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System of a Down: Fuck The System Meaning

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Im, but a little bit bit bit, show!
But a little bit bit bit, shame!
But a little bit, bit, bit
Bit! bit! bit!

Im just the man in the back!
Just the man in the back!
Just the back!

Im just demeaning the pack!
Just demeaning the...


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    Jan 26th, 2007 1:41pm report

    There are three lines I would like to point you to before I begin my discusion of what this song means to me.

    "I need to fuck the sys-"

    "Im, but a little bit bit bit, show!"

    Say the previous line real fast and see what it says

    Fuck the system!"
    But later...
    Fuck the system!"

    The song seems to be about censorship.
    "Im but a little bit bit bitch ooo..."
    "I need to fuck the sys- (tem)."
    Both lines have been "censored" by SOAD to make their point about censorship.

    The biggest point is the last one though, War -> Whore. Its one thing to remove words like bitch, but when thoughts, ideas pertaining to war (especially in close context to the words fuck the system) are censored, we have a real problem, and as he says:

    We all need to fuck the system!!!

    I would leave you to draw your own conclusions on what he is saying about censorship, and where that may or may not apply, but it seems that through demonstraition, he has shown that his saying "fuck the system" has been censored.

    Another point about censorship however.

    The Little bit bit bit...
    It ends with "Bit Bit Bit" which sounds very reminsant of the "bleep" you used to hear on tv when someone cussed before they just muted it out.
    Further, "im just a little Bleep Bleep Bleep" kinda says something in itself. He is expressing something, and we don't know what... could his ideas be that harmful to our fragile emotional psyche that we should not handel it and need protection from our government? (Assuming this is SOAD's comment on censorship).

    It seems an interesting and subtle medium to comment on censorship.
    Censorship is a hard topic to broach. SOAD being opposed to it would be shot down instantly for the langauge they use, but that's not the real point or what is really scary about censorship (i.e. The war -> whore idea).

    As always, this could be reading too far between the lines, but it makes a valid point, regardless of whether SOAD had even intended it.


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    May 30th, 2011 5:21pm report

    This song is about the subliminal message on TV... look at the comment in the others comment.


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    May 26th, 2010 5:27pm report

    It Means FUCK THE SYSTEM. Plain and simple.


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    Apr 9th, 2010 4:04pm report

    Ok, So here is what I get from the song. Which I love SOAD because so many ways to interpret all their songs. But from Fuck The System... The part on here says "just the man in the back" I hear "Just the meaning of Piiii!" My thought is that SOAD is talking about as far as our government is concerned that we are just a number (3.1415 ECT) and are expendable. The part where it's "War, Fuck The System" seems to me more like WAR?! Fuck the system!! Almost like the government has such control over us that we need to have an uprising and get our rights back.


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    May 3rd, 2008 5:42pm report

    I like what you came up with but that ain't it. The song is talking about how how the government says that if we speak against them god forbid that we are just putting on a show and we are just shame to our country. Another reason that I think this is because in the song he says I'm just the man in the back meaning that you are a nobody and aren't willing to exercise you right as an American citizen to enforce freedom of speech. You just stand there in the back and let it all blow off your shoulder.


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    Jan 29th, 2007 1:26pm report

    Wow, how could you think of all this, pal? Anyway I totally respect your opinion... To me, the song is just a statement against not the american goverment in particular, but any goverment or political situation that is corrupted and doesn't really care about the people. So this song is a great FUCK YOU to them all, or at least this is my opinion...

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