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System of a Down: Stealing Society Meaning


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Yeah, all right
Yeah, all right

Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies living it all fading
Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies fading, one's abating

Two sons living it all dying
Two sons fighting, one's abiding
Two sons...


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    Apr 8th, 2006 4:47am report

    This song is pretty easy to explain, the sun is the middle of the universe. And the sky is everything around it. Thus the sun will become a society in my interpretation, and the sky is everything around it, countries, people etc.

    Now a more difficult part comes:
    "Crack pipes, needles, PCP and fast cars
    Kind of mix really well in a dead movie star
    If I feel like talking, I never be wrong
    If I feel like walking, you best come along"
    My interpretation:
    "Everything that they say is cool
    make you useless in the end
    If I'm talking you'd better listen because I'm right
    If I'm going to do something, you'd better follow me"

    Then this part comes:
    "I close my windows
    Crank the heat up high
    Till my palms are wet
    And my tongue is dry"
    My interpretation:
    "I lock the truth away,
    but it's being pressured
    untill it gets me nervous
    and they've found out the truth and I can not lie about it anymore"

    Last part:
    "I'm a midnight fistfight
    Looking for a mother
    That will get me high
    Just a stupid motherfucker
    If I die, I die"
    My interpretation:
    "I am a fight till the end that anyone could be able to win
    Looking for the earth
    to controll and keep for myself
    Just a stupid person that fucks up the world
    We'll all die in the end, so I want to live a good life."


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    Aug 6th, 2012 8:45am report

    I think it's a song about James Deans life.


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    Apr 10th, 2012 4:29pm report

    i feel like this song is a direct sequel to thetawaves, how the government/society think they are always right, tell us what to do, and when the people find out that the government is pure scum, they have no where to hide


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    Jul 25th, 2011 7:27am report

    This song is simply about the sun and the moon. The rising sun that kills the moon. Then sun sets and the moon comes out. The cycle continues. The war between light and darkness.

    The end


    Richard Nelson
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    Jun 9th, 2011 6:42pm report

    To me it sounds almost like the two suns, are, well, two sons, off fighting a war. The skies, on the other hand, are their parents, maybe? One sun loses hope in the cause and simply abides his commanders, the other stays faithful, but dies. After this the one parent 'abides', while the other still has hope.

    After the into my guess would be that one parent[the abiding one?] gives up and turns to drugs to handle the pain of a lost son. Thus the whole "two suns, two skies, two separate wars' line at the end.

    I could be totally off base with this, but as an ex-heroin addict, I'm familiar with chemically excaping personal emotional pain and to me this song just fits [if some of my other assumptions were correct that is- if not, my theory's shot].

    Anyone care to give their thoughts on this? Please e-mail me if you disagree- I would love to hear an alternative opinion.

    Love, Peace, and AnArchy to all you wonderful fans of SOAD!



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    Jan 21st, 2011 1:41am report

    This song is about the evolution of our solar system. The band is from the LA/Hollywood area, so no surprise the chaotic and violent death of a movie star made it in. As above so below, the earth will follow the same chaotic and violent evolution as the universe, and we will follow that same pattern too as individuals, in our personal lives.


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    Feb 14th, 2009 2:44pm report

    Like many system songs, this one is about war. Serj sings of two countries fighting and dying while the leaders are watching it without doing anything about it. Daron sings of the people in those societies at war, causing more destruction by fighting, being reckless and STEALING SOCIETY because they know they are going to die in the end.


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    Jul 2nd, 2008 7:10pm report

    I think it's safe to say that none of you understand anything near what the fuck is going on, or you would see a whole 'nother world of meaning to this, my favorite system song hands down, and I am the system fan. our solar system is a binary star system and the other sun is on its way to pass between (if we're so fortunate) earth and mars in about 4 years ( its taken 23000 years to complete its orbit around our sun which is NOT the center of the universe dumbass much less the milky way) hence the two suns part and they're watching our entire existence fighting,dying... the crack pipes needles pcp part is (like in "hypnotize" waiting for my girl part...) we're all doing our own stupid shit like trying to convey this to your average joe...i suggest researching the mayan calander closer than you already have now look deeper ...keep going / far down the rabbit hole as you care to go. go to you tube while you still can and type planet x in the search box and crack your cranium and open it wide open and prepare yourself forthe evidence which will soon realize somewhere along the line you started eating lies like ms. pac man from all sides.....or as system said it best FREETHINKERS ARE DANGEROUS. hope I just saved your souls maufaukas. help your neighbor they are you.... and check out IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE he can tell you just as well as I can and its actually entertaining.
    peace my people, my people with the same oppressors behind the curtain.....the myth is that the myth is only a myth. that's why your all caught in a reality tv and blindly following the mandated cable change and lethargic about the weather and gas/food situations. I love you all sorry if I sounded negative, but if you ain't outraged you ain't payin attn!


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    Jun 17th, 2008 6:59am report

    I agree that it's about Hollywood. There's nothing else to it. But the two skies could be like Malibu and Hollywood. Two places are fading with the stars.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Aug 31st, 2006 8:38pm report

    Its about hollywood.

    "two skies watching it all fading two skies living it all fading" two stars inhollywood competing against each other and fading morally

    two suns watching them both fighting two suns seeing them both dying- suns and skies being the two different worlds, the two different stars' followers/believers watchng them battle and die internally/the defamation of character

    "when I feel like talking ill never be wrong if I feel like walking you best come along"- convincing followers to be with them "I never lie, I'm never wrong. Walk with me and be just like me. Worship me."

    "midnight fistfight"- sneaky with their ways to win thier little celebrity battles.

    "lookin for a mother thatll make me high just a stupid mother fucker if I die I die"- would be willing to die if it means they'd be famously remembered/ making a name for themselves.

    "close my windows crank the heat up high til my palms are wet and my tongue is dry"- close their "victim" in, crank the heat up high (in their battle), til they've killed their victim and there's nothing else to do/say.

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