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The Doors: LA Woman Meaning


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LA Woman Lyrics

Well, I just got into town about an hour ago

Took a look around, see which way the wind blow

Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows

Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light

Or just another lost...


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    Jul 22nd 2007 report

    The whole song is about LA period. His love and disgust for the city. And I see your hair is burning is the sunrise in LA's horizon. Hills are filled with fire........

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 23rd 2021 report

    Mr mojo risin, is a anagram of jim morrison. Hes talking of LA as a woman, 'i see your hair is burning' refers to the hill fires. "Never seen a women so alone" refers to the seedy side of LA . " motel ,money murder madness" is either a reference to the singer sam cooke who got shot in a motel after a argument with a prostiture over money, or the manson murders. Running in parallel he's talking of picking up a girl, hence mr mojo risin. Its such a clever song all driven along by that driving beat, as if your speeding down the highway with the wind blowing through your hair.

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 31st 2020 report

    I think the first line is "Well, I did a little down about an hour ago," down being a reference to a "downer," a barbituate. The song's sloppy feel, at times, kind of parallels a sloppy mood you can get into on downers. Similar to a sloppy drunk.

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 14th 2018 report

    I think it is about a serial killer. He comes into town, finds a prostitute, and then murders her. "Motel, money, murder, madness.." Another song on that same album, Riders on the Storm, also has a lone serial killer in it.

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 17th 2018 report

    this was a transformation period...meaning jim took the band to a different level...their whole sound changed...post l.a. woman... jim got deeper into methamphatamine...and heroine...and satan...his own band members state that "someone was playing our instruments but it wasnt us"...now we have organ music from like a dysfunctinal church,notice how his voice has changed...totally out of control

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2017 report

    Does ANYONE ELSE hear a different lyric than the usual first line of L.A.Woman. I'm hearing, "Well I took a little dynamite an hour ago." Obviously it fits that he just dropped acid and took a look around...
    I always hear this line this way. WTF...

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 16th 2017 report

    To some of THE DOORS fans out there and here, this song ''La Woman'' can be like it was, a spiritual RESSURECTION SUNDAY experience of our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST'S RISING, with emphaty and love for all lost souls out there, when cruising around and methaphorically describing the experience, driving through and around Los Angeles.

  8. anonymous
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    Apr 8th 2016 report

    This is definitely about JM driving around L.A. looking for a woman to have sex with.
    Mister Mojo Risin' is about the sex act which starts out slow, but gets faster and faster and he finally climaxes.
    Billy Idol had a hit with this song in his own style, but left out the 'Mister Mojo Risin' poetry.

  9. christopher.gaebe
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    Jan 21st 2015 report

    I wish it was poetry or an homage to la but honestly gents let's think about it. He's basically describing arriving in Hollywood, looking for some ass whether she wants it or not. After the first time he sees a gal he asks her" are you a lucky lady in the city of lights or just another lost thing... City at night.
    Ok so next he tells her "let's turn that look from glad to sadness." Then his mojo is rising and its out of his control. It's a much darker song as are most doors tunes than people realize.

  10. anonymous
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    Jun 27th 2014 report

    " Took a look around to see which way the wind blows," refers to the Santa Anna wind. If it is blowing in from the desert it makes the city hot; that's when historically, crazy things in L.A. Happen: ie Manson Murders, " Motel, money, murder, madness." Also, it is the dry Santa Anna that starts the annual fires in the Hollywood hill "I see your hair is burnin', hills are filled with fire."

  11. anonymous
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    Jan 22nd 2013 report

    It's his ode to LA, the city he loved, using "her",who ever she may be, as a metaphor. He knew then he's gonna leave, heading out to France. The song has many references in it: "are you a Lucky little lady in the city of light, or just another lost angel, city of night". City of night is a novell by John Rechy with characters such as hookers, gays, transgender, drag queens, etc. It came out begin sixties.

  12. anonymous
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    Jan 21st 2013 report

    As was said above the song is about LA but it's but also Pam, too. LA Woman is the city AND Pam - His home and his woman. This is classic poetry in case you missed it.

  13. anonymous
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    Feb 3rd 2012 report

    A manic/depressive rock star arriving home after being away on tour,he can't wait to go on his average Sunday bender going out partying hard in L.A. and loving it very much,until the depression sinks in, the emptiness he feels is overwhelming and he knows it will eventually kill him.

  14. anonymous
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    Feb 3rd 2012 report

    A great driving song written about a very manic/depressive Rock Star's average Sunday Stroll,dont you wish you could have hung out just once Mr.Mojo.

  15. beege
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    Apr 26th 2010 report

    also in the lyric 'just got into town bout an hr ago,' jim originally had 'nickel and a dime bout an hr ago' meaning the cocaine he just snorted. the record label sugested he change it for the record.
    he is talking abot la when the hills and hair is burning lines, and jim was NEVER MARRIED. therefore he could not have had a wife.

  16. beege
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    Apr 26th 2010 report

    in this song jim is talking about a woman he saw in a ghetto in la while he was on a drunken ravage in the city at night. he came across this woman who was dresses in 1800 times clothing and read the future on your palm. this is the la woman jim is refering to.

    the mojo rising is also a nickname jim had aquired. jim fueled by his wild sex drive, going through many woman they all started calling his mr mojo risin.

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