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Slipknot: Danger - Keep Away Meaning

Danger - Keep Away Lyrics

We too feel alone

That place in my mind
Is that space that you call mine
That place in my mind
Is that space that you call mine

Where have I been all this time?
Lost, enslaved, failed, declined
I've been waiting for this to unfold,...


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    Jan 30th, 2019 1:01pm report

    From the beginning of the song to around when the crying starts is about the time it took me to smoke my last cigarette, from start to finish. The lyrics begin to take my attention, and then the crying begins, ultimately breaking me.

    "I wont let you walk away without hearing what I have to say", repeated multiple times, is a reinforcement of the importance of, well, what he has to say. The hypnotic sounds in the background put you in an almost trance state.

    "That place in my mind, that space which you call mine", reinforces the idea that addictions become a part of your personality, and habits over time form who you are.

    The rest of the lyrics can be interpreted as statements towards oneself about their conscious and true self. "What if I never saw you again, I'd die right next to you in the end" is a perfect example of this. I dont agree with this line being about someone else, it just doesnt make sense. It is phrased that way, because it's referring to his conscious from a third persons perspective. What if he never sees his true self again? He'd die right next to it in the end.

    The lyrics really are 'subliminal verses', in that even though I've heard this song a million times, it hit home with a new meaning given the right context. The lyrics are an internal dialogue of the thought process of addiction, which for me was smoking. Alcoholism, drugs, whatever it happens to be. This song is about yourself, and its saying that hell isn't under the earth, it's in a bottle/carton/needle.


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    Jun 9th, 2015 6:17am report

    Keep in mind that this song was written before s/t.


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    Sep 2nd, 2012 9:57am report

    I think in general this song is about losing a part of yourself to something or someone, or maybe even just losing it, and then finding it again.. finding yourself again. "The pieces are only a good as the whole"

    "I cut out the only thing that was right" here I feel like he's cut off his "conscience" and when you know you need to kick a habit and you don't your cutting off the part of yourself "that place in my mind" that tells you what's wrong or right..

    "What If I never saw you again
    I'd die right next to you in the end" I think means that you can't escape yourself, no matter how hard you try or what you take or do to distract yourself. You are all that you have and you will die with yourself and no one else in the end.


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    Mar 13th, 2012 3:52pm report

    It's about addiction and self realization about the dependency on it. Corey was a hardcore addict and alcoholic.

    Makes sense to me, no right or wrong. Music is beautiful.


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    Apr 14th, 2010 4:04pm report

    First Off I love This Song And The Extended Version. The Meaning Is Kinda What One Guy on Here Said Bout Someone Leaving Another.

    "Where Have I Been All This Time?" Could Mean That He wasn't that involved With The Relationship.

    "I've Been Waiting for this to unfold, A piece is only as good as the whole" Could mean that he doesn't want to just be friends with the person, He wants a Relationship.

    "Severed myself from my whole life,
    Cut out the only thing that was right" Could Mean He Admits Doing Nothing for the relationship.

    "What If I never saw you again
    I'd die right next to you in the end" Could Mean That He will always love that person Forever Until He Dies

    Another Thing to Think About, He Could Be Talking About the 'Vermillion' character, I Think It might have something to do with that Character But I Can't Say For sure, it just a thought.


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    Oct 7th, 2009 10:18pm report

    I believe this song is about losing someone very close, and dear to you.

    "We too feel alone"

    That shows that it's about abandonment.

    "That place in my mind, is that space that you call "Mine"

    I believe this is refuring to the state ov insanity most people feel when left, and he's talking to himself saying "This place in my mind isn't mine, but it's the space that is mine." (Yes very confusing)

    "Where have I been all this time?
    Lost enslaved fatal decline."

    I believe this is asking where was I you left me in death.

    "I've been waiting for this to unfold (But)
    The pieces are only as good as the whole."

    This is saying "I'm waiting for someone to take your place, but everything's second best when you've had the best."

    "I've severed myself from my whole life.
    Cut out the only thing that was right."

    This is saying "I've hidden away and don't want to see anyone. Not even the one person who could help."

    "What If I never saw you again?
    I'd die right next to you in the end."

    This line is very self explanitory...

    "I won't let you walk away... Without hearing what I have to say."

    This is more like a plee "Please don't go... I have so much I haven't told you...

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