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Song Released: 2002

Mutter Lyrics

Die Tränen greiser Kinderschar - The tears of a crowd of very old children
ich zieh sie auf ein weisses Haar - I string them on a white hair
werf in die Luft die nasse Kette - I throw the wet chain into the air
und wünsch mir, dass ich eine...


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    Sep 27th 2011 !⃝

    This song was written by Till Lindemann and Richard Z. Krupse in relation to their unhappy relationships with their mothers.
    The charachter in this song is clearly screaming out for love which was never known to them through their mother, and they're begging their mother to do her job and love them. A sad song, but also a great song.


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    Jun 1st 2010 !⃝

    All thought the previous statements about cloning is quite fitting, I think that there might be another possible interpretation. Rammstein is german and as what I take from the song is a deep felt anger at the loss of a "mother" land... Nazi-Germany made a fatherland out of a strong cultural nation and created a wasteland of cultural heritage for the coming generations, who ever since have suffered from the actions of a few lunatics at the helm more than 60 years ago. The aftermath of the horrors of the holocaust left Germany and the german people in a situation where all reference to any cultural background was not valid. Rammstein, as a band, grew up in a country, that had no history they could refer to, no pride, no sense of cultural inheritance - you have to create it on your own.... Mutter is about the frustration of beeing cut off from any cultural background - about the lack of a "home", and about the fact the world is never willing to forget - "I bear a mark on my forhead", would in my opinion refer to the swastika, which they cannot shed, but are determined to do so, even if it kills them... They are not willing to continue to pay for what happened more than half a century ago - and rightly so! They had a "fatherland" but never a mutterland. Mutter is the home they never had, cuz the Nazis messed everything up and the german people are still paying the price...


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    Aug 14th 2011 !⃝

    Quoted from Wikipedia: "The song was confirmed by Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe to be a reference to their unhappy childhood relationships with their own mothers. The lyrics tell the story of a child not born from a womb but in an experiment, thus having no true father or mother. The decidedly depressing lyrics describe his plan to kill both the mother "who never gave birth to him" and himself, a plan which he proceeds to carry out. However, he still fails to kill himself, instead ending up mutilated and no better off than before. The child begs, possibly prays, for strength, but his dead mother does not answer. The narrative of the song is similar to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, in that the character takes revenge for his misfortunes on his 'parent', and then ends up no different than he was before the 'parent' died."

    In short, there's no cloning, no abortion, it's just a guy who hated his mother for not being there for him and not loving him. The lyrics are metaphorical and some people here are interpreting it too literally. In the song, the guy may very well be a test tube baby or a clone, but it's all an allegorical reference to an unhappy childhood.

  4. anonymous
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    May 16th 2021 !⃝

    It could be a brilliantly displayed insight into their "inner child" experiences of maternal rejection through neglect or some other reason for physical / emotional unavailability. The inability for a newborn to become bonded or attached to an adult caregiver can cause significant impairment in healthy development. Many sociopaths have this type of significant trauma documented in their early childhood years.

    If they are eventually able to recognize the malfunctioning parental responses of their past, they can at least have a starting point for healing.

    Imagine being a helpless newborn, suddenly exposed to an extremely different world, no longer getting the warmth and comfort from the womb. And nobody or anything is there to soothe you.

    I could also see this as an emergency C-section, early labor, maternal addiction, etc. Where the infant is immediately separated from the bio mom & placed in child protective custody.

    The mark on his forehead and leaches in her lungs.... may reflect use of forcepts as quickest and safest way to get baby out in emergency. It WOULD probably feel like her lungs were acting a suction on his forehead if breach.

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 8th 2021 !⃝

    It is, despite the wilfully blind, selective interpretations above a fearlessly angry ProLife song. The words & visual metaphors support this.

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  6. anonymous
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    Oct 24th 2012 !⃝

    It's a great song and I hear anger, sadness, hatred and longing in the overall songtone. Don't know German but if I did it I would say it has something to do with "Mutter" or mother, a son and something between them with all the feelings listed above. Great production.

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  7. anonymous
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    Aug 22nd 2012 !⃝

    i would agree with the top rated comment..
    this song is not about a test tube baby.. cover of this album shows a baby in uterus..
    so yes, it is about an abortion.
    now it listening to it feels even better, thx dude.

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 25th 2012 !⃝

    If Till and Richard said it was about their mothers so it must be. But I always heard it as a more political statement towards the DDR they grew up in, the Motherland. As with many other Rammstein lyrics it seems it has a "Weltschmertz" reference.

    It is the same with "Du hast" - if it is "just" about bad experiences with mothers and partners it is not interesting but a comment on the whole 'father/motherland' has historical and political power.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 23rd 2011 !⃝

    I don't see how it could be about a test tube baby, as that term refers to a baby that has been conceived unnaturally. Other than that, the process is just as normal. The baby develops and is born in the same way any other would be.

    It seems it is more likely to relate to cloning or abortion as other posts have suggested.

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  10. anonymous
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    Dec 17th 2010 !⃝

    the song is about a clone, and the song title "mutter" (mother) relates to the mother, that the narrator would love to have. i think the once said it in an interview, but i also speak german so i can kinda guess what they try to say.
    the first lines "die traenen greiser kinderschar, ich zieh sie auf ein weises haar" probably mean that in science, when they tried to create clones, they were unhealthy and grew old faster, so the children are, even if they are young or just born, look old. "greis" means very old. they are crying because they are unhappy, obviously, and till (or the narrator) plays with their tears as a pasttime. the white hair is because they are all old.
    in the song he says that he wishes to have a mother, a "sun" (if you know the song "sonne" [sun], you'll know that rammstein likes to see some women as "suns", like shining and beautiful). going on you'll find evidence for him being a clone, cause he needs medicine, has no birthmark,...
    in the second part of the song he lets you know how he feels about being what he is. even if he wishes for a mother, he still hates the woman, that never gave him birth. its kinda that up-and-down-thing, when your feelings go in opposite directions.

  11. anonymous
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    Nov 22nd 2010 !⃝

    It was said by Till and Richard to be a reference to their unhappy childhood relations with their mothers.

  12. Awesomedude
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    Aug 1st 2010 !⃝

    How a cloned baby feels every day.

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  13. anonymous
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    Sep 17th 2009 !⃝

    There`s no quastion this song is about cloning. I`m agreed with those who supported this theory before and here are my facts about it: Ich zieh zie auf ein weises haar-- means that the character was alredy born adult , and talkiknig about abortion I think this theory is faied also `cause character promissed to present his mother ``krankheit`` that can mean either desease or pain ,possibly even sufferring. and the way he was gonna do this is clear as water in a river where he by the way was supposed to make this ``krankheit``.Amd After that follows next sentence : ``Und sie danah im fluss fersenken`` what means and will drawm her on this matter in the river. It`s difficult to me to imagin unborn baby doing all this things...though it`s rammstein whatewer can happen

  14. Jenkins
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    Sep 4th 2009 !⃝

    I think it is about a clone as the song says"gezeugt in Hast und ohne Samen"(sired in haste and without semen).

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  15. anonymous
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    Jun 3rd 2009 !⃝

    I think the abortion thing is right. I just realized it with the evidence that dude took from the text.

  16. anonymous
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    Apr 17th 2009 !⃝

    I don't believe this song is about a "test tube" baby per-se. I believe it is about abortion. The song goes to say "Throw the wet chain into the air" possibly meaning the umbilical cord attaching to the uterus. It also says "There's a tube in my throat" which I believe to be the tube that they insert into the woman's uterus to basically suck the baby out limb by limb. It also mentions "I have no navel on my belly," which could indicate that the baby has not been born yet; as sometime later after a baby is born the umbilical cord will fall off and leave the belly button in it's place. Also it says " I never got to lick a nipple,Had no folds to hide in, No-one gave me a name" also possibly indicating the baby not being born thus unable to breast feed or even get a name, as commonly done after the baby is born. And lastly, the song also says "The mother that never bore me, I have sworn this night, I shall give her a disease" which could reference to the after-math of an abortion which makes the woman very weak, and in some cases damage to the cervix and/or uterus,possible infection or hemmoraging, not to mention psychological damage. Maybe I'm not right about this, but I thought I would put my two cents in. :)

  17. anonymous
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    Aug 27th 2008 !⃝

    This song is about how a clone baby feels, and how he is angry at his 'mother' for never being there...and btw ZvB your song is heirate mich...not mutter...and like those before me said, it probably has something to do with till's problems with his parents.

  18. anonymous
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    May 2nd 2008 !⃝

    As said about the clone thing meaning, its the correct meaning of the lyrics but please don't belive that it is the true meaning of the song. Its just a metaphor of describing how it is to not have a mother or being raised without one. When given away at small age must be like fealing like a product.

    Like a clone, there are many of it so why should you care about one of them, when there are so many more. The no navel and birthmark thing can be a metaphor for the fact that he will always keep the fact that he has no mother with him. Hard longing for his parent but still want hates them for what they did.

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