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Pink: Sober Meaning

Song Released: 2008

Sober Lyrics

I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest
Or the girl who never wants to be alone
I don't wanna be that call at four o'clock in the morning
'Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home

Aahh, the sun is blinding


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    Jun 15th, 2012 6:49am report

    This is not a love song. It's talking about an addiction with drugs or alcohol. It's about a girl who want to stop, but in the same time doesn't. She's saying desctibes the feeling she's having while being high\drunk. She is safe, she feels secure as "nothing can touch her". She pain is gone. It's her protection. She wants to stop but she's asking her self "How do I feel this good sober?" she is not entirely willing to let those good feeling go.
    But while it's great, it's also bad. She's saying "Please don't tell me we had that conversation, I won't remember...".
    "Aahh, the night is calling
    And it whispers to me softly, "come and play"
    Aahh, I am falling
    And if I let myself go, I'm the only one to blame"
    This verse describes perfectly a relapse. She's trying to stop but the voices in her head tells her to do it, to "come and play" and she is falling for it, and if she does relapse, she is the only one to blame for not being strong enough.


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    Mar 13th, 2010 3:55am report

    This is a very personal song of P!nk. She basically drinks a lot and she's often in bad mood swings. She doesn't want to feel that way any more, have people look at her like that because she is much more intelligent and wants respect. Her protection is the mask she wears when she's drunk and it makes her world perfect for that small amount of time. She wants to feel good without having to get drunk to do it and quit back on the alcohol.


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    May 7th, 2009 5:19pm report

    This song is talking about fighting a drug addiction. And it describes it perfectly. I have been there. She is talking about not wanting to feel this way, and to be this way, but she doesn't know how to feel good sober, drugs are her protection.


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    Dec 18th, 2015 12:08am report

    P!nk is saying that you don't need to be drunk to have a good time.


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    Jan 13th, 2015 1:31pm report

    My thoughts on this song is it is more than simply about drugs or alcohol... it relates to many things in any person's life that a person can allow control them... (relationships, as well as drug, alcohol, hobbies, etc).

    -- note the video and her various forms of herself, as she conflicts with herself, ignores herself, is annoyed with herself, passionate with herself, then abandons herself. These are all levels of conflict a person has when they battle any challenge/situation/relationship in life (again could be relationships, substance etc)

    When a person gets so wrapped up in something they end up not being themselves, they end up isolating themselves, and losing their own identity.

    As someone breaks free of any addiction (relationship or otherwise) they have a hard time realizing they can be happy, how they will cope and function while being in touch with reality, pain, and joy. This song celebrates breaking through to "sobriety" from those conflicts, and being herself -- finding herself.


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    Jan 2nd, 2014 1:07pm report

    I agree with anonymous@ Dec 12th, 2010 12:35pm

    basically song explains that she discovered that she'd rather be addicted to love state (,your my protection, and ,im safe up high, refers to LOVE STATE) then any other be it alch, drugs or whatever, because only when in love state you are SOBER for reall. ,party is over, refers to ending her old ways and the ? translates as the idea, "How do i feel this good, when I have nobody to lean on?" be it person or stuff, if let myself go id be the only 1 to blame is about taking the responsibility,looking for myself sober that she sing at the end meaning redescovering hers identity finding self that she never meet before during time of addiction taking good care of her self from now on , and so on


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    Jun 12th, 2013 6:56am report

    It's about someone who gets drunk/high, and after they are sober, they realize that they don't want to be that person anymore, yet they still do it. They feel safe when they are that state of mind, but they know its not good for them.


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    May 22nd, 2013 5:54pm report

    I think this song is about how people use their vices to escape, so it can apply to any kind of addiction, not only limited to alcohol or drugs. It can be anything people do to escape, whether it be doing drugs or working excessively, having sex recklessly or spending recklessly. The song also talks about what she's running away from, and I think its her feeling of emptiness and loneliness and just feeling not good enough. I can totally relate to this song, I hang out excessively to avoid feeling lonely and cut to mask emotional pain and its so hard to get thru without all my vices.


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    Dec 1st, 2012 12:12pm report

    i realize it about drugs and/ or alcohal, but it's very much deeper than that. it about the party life constantly up all night, drinking laughing, but in te morning feeling like crap and not want it" i stayed up again, but thats not the way i want my story to end" her saying "safe up high" is not about being high, but feeling good in love, it's not about love but it does mention it. the drug and/or alcohol is only part of the party factor, the up late but not just about it. idk if p!nk ever had a drug problem, but i know she did have drinking issues. its deeper then everything you said and i said i cant evan put it down, but peeps like me understand it, but it can be interpeted into however you want if you want to think of somthing else. if you have a drug problem, make these all drug refrences. oten, the song it wut it means to you, more then anything


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    Nov 26th, 2012 11:53pm report

    I think this song explains a relationship. The person she is/was with was like her drug and she is tired of depending on a man for happiness and is realizing she needs to depend on herself for happiness.


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    Oct 12th, 2011 10:26pm report

    I think this song is about someone who breaks up with somebody but finds solace in their friends. Being "sober" here is a metaphor for being single.

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    Jul 14th, 2011 7:41am report

    the meaning to me is fighting alcohol addiction. like the second person said. drink too much it can get addicting and you have to go to rehab to fix it. to get sober.


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    Dec 12th, 2010 12:35pm report

    i think that this is partially right... when she says "Aahh, the sun is blinding
    I stayed up again
    Oohh, I am finding
    That's not the way I want my story to end
    I'm safe
    Up high
    Nothing can touch me
    But why do I feel this party's over?
    No pain
    You're my protection
    you think she is talking about drinking or doing drugs...until she says
    But how do I feel this good sober? this is why i think that the drug that everyone is thinking she is talking about is really love hence "YOUR my protection" not ITS my protection and the song is about she is so used to feeling this way on drugs how come she feels the same way in love... also when she says...
    When it's good, then it's good, it's so good, 'till it goes bad
    Till you're trying to find the you that you once had
    I have heard myself cry
    Never again
    Broken down in agony
    And just trying to find a friend
    she found her friend and now shes in love?

    mabey im compleatly wrong?


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    Sep 29th, 2009 9:38am report

    I agree, when I heard this I totally related to it at the time I was addicted to amphetamines.

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