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My Chemical Romance: The Light Behind Your Eyes Meaning

Tagged: Suicide [suggest]

The Light Behind Your Eyes Lyrics

So long to all of my friends,

Everyone of them met tragic ends,

With every passing day,

I’d be lying if I didn’t say,

That I miss them all tonight…

And if they only knew what I would say,

If I could be with you tonight…...


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    Jul 13th, 7:21am report

    While yes it is most likely a letter to his daughter(which i will touch on) i saw it this way the first time i heard it: it takes place after the ghost of you, Gerard has lost all this friends in battle (hints the line "so long to all my friends everyone of them met tragic ends") he can no longer take the ptsd after war and witnessing his own friends and brothers deaths and decides to take his own life and is writing to his daughter(bandit) talking about how horrible this world is and telling her to never let them take the light behind your eyes (your innocence and will to live) and he is talking about how he lost the fight which can be a reference to war or the fight against ptsd so i see the song as a suicide note that his daughter is reading as he is talking about wanting to see her and talk to her but he couldn't keep on living with what he's seen and ultimately takes his own life
    I know this is a dark "theory" but it is a real struggle that my father delt with and he almost took his own life over it so take it or leave it but this is what i interpreted it as and i hope it makes as much sense to you as it did me x


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    Jan 15th, 2017 1:09pm report

    imo this is about someone who regret a personal decision that made him/her leave his/her friends.

    "So long to all my friends, every one of them met tragic ends"

    "We'll say goodbye today and i'm sorry how it ends this way"

    And in that time of regret, he/she misses them more than he/she thought

    "With every passing day, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I miss them all tonight"

    He/she would give anything to be with them again happily and tell them not to let anyone ruin their happiness. His/her heartfelt longing for their friendship to be the same as it was back then can be felt everytime the chorus repeats.

    "If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes"

    Since his/her decision is irrevokable, he/she expresses that he/she may not last longer due to the regret or might commit suicide because of it as well, though he/she wanted them to stay strong as time goes by without him/her and maybe one day in the afterlife, they could reunite and be happy again

    "Be strong and hold my hand, time; it comes for us, you'll understand"

    "One day, I'll lose this fight. As we fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as bright"

    Here, he/she convinces them that they can grow stronger even in his/her absence, not wanting them to linger in the broken remnants of their friendship but rather let it leave a mark for them to grow strong

    "Sometimes we must grow stronger and you can't be stronger in the dark (or 'you can be stronger when i'm gone')"

    "When I'm here no longer, you must be stronger"

    //note: based off of personal experience.. and i also always wanted to sing this to the person i used to call my best(est) friend but she's in the group of best friends i left for personal reasons.. I hope they're doing well..


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    Sep 24th, 2016 9:31am report

    I don't know about that whole cancer theory because in the song it's saids tragic end the could be about a friend that got in a car accidenti in a car or took his or her life so I think song is. About taking the easy way out the song depressed describes a Suicidal person just listen to the song some day I will lose this fight


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    May 23rd, 2016 5:36pm report

    I didn't read all of the interpretations of this song but I definitely believe that this is strongly about his depression. He was going to kill himself and he was telling everyone else with depression or trying to kill themselves to never "let them take the light behind your eyes" and don't make the same decision that he was going to. But obviously he never killed himself.


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    Apr 22nd, 2016 4:41am report

    I don't know, but I think, this song is about cancer. A person with cancer will die soon and talks to his / her family and friends. ''I'll loose this fight'' could mean the fight against cancer. And don't forget, MCR already wrote other songs about cancer, for example ''cancer'' ( okay, everybody knows, that ''cancer'' is about cancer ) and MAYBE ''welcome to the black parade'' ( you can see a person with cancer in the music video ) and other songs. But I'm not sure.


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    Oct 14th, 2015 10:40am report

    I think most of these interpretations are correct. This song could have been about depression, it could have been a letter to bandit, and I wholeheartedly believe this song was written also for the fans. The band released all of the Conventional Weapons tracks just before they broke up and I think this and World is Ugly are both everything described above.

    The first My Chemical Romance song I ever heard was I'm Not Okay. It touched my ten year old soul in 2005 because at the time I remember being on three different medications for adhd and feeling things no ten year old should have felt, like depression, anger, extreme apathy, and I began wondering what it was like to die. All at the age of ten. When I heard I'm Not Okay, with all of its angst and anger, it sang to me because it described exactly how I was feeling. And thus began my journey into recovery. I admit falling off a few times, like when I was sixteen and felt as if I didn't matter and that no one gave a shit what I was going through. I turned on the Black Parade and immediately began to feel better. When Danger Days came out, I was trapped in this feeling of never being able to amount to anything and that the world was always going to try and shut me down. Danger Days reminded me of not only my potential, but the potential of humans as a whole.

    I believe that this song in particular and the entire list of Conventional Weapons was a final goodbye to the fans as well as a reminder to never give up on yourself and always to burn the brightest you can, and a letter to bandit for whenever she feels that way and Gee isnt around to help.


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    Jun 8th, 2015 6:28am report

    To me personally it is anything but I think its about depression and telling someone you love that even though everyone goes to heaven or hell and spends eternity there part of your eternity is spent here on this earth and nobody stays on earth forever and everyone dies and leaves earth, some earlier than others and that when someone you love dies you cant spend the rest of your life in the dark and that you need to stay strong and burn bright and you cant do that in the dark and at the part where it says "I failed and lost this fight..." they lost the battle with cancer or depression.


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    Feb 26th, 2015 2:40pm report

    This is such a beautiful song and it really comforts me as a close family member has recently passed.
    It makes me feel like they are still here with me.
    To me, this song is from the dead persons POV and they are telling you (the listener) to be strong now they aren't there anymore ("when I'm here, no longer"). Also the line "if you promise not to cry, I'll tell you just what I would say if I could be with you tonight" is like the dead person is helping you to be strong. The light behind our eyes is your happiness or even life.


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    Oct 17th, 2014 10:18pm report

    is this a beautiful song. this is the only song I know by My Chemical Romance.. and I must say, I am impressed. :) it is my favorite song at the moment. I am pretty sure it is about someone who he loved a lot and lost (died or suicide). "Be strong and hold my hand". it could also be about depression maybe? anyways. I don't know. all I know is its such a beautiful song and I want it played at my funeral..... hopefully that will be a quiet a ways away.


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    Jul 18th, 2014 7:52pm report

    I think this song is one of their best. I believe it is from suffering the death of friends, "so long to all my friends. Every one of them met tragic ends." And he's telling everyone else Who has suffered from a death or depression. "Never let them take the light behind your eyes" could either mean don't let them take your happiness aways or don't allow depression to cause you to turn to suicide.

    I'm not exactly sure why he wrote it. All I know, is that I want this song to play at my funeral.


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    Sep 16th, 2013 9:16pm report

    this song is obviously about bandit. yes.
    But in a way this was Gerard's formal farwell to the band members "so long to all my friends" or you could look at it in another light and this could be his way to say goodbye to the characters he created and thus killed in Danger Days
    either way it always makes me cry


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    Mar 24th, 2013 3:13pm report

    I believe this was written for his daughter, Bandit. It's about how he know's how bad this world is, and that people might make her unhappy. He know's he isnt going to be around for her whole life, so he is saying to her to stay strong for him.


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    Feb 12th, 2013 2:35am report

    I think this song is very Catcher in the Rye related (Gerard's and Frank's favourite book); it's about not losing your childhood innocence - the light behind your eyes. I like the idea that it could be a suicide note, though. I don't quite think that fits in with the first line, which would go better with the fact that all of Gerard's (and Holden's) friends have grown up, it's a note to Bandit (and Phoebe) not to grow up, I guess. Boy Division (Track 1 of Conventional Weapons) is also (I think) about Holden's view on funerals, how he wouldn't want to die because all his relatives ("my enemies") would arrange the funeral and wouldn't really care, only pretend to. Depressing shit, right?


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    Jan 25th, 2013 1:44pm report

    to me this song isn't about depression at all. Its about the passing of time. A few others of his songs touches on the fact that as you grow older more and more of the people around you start to die (What death isn't tragic? Some fast, some slow and painful, those left behind). And that you wish you could hold them and tell them that they lived on in people's hearts. Also he is saying that he himself one day will also die, and that the people around him, like he had to be, must stay strong and burn brightly as much as others had before him.
    That in itself is depressing, thinking of your loved ones die around you, and it is hard, and still you only want the people you leave behind to be happy and truly living their lives brightly.


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    Jan 22nd, 2013 1:21pm report

    This song is beautiful. The lyrics could be seen as a letter to a daugher (or Bandit), the band talking to their fans if they were to break up or about anyone facing depression, suicidal thoughts, or sucide. I think that the beauty in this song comes from the diversity to relate to these reasons and more - helping whomever it touches. Just simply writing the lyrics "Never let them take the light behind your eyes.." is so powerful. It can apply to everything that makes your being, the light that fights the dark or dark thoughts, happiness, and even life in general - and so much more. Top of my list for a tattoo, to carry these inspiration words in appearence for all to see would mean more than words ever could express.

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