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Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train Meaning

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Crazy Train Lyrics

Crazy, but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not to late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train



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    Jul 27th, 2013 7:12pm report

    It's about Ozzy's opinion...He's saying he's talking about how the world is changing and he doesn't like it. People are living in unacceptable conditions: "Millions of people living as foes." He's saying he's sick of the wars and political stuff. I don't blame him, though. IMO this is Ozzy's best song even though it was after Black Sabbath. :33


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    Jun 4th, 2010 6:41am report

    I agree with all of you guys, this song is about how screwed up the world is. Because it is a true song. If you ever went to look up this video on youtube, you get this onevideo, and if you look at the comments, you see that there is one person that is talking a lot of bad things about this song. He is saying that Lady GAGA is better then Ozzy. I was like "Really?" I mean that can never be. This song is a legend, and it has been around for like how long? thirty years, and how long does Lady Gaga's song last? Like a couple of months? That is really an example of crappy music. If you agree that this is a great song, then you would be here. And also this song is in Guitar hero. And that is probablly the best song in the game.


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    Mar 21st, 2018 3:13pm report

    "Heirs of a cold war that's what we've become" probably just refers to the cold war. However, my interpretation is that - and this is only my opinion - this is a war between good and evil, which is always at a stalemate.

    "Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb" could refer to karma from past lives, and these troubles prevent us from developing our mind/soul.

    "Crazy, I just can't bear I'm living with something that just isn't fair" This line probably refers to life being unfair, and that evil essentially controls the world.

    "Crazy, but that's how it goes, millions of people living as foes. Maybe it's not too late, to learn how to love and forget how to hate" Referring to how life is and how it's crazy that people hate each other.

    "Mental wounds not healing, life's a bitter shame" has to do with the fact that most people suffering - especially as children - end up feeling shame, guilt, anger/hate throughout life, unable to deal with these 'mental wounds.'

    "I've listen to preachers/fools" means - essentially - be open minded, and non-judgemental.

    The line about "...dropouts that make their own rules" doesn't appear to have a hidden meaning. It seems to rhyme well and possibly goes with the original target audience.

    "One person conditioned to rule and control" is in reference to hierarchy. Most would assume this is the president of the United States, but the president is probably about 4th or 5th in terms of hierarchy, along with other world leaders. This 'person' could be associated with satan or antichrist, if you associate with Christianity, I don't personally, but many do, and it is to give name to this one in control.

    "The media sells it and you live the role" The media sells so many things material and messages. They sell unnecessary food/drinks, beauty products, fashion. Music that promotes sexual behaviour toward children and teenagers, as well as violence in black communities via certain rap music. News that instills hate and fear via religion, politics, terrorism. Social media which is very good at creating hate, as victims of hate in turn create more hate in a vicious circle. The role is that we allow society to dictate these negative behaviours. Since the majority does it we do it too.

    "Mental wounds still screaming driving me insane" Mental wounds such as: fear, hate, shame, guilt, anger, frustration. Too many of these feelings would probably drive anyone insane.

    The chorus: "I'm going of the rails on a crazy train" is a metaphor for the life's people live. The 'train' represents our life(s), 'crazy' represents all the negative feelings we all have, and 'going off the rails means not living a "proper" life. Proper is probably not the best word, but it's the one I've chosen. In other words more love less hate.

    I know this is quite an overly complicated interpretation and I'm probably over analysing it, but that's how I see it.

    I'm no better than anyone reading this, I have 'mental wounds still screaming' and I'm trying to break negative habits.

    "I know that things are going wrong for me, you gotta listen to my words Yeah-h!"

    Love you all! Thanks for reading my interpretation.


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    Jan 21st, 2019 1:35pm report

    The beginning… heirs of a cold war, That's what would become. THATS IT! Along with what is happening to us after the cold war the crazy life crazy train... Simple easy and rocket! I love you Ozzy and RIP Randy. And I love all my rockers out there.


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    Aug 24th, 2017 8:27pm report

    I think it's about someone affected by war and the war filled society we live in, as reported by media. He has PTSD and is self medicating on blow...and whatever else he can get his hands on.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jun 12th, 2014 6:58am report

    "Crazy Train" Was Written By Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads (1956-1982), And Bob Daisley. The Subject Matter Of The Lyrics Is The Cold War And The Fear Of Annihilation That Existed During During 1980.


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    Mar 4th, 2014 3:25pm report

    Its about the insane world we live in.The fact that nuclear weapons can wipe out humanity in an instant.


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    Aug 5th, 2013 8:24am report

    Its About Him Being On Drugs,Society Being Screwed Up,And His Life being crazy .Ozzy RULES !!!


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    Jan 30th, 2013 1:24pm report

    I think this song is about cats and people eating the last peice of your favoritre food. like in the lyrics "mental wounds not healing" because it hurts when you get your food stolen.


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    Nov 11th, 2012 11:04am report

    Not sure if anyone heard the last bit, but right after the last laugh, I hear "look at the eye in the sky." Listen to a hi def version and repeat. I can't imagine how it says anything else.


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    Oct 26th, 2012 10:57pm report

    I found it comical that this was listed under "songs about mental illness" when it is obviously about the "lone wolf" who howls for the total collapse of society.

    This one is off the hook (I mean, rails) man!


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    Jun 3rd, 2012 6:57pm report

    Its about snorting cocke yeah the worlds a mess hes got his demons and hes going after rails those are other words used for lines of blow very common if ya get high you know this, the crazy train is his crazy life he lives on a crazy train hes strung the hell out people and the world sucks too all around us he breaks it down simple he gets f ed up to deal with it all on rails two lines on a mirror look like a rail ya dig.


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    May 21st, 2011 5:10pm report

    This song is brilliantly written on more than one level, of course it is talking about the state of the world, as well as possibly drugs, &c... But also it is about Ozzy's enslavement to the devil "The media sells it and you live the role" is talking about the way he's been forced to sell out in promotion of the satanic ritual of profit/advertisement/media, in return for his massive success. "I'm living with something that just isn't fair, Mental wounds not healing, Who and what's to blame" is also one of the more obvious parts- not really room to explain it here, but its all there...


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    Apr 6th, 2010 4:31pm report

    I think he's saying that life is screwed up and why can't we love instead of hate and shit along that line. Also the lyrics "cause I'm goin off the rails on a crazy train" is saying lifes crazy and your gonna fall over the rail some time or another


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    Jan 18th, 2010 1:51am report

    It's about the cold war. It's in the lyrics.


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    Aug 16th, 2009 8:40pm report

    In 1980 Bob Daisley was recruited by Ozzy Osbourne to join the singer's new band, originally called Blizzard of Ozz, however when the album was actually released, it was credited to Osbourne alone and Blizzard of Ozz became merely the title of the album. Daisley contributed bass and backing vocals as well as SONGWRITING ON 8 OF THE 9 TRACKS. He also played and WROTE MOST OF THE MATERIAL on the follow-up album Diary of a Madman but both he and drummer Lee Kerslake were fired before the album was released. Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge appeared in their place in the artwork and credits of that album's original pressing. Daisley and Kerslake successfully sued Osbourne in 1986 to have their songwriting and performance credits reinstated on both those recordings and this was reflected on post-1986 pressings. Litigation with regards to these albums continued in 2002 when Daisley and Kerslake once again sued Osbourne for unpaid royalties for their contributions, however Osbourne responded to this by deleting the original recordings and re-issuing new versions with the bass and drum tracks re-recorded by Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin.

    In 1983 however, Daisley went back to working with Osbourne, with whom he would continue to write and record throughout the 1980s, playing on and WRITING ALL THE LYRICS for Bark at the Moon and CONTRIBUTING MOST OF THE LYRICS for The Ultimate Sin (for which he was also originally uncredited) in 1986. In spite of his suit against Osbourne that year, Daisley maintained his working relationship with him up until 1991's No More Tears which featured his bass playing despite the presence of Mike Inez (who later joined Alice in Chains) in the album's promotional videos.


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    Aug 16th, 2009 8:29pm report

    The words and music were written by Bob Daisley not Ozzy. Get your information right please. Maybe you should ask Bob what inspired him to write the song. He has his own web site. Go check him out and ask him for yourself. Peace!


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    Dec 24th, 2008 12:20pm report

    This song is about whats going on in his head. hes not happy with himself. he doesn't know how to act, he feels like hes crazy. i think this song relates young people who are just learning how to act in the world.

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