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Paramore: Renegade Meaning


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Renegade Lyrics

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The grass wasn't green enough here
After watering it with my tears
I'm not sure where you went
Now we are, just past tense
The snakes, they are slithering in
Chasing me to my end
I can't say where that is
I'm running again

And, when I...


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    Jul 23rd, 2013 7:18pm report

    I honestly believe this is a forward song from Haley saying she's sorry for being sorry for who she is in the most possible sincere way she can.

    The grass wasn’t green enough here
    After washing it with my tears
    I’m not sure where you went
    We are, just past tense

    It was said by the Farro brothers that the band was falling apart, and wasn't as put together as everyone thought it to be. Even though the brothers didn't really believe she was trying to help she confides that it was heart breaking to watch as she states she watered the grass with her tears, but all she did didn't help. Now she knows they are no longer together though she can't quite understand why she just knows that what once was is no longer there.

    The snakes, they are slithering in
    Chasing me to my end
    Can’t say where that is
    I’m running again

    Here I believe she is stating she knows she made some mistakes possibly dealing with the case about her manager as well as how the Farro brothers believed that it was all about her, but it was her manager who wanted her to be a solo artist. Maybe it's a way of saying that her running away from the problem made it worse, like the 2008 concert, but she can't take it back.

    Oh, when I get there
    it won’t be far enough
    I’m a renegade
    It’s in my blood
    If ever I get there
    It won’t be fast enough
    I’m a renegade
    I always was

    Referring to this 'end' she is saying that it will never satisfy her. She openly admits its because she a rebel, or somewhat of a traitor. I think it's her way of apologizing of how she is but that doesn't mean she is ever going to change. also that even though the Farro brothers and her only acquired a major problem when they were famous she has always been this way so she also may be referring to something about how the brothers judged her for being the center of attention and is apologizing for how she seemed to be acting, but she's always been a 'renegade'- she's always been this way.

    Well, your spark never lit up the fire
    Though we tried and tried and tried
    The wind came through your lungs
    A hurricane from your tongue
    I’ll keep your secrets with me
    Right behind my teeth
    The anger, the anchor
    I’ll sail more further on
    Ah, on

    In a sense I think it's her way of saying it just wasn't meant to be, and that it's okay because at least they all tried, but she is still a little bittersweet about it because of the words the Farro brother had said in their post for leaving the band. She confides that she'll still keep all The secrets she may or may not have as a peace keeper because she doesn't want to hold a grudge about what happened, but if the brothers are to they will only be hurting themselves because she is leaving it in the past.

    Oh, when I get there
    it won’t be far enough
    I’m a renegade
    It’s in my blood
    If ever I get there
    It won’t be fast enough
    I’m a renegade
    I always was

    Again she is stating she won't ever change, and she sorry, but she won't.

    I’ll keep running
    I’ll keep running again
    keep running
    I’ll keep running
    running, running
    Keep running, running

    I think this is a way of saying she going to continue making mistakes because that just what she is, and even though some may believe it to be selfish of her she is always going to do what comes naturally.

    Oh, when I get there
    it won’t be far enough
    I’m a renegade
    It’s in my blood
    If ever I get there
    It won’t be fast enough
    I’m a renegade
    I always was

    And that just happens to be a rebel of sorts, and maybe she may not like what she does sometimes, but it's her. She's not going to change who she is even if she is sorry for her mistakes.

    I think it's more of a peace offering to the Farro brothers. It's kinda like "I made some mistakes, but so did you, it just who we are"


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    Jun 22nd, 2013 6:51am report

    I think this song is really just about how Hayley probably felt she never really belonged anywhere but she's still searching.
    When she says "The grass wasn't green enough here After watering it with my tears" that the place was never for her after trying and trying and crying over it.


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    Sep 16th, 2012 9:03am report

    I think this song is about how 'Hayley Williams' is so tierd of being the one trying to make everyone happy and has broke free and saying no! i think this beacause when she says "The grass wasn't green enough here, after watering it with my tears" this means to me that with all the people she has helped, after all the effort she put in to making them happy, with all the blood sweat and 'Tears' ! they are still not happy them selves and are not taking her help seriously. so i think the grass represents the 'people who need help' and Hayley is the 'tears' she is the effort! trying to make a difference. When she says 'I'm not sure where you went, now we are, just past tence!' i think she is saying to these people (It could even be about her relationship with someone who is difficult) that she has no clue what made them so down and miserable all the time, and saying that they're past tense means that they are no longer friends/together, and that she's had enough. 'The snakes started slithering in, chasing me to my ends.' to me this means that Now that she's refused to be tied down to this person or people? that everyone is treating her like a villian and a monster "This is what Renegade means, an out law' and the fact they are chasing her to her ends, is basically saying she is going crazy and fed up with all of the comments and nasty things they say and she can't live that way. 'i can't say, where that is, i'm running again.' i think she means that she can't say anything to make a difference, and so she just decides to 'run again' Which is saying she's left and gone, she's gonna find somewhere else where she is appreciated and wanted.
    'And when i get there, it wont be far enough, i'm a renegade it's in my blood!' she's saying that if she does ever find a place where she is wanted and appriciated, it will never be far enough from the horrible people or person that she used to know. 'i'm a renegade it's in my blood' when she says this it makes me think that she hasn't been brought into the world trying to be a people pleaser that's not who she is, because a renegade is an outlaw who dosn't play by the rules and does their own thing. i think because of the expectations she has been given through life; To be polite, be helpful, never do anything disrespectful. is all too much! and when she finally got out, it makes her feel like she is an outlaw, and a crimianl... a Renegade. 'If ever i get there, it wont be fast enough' there is no amount of time in the world to heal her misery and pain she has been put through, 'i'm a renegade i allways was' she is saying that she was never meant to be that way, and she was born to lead her own life, not take care of everyone elses.
    'and your spark never lit up a fire, though i tried and tried and tried.' this means that, with the person/people that she tried to help, they never even tried to help her along trying to make themselves happy, (if that makes sence) and she was the one trying so hard by herself. 'The wind came, from your lungs, a hurricane from your tongue' when the people/person found out that she had enough and stood up for herself, they said nasty things to her and started shouting! (the wind came from the lungs which is shouting) and a hurricane from the tongue is nasty words! 'i'll keep your secrets with me, right behind my teeth!' to me she is saying that she wont hold what has happend to them in the past for the reason why they are misserable, (these are the secrets) but no matter how much she hates the person/people she will keep it behind her teeth and wont say a word about them because she's better than that. 'Your anger, your anchor, but i'll sail much further on' this makes me think of the person/people losing their minds and going angry, but 'Hayley' is just gonna ignore it and walk away.
    And now she is gone she's alon and free, she knows now that she can't go back and it's her life and she is free and to start living it..... thank you very muc that is my interpretation, hope it helps thanks bye ;)


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    Mar 6th, 2012 3:15am report

    I think Carrie Underwood is a very good singer, but she is very birong live. She lacks stage presence and dept. I don;t beleive her career will have longevity, which I beleive Miranda's will. Thanks Rob for taking sometime away from running the Carrie Underwood fan club to visit the site.

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