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White Robe Lyrics

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  1. anonymous
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    Aug 25th 2015 !⃝

    To Mr. WRONG!!!1! Anon,
    You're missing the point, people experience music differently; that is why we have such a wealth of interpretations. There is no right or wrong! It seems like you did little research a anyway, as the original Russian White Robe was said to have been about suicide, not far off of the mark for the review before you I'd say...

  2. Hollywoodbadguy
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    Jul 3rd 2014 !⃝

    This song is possibly their most direct song talking about civil war in their country growing up. The chorus im sure refers to air bombing raids in the 90's " flying bullets hit thier targets" sounds like a reference to what people on the ground can tell are smart bombs." Wings and halo's five to seven" I think refers to " creating angels from five-to-seven o'clock" or killing people during either twelve or two hour bombing raids. " in this white robe thru the darkness" could possibly translate to getting killed at night and her ghost floating or " paragliding" back to heaven. this is all my personal opinion. i believe this because you can hear the pain in stressed in her voice when she says " five to seven" as if shes crying out and complaining. all the lyrics just make sense if you look at them from the perspective of a young russian girl growing up surrounded by civil war.

  3. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2014 !⃝

    Wrong!! One the lyrics don't translate properly and in an interview Lena said it's about anti abortion bc abortion is murder and violence against others it has NOTHING to do with suicide. Next time do you're research I did

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2013 !⃝

    I think that "White Robe" is about a failed suicide attempt that leads to Institutionalization. "White Robe" in it's Russian form is about suicide, so perhaps the English version is a continuation of the former.

    Here's evidence in the lyrics:

    "Feeling ugly looking pretty, yellow ribbons back graffiti." This could be interpreted as a suicidal person feeling bad about them self even though they are a beautiful person. Also yellow ribbons are the symbol of suicide prevention and black graffiti was a common thing in state run asylums.

    "Word is written bond is broken, no big secret left unspoken." This could be a loved one signing over the patient and her sessions with her therapist.

    "Sun is painted in the corner, but it's never getting warmer." This could be a reference to the fact that a lot of institutions had happy paintings on the wall, but that did little to cheer up the occupants.

    "All the lies they keep on selling, but you never check the spelling." Is about how she lies to her therapist to tell him that she's not insane, but she fails to recall the stories she's made up in a sequence. Therefore the therapist knows that she's lying.

    To me the chorus is about the daily trials of being medicated. It turns her into a zombie, so the high helps her escape her problems.

    "Flying bullets hit the targets,"-she takes her pills

    "Wings and haloes, Five Two Seven."-Her becoming docile and returning to her room.

    "In this white robe through the darkness,"-Mental patients often had to wear a standard white robe for their stay.

    "Paragliding back to heaven."-This is her finally spacing out on the drugs.

    "Time is running we are sitting, back together just for splitting." This could be about her loved one coming to visit her, just to leave later.

    "You are crying in the corner, always next and never former." Her loved one is crying for her condition, but realizes that she needs to be in the asylum.

    "Open up and let me hear it, former body future spirit." She's listening to her loved one cry, but knows that she is pretty much rendered emotionless on the meds and has lost her since of being.

    "Brain is useless, chair is rocking,"-Her sitting in a rocking-chair in her room vegged out on drugs.

    "Open doors for dead men walking." The final lyric could mean that the door to her room is open for her to come and go as she pleases, since she is so zoned out that she is not a threat...or it could mean the door is open for the orderlies to come and check on her.

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