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Metallica: Low Man's Lyric Meaning

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Low Man's Lyric Lyrics

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My eyes seek reality
My fingers seek my veins
There's a dog at your back step
He must come in from the rain
I fall cause I let go
The net below has rot away
So my eyes seek reality
And my fingers seek my veins

The trash fire is warm
But nowhere...


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    Feb 18th, 2014 2:41am report

    Touches on multiple subjects including addiction, homelessness and forgiveness but primarily conveys a sense of regret. The protagonist desires forgiveness not only for what he has done but what he knows he will continue to do.


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    Oct 14th, 2013 10:56pm report

    Sorry this will be pretty long...

    My eyes seek reality (He tries to see the truth)
    My fingers seek my veins (He feels for his veins, so he can stick himself with a needle)
    There's a dog at your back step, He must come in from the rain (He tries to find shelter from the harsh conditions he finds himself in
    I fall 'cause I let go (He gives up)
    The net below has rot away (Nothing/no-one is there to catch him as he falls, all his chances are up)

    The trash fire is warm (The only comfort he has is that of a trash fire giving him heat and light)
    No one's safe from the storm (No-one is safe from the effects of drugs)
    And I can't bare to see, What I've let me be, So wicked and worn (He himself does not know who he has become and shows fatigue from the abuse of drugs)

    So as I write to you (He is writing the suicide note/letter)
    What is done and to do (What he has done in his life, and what he is going to do to end it)
    Maybe you'll understand (Understand all the pain he has been through)
    And won't cry for this man, 'cause low man is due (He is not worth your tears)
    Please forgive me (Self explanatory really, he wants forgiveness)

    Touch clean with a dirty hand (He is cleaning the needle)
    I touched the clean to the waste (Injects the “clean” needle into his “wasted” skin)

    So low the sky is all I see (He is in his grave looking up)

    So you bring this poor dog in from the rain,
    Though he just wants right back out again (You can give him shelter and put him in rehab, but he just wants to get back out there and look for his next fix)

    And I cry, to the alley way, Confess all to the rain (With no other shelter, he rests in an alleyway and confesses his sins in the form of the note/letter)
    But I lie, lie straight to the mirror (He even lies to himself that everything will be alright)
    One I've broken, to match my face (His abuse of drugs has taken its toll physically)

    Again, sorry it's so long
    Cheers guys


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    Jul 14th, 2011 7:52pm report

    its about suicide. ''so as i write to you'' a letter, ''of what is done'' as in by the time the someone reads the letter it will be done, ''and to do'' he has not commited suicide yet, but by the time someone does read the letter he wil be dead. ''touched clean with a dirty hand'' he sees suicide as a way to clean whatever he is going through, ''with a dirty hand'' the act of suicide.


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    Jun 4th, 2011 6:25am report

    It means the guy in the song is a free and spiritual person that sees beyond what others see (my eyes seek reality), he is a healer (touch clean with a dirty hand) he is a wanderer (the trash fire is warm) but he is an addict and is not safe from himself (nowhere safe from the storm) , doesn't dwell in all the struggles of life- he can't. the one he loves always takes him back after he goes on a meth run (you bring this poor dog in from the rain, but he just wants back out again), she doesn't understand, but he wants her too, so he writes her a letter (as i write to you, of what is done and to do), he shoots up meth (my fingers seek my veins)

    an addict that has a free spirit but is trapped in his flesh (drugs)
    he has always had a way out, but he doesn't know how (the net below has rot away)


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    Apr 12th, 2011 4:26am report

    This person is begging forgiveness. Being in a similar situation, I understand what it is like to desteratley plead. From the words 'my fingers, seek my veins', I have to wonder if there is heroin involved and he is at his lowest point.... thereby "Lowman's Lyric". I know when I was at my lowest point nearly 10 years ago, it had nothing to do with drugs, but I so understand the desperation. It is about completely submitting yourself to whatever it takes to get that forgiveness from those you love!

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