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System of a Down: Boom! Meaning

Tagged: War [suggest]

Song Released: 2003

Boom! Lyrics

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I've been walking through your streets,
Where all you money's earning,
Where all your buildings crying,
And clueless neckties working,
Revolving fake lawn houses,
Housing all your fears,
Desensitized by tv,
Overbearing advertising,
God of...


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    Aug 21st, 2009 8:56am report

    I've been walking through your streets,
    Where all you money's earning,
    Where all your building's crying,

    " Money controls everything, people will do anything
    for money. It has to be earned making us money's slaves.
    Buildings crying means development through money. The building are built for corporate companies by under paind workers to earn money. They cry for money meaning suffer and slave over money."

    And clueless neckties working,
    Revolving fake lawn houses,
    Housing all your fears,

    " Clueless underground corporations, jobs, organizations e.t.c run by the government held together by money that grips them all together ny the neck. They don't have a choice if they want to live today. Fake lawn houses are referring to the modern suburbs or residential areas. People are very materialistic, we want allot of stuff ( that new car, that PS3, a huge house e.t.c ) but whatever we get can't fill that empty hole deep down inside, that sense of constant fear, We house our insecurities in wealth, money and material things."

    Desensitized by tv,
    Overbearing advertising,
    God of consumerism,
    And all your crooked pictures,
    Looking good, mirrorism,

    "Desensitized by T.V, we loose our sense of presence watching T.V. Have you noticed that when there is nothing good on T.V we watch even more for hours and hours in a trance like state watching mostly glossy done up adverts?
    Adverts are made for us, the consumer. They mirror our problems so we can relate to them or they give us an ideal lifestyle we want to live and can only get by buying that new range rover or whatever. They are crooked because they don't realy care about our problems they just want money."

    Filtering information,
    For the public eye,
    Designed for profiteering,
    Your neighboor, what a guy.

    " Filtering the media for the consumer. We only watch what they want us to watch. The public eye only gets information that has been tampered with, they don't tell us the whole truth even on the news you only get filtered information. Like they all know who killed kenedy but they told us its a mystery. Designed for profetiering, adverts made for money, everything at the end of the day is designed, made to get money. Your neighbour with that fake lawn house and new car makes you desire more. What a guy, he has all I ever wanted. We envy our neighbours especialy when they are doing better of than we are. Your neighbours in it, you are in it, we all are in the hunt for money, we now hunt money instead of animals. Now want huge fake lawn houses instead of settling for a cave. We build huge building not caring about the environment. Desensatised by money."

    Boom, boom, boom, boom,
    Every time you drop the bomb,
    You kill the God your child has born.
    Boom, boom, boom, boom.

    " Boom, the stock markets gone up, businesses are doing well. ( Boom in buisness terms. Slump, Growth, Boom, Resesion and the cycle continues )
    The bomb could mean anything with great impact. Every time we earn money causing a financial boom we kill the god our
    child has born meaning we don't spend time with god, with our children we overwork to hide our insecurites and worries. This could also have biblical meaning although system of a down is not very religious, Jesus, the god our child was born as was jesus. Judas killed him, betrayed him for money. In the same way we betray god, spirituality, anything that is good beyond material for money."

    Modern globalization,
    Coupled with condemnations,
    Unnecessary death,

    " Money has taken this to a global level. We kill for money. The government kills for money, everyone is desperate for money without it we can't survive. America has enslaved the world with the US dollar ( previously, when this song came out, now they're going under a recession after the boom ) We are under thier influence, their culture, we all want the American dream, to be rich and famouse. Coupled with condemnations condemned meaning we attack or condemn what our alies the other nations condemn. We are coupled by our thirst for money for our hate of them, who ever they are. It could be communism, terrorism, oil, Iraq, the jews whatever they want us to hate and blame for all our pain that was not caused by them but by us, by I the individual."

    Matador corporations,
    Puppeting your frustrations,
    With the blinded flag,

    " Patriotism is brainwashing. We are all frustrated and they use this to make us fight thier wars, slave over thier money. Kill for them. They can make us do anything if they desire even kill or enslave our own kind just for some gold coins. The blinded flag meaning they blind us with thier national anthem. Mind stopping chants to brainwash us patriotism while they use us for thier own selfish needs like globilization, domination and control."

    Manufacturing consent
    Is the name of the game,
    The bottom line is money,
    Nobody gives a fuck.

    " Nobody cares. We don't care. I don't care aslong as I'm getting paid as long as I get my money to hide my fears and insecurities. They use our consent our core values to fight wars like jihad, they get millions of money from tha sale of guns and amunition from using us they benefit alot. The bottom line is money nobody gives a fuck, we use peole aswell. That guy you riped of just so you could pay for your bills, Or that wallet you stole to buy yourself some extra kegs of bear for the party, we have all ever used someone before or stolen something for money."

    4000 hungry children die per hour,
    From starvation,
    While billions spent on bombs,
    Create death showers.

    "We are insane over money. We don't even care about our youth, we want more money and they will give it to us if we make them thier weapons of mass distruction. We could use the money to save millions but killing them is just easier. A dead corpse can't starve."

    Boom, boom, boom, boom,
    Every time you drop the bomb,
    You kill the God your child has born.
    Boom, boom, boom, boom

    " I already explained this above. It makes sense if you relate it to jesus, the first majour sin was for money, We killed jesus our savior or if your an athist we obscure our presense for money. We live for money."

    Why, why, why, why must we kill, kill, kill, kill, our own, own, own, own kind...

    " Why must we kill our own kind not only our race but the human race for what? for money, for material gain, for ego gain, for fake lawn houses we kill even our neighbor because we are jealous? We kill jesus because we are jealous? Why are we jealous because they have what we want. A sense of wholeness but money can't buy wholeness only try to fill the hole insinde with nothing real."

    Boom, boom, boom, boom,
    Every time you drop the bomb,
    You kill the God your child has born.
    Boom, boom, boom, boom
    Every time you drop the bomb.

    " Everytime we drop the bomb, every time we kill our god. We drop our values, our freedom, our children, family, our own kind. We drop bombs on nations for land, domination, resources and monst of all money the root of all evil. "


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    Jan 14th, 2007 1:59pm report

    This song is about how corrupt governments or any governments or countries would rather kill then give and preserve life. It also explains how greedy these nations can be. "Every time you drop the bomb, You kill the god your child has born." I think this means that any child that is born has the capabilities to change the world or make us feel a different way. Someone that can be our political "savior" and make us see why we need to spend money on life not death.


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    Oct 30th, 2005 10:54am report

    This song is about how much money is spent on war, weapons and bombs, and not on world starvation. If you don't understand that from the lyrics, then you need a doctor! There is also a subtle meaning as well: Greed.

    "Manufacturing consent is the name of the game
    The bottom line is money and nobody gives a f**k."

    This song was made at the time of the war in Afghanistan/Iraq, with Michael Moore as the director (that explains a lot!)


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    Mar 21st, 2010 3:40pm report

    Simply put, its about how the government spend millions of dollars bombing countries, but dont spend a penny helping the poor people starving to death inside of those countries.


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    Aug 21st, 2009 8:32pm report

    this song is about how billions are spent on wepons. but the wepons are veary necasary in the war it is wrong in some ways we are not mind lessly killing people in are bombings espsally not kids only the talidan we arnt bombing poor citys in africa!


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    Jul 27th, 2009 7:24pm report

    I think I know what it means by the lyrics "every time you drop the bomb you kill the god your child has bomb"

    i think "god" is a metaphor for the possibilities our children can bring, and we kill it for two reasons:
    -Innocent children get killed by the bombs
    -Trillions of dollars are spent on bombs, while not as much on education and helping kids achieving "god" (Everything)

    Then the rest is just obvious


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    May 25th, 2009 5:40am report

    The song is about how we focus are efforts on being everything the media portrays life to be perfect and all we do is strive to be that way also its protesting militarism about how money is spent on bombs instead of feeding children.


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    Jan 10th, 2009 1:44am report

    this song is about billions of dollars being spent on bombs and weapons to kill even more people than they are already killing spending all thier money on that instead of starving children.

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    Sep 9th, 2008 9:35pm report

    "Every time you drop the bomb you kill the God your child has born" I personally think it means that every child has the competence to believe in God and give his life meaning and find his purpose during his life-time, but when you kill a child you take that chance of him discovering God or religion or salvation away. Just an idea.


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    Jul 14th, 2008 7:55am report

    this song is cool! and is about terrorism
    but I don't understand the meaning of:
    ''every time you drop the bomb you kill the god, your child has born!''
    i don't fkn get it

    and sorry about my english, I'm french!:)


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    Jan 7th, 2008 1:49pm report

    I know what this song is about but I've never understood the chorus line "You kill the god your child has born" shouldn't it be "You kill the child your god has born"?

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    Jul 31st, 2007 7:26pm report

    I think the meaning of this song is kinda obvious and I usually don't get the meaning of other songs lyrics. I mean really the meaning is already established in the song, I mean cmon!


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    Jun 18th, 2007 6:10am report

    While I agree with the others on the song being about greed and war, it must be said that the song also speaks out about the post modern, consumerist society that we all live in. The very first few lines in the song are obviously referring to the need to have a nice house, good job and nice neighbors that is programmed to our minds from a young age through the media. I think this is then enforced by the line "Overbearing advertising, GOD OF CONSUMERISM" which is then proceeded by "And all your crooked pictures Looking good, mirrorism, Filtering information For the public eye, Designed for profiteering" this to me seems to scream out that we are living in a world, where the ideals that we hold so dear, are constructed for us by the "matador corporations" then filtered through to us through media influences.


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    Mar 13th, 2007 3:50am report

    This song (I Think) is about how much of an asshole world leaders can be.
    For example They choose War issues and bombing innocents instead of helping them.


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    Feb 24th, 2007 2:51pm report

    yea this song is obvisiously about war like many other soad songs. It states how world starvation is a major issue but nobody gives a rats ass, they spend all of the money making bombs.


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    Dec 28th, 2006 12:53pm report

    yea I've never understood why they say the god your child has born.....you;d think it should go the other way around....the child your god has born.....but this is basically about how unnescassary it is for us to be spending so much money on, a lot of times, dumb stuff, while people are dying somewhere. This is a GREAT SONG.

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    Aug 30th, 2006 8:32am report

    What about the lyrics 'everyday you drop the bomb you kill the god your child has borne'? Who is the god being killed? Who is the child?


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    Apr 26th, 2006 4:49am report

    This video clip is great as well. It just shows how many people want peace.
    If you listen, you'll also realise that this song is about television and the media. ("Desensitized by TV")

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