    Pls just stop trying to take everything seriously ❤️


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    Jul 19th, 7:48pm report

    Well I don't really approve of this but who cares

    I just listen for hip hop dance class lol always wanted to know what it meant got it lol

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    Jul 18th, 7:10am report

    This song is very bad that they should be careful when they actually make a song and should acceptable by society .


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    Jul 15th, 7:15pm report

    For all of you who are bitching and saying that Jason is disrespecting women, honestly all he is doing is speaking truth. Like no one here is worthy of saying your a goody tushis. We all have been some kind of little thot at one point. Just enjoy the freaking song and dance to it.


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    Jul 9th, 7:31pm report

    That´s to those people who are thinking we should forget about the meaning and just dance to it. First of all ,it really disgusts me about how some people are thinking that it´s just a song. A song with such a nasty and disrespectful meaning can affect many young lifes. Exspecially children.In my opinion . it can be a bad influence on kids &teens.I´m a teen and that really worries me .Children who haven´t even got to the age where they can listen to those songs because they might understand the lyrics which they´re listining to , are listining to songs like that.Children should listin to music that is educational for them so they can grow up well.It's important to keep in mind that, even as kids grow into young adults, they are still in a developmental period that will affect the rest of their life.


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    Jul 9th, 7:14am report

    I agree this song is flipping discussing it shouldn't have been made.


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    Jul 8th, 7:35pm report

    OMG, Can you people stop thinking about yourselves and just Dance and have fun its a hip grabbing I agree, but I think of being in Jamaica or on a carribbian I know I can't spell it and no I haven't had the pleasure of going either but man nobody cares just leave it alone and dance. I love him. I don't care. And it's swalla, since yalls nasty minds can't stay clean. Look it up and your gonna feel as stupid as the bitching sounds. Love life whike we still have it. Thinking the way you all are saying takes. Alot of energy and is very stressful you know the saying it takes more muscles to frown than it dose to smile. The worlds are not worried about who swalla's and you don't get more credit cause you say you don't cause you know you do. So don't go hating and accusing till you show your really perfect then you will see you do swalla. Dance

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