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The Neighbourhood: Nervous Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

Nervous Lyrics

Maybe I shouldn't try to be perfect
I confess, I'm obsessed with the surface
In the end, if I fall or if I get it all
I just hope that it's worth it
Last year I fell flat on my face
And last month I knew somethin' should change
Last week I...


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    Jan 12th 2020 report

    I think about a guy who is in love with a girl, the guy try to be perfect for her but he think that it's never enough "you got me turnin' all around to be like you need to", he's in love with her but he don't know how to say her that he loves her "you got me nervous to speak


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    Apr 30th 2022 report

    I believe it's about the urge to be perfect for the person they love. He wants to be this perfect partner but can't. and he's doing anything he can to be the person they need him to be. He wants to be the person he wants to be. but he also knows he can't have both.


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    Dec 3rd 2018 report

    this is based on my persoa expreience so, i think it kinda suits the situation of 2 person in a toxic relationship. the one is an emotionally abusive person/ emotionally disable person and the other one is the victim.the abuser also belittle and never cared about their partner's feeling that causes the victim to stop telling anythin "you got me nervous to speak, so i just won't say anything at all" the abuser dont love the other one and wanted them to change themselves to be what they wanted.the victim also sometimes feels as if they feel an overwhelming emotion (maybe anger, tiredness, or sadness, or lost) "i've got an urge to release", the victim tried they best to become what the person their partner wanted them to be "you got me turnin all around to be who you need me to" and it's sad bc in the end the victim lose themselves in order to receive love from their partner.

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 7th 2022 report

    Personally, I am a very dirty minded person.. I believe this song could simply just be about some type of relationship that involves sex. Some of the lyrics like, "I've got an urge to release." Meaning he needs to.. you know... finish. "You keep telling me to hold on." Implying the person wants him to wait. "You've got me nervous to move, so I just won't give anything to you." Making it seem like he's afraid he will finish and is nervous. Could just be me though... I have a lot of fantasies.. what can I say.

  5. anonymous
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    Jan 27th 2022 report

    “maybe I shouldn’t try to be perfect I confess, I’m obsessed with the surface” I think this is trying to interpret that they have been trying so hard and maybe they should just stop because it’s not working out the way they want it to like it’s not getting across the right way “I’m obsessed with the surface” he’s so fixated on how this person views him or how they treat him

    “In the end, if I fall or if I get it all I just hope that it’s all worth it” maybe if he ends up with nothing at least he knows he has tried, and he has put effort but if he ends up getting what he wants he hopes that he didn’t push himself too hard or lose everything to get to this point hopefully it was all worth it

    “You’ve got me nervous to speak, so I just won’t say anything at all” maybe this person just makes him really insecure like nothing he does is right like he has so much anxiety this is about his low self-esteem he’s telling himself maybe I should just be quiet because it won’t be good enough

    “You’ve got me nervous to move so I just won’t give anything to you” He’s saying I want to tell you something, but I feel like I’m just repeating myself it’s not going to be good enough for you or maybe not saying anything will save me, but it could also be like if I just change the direction or approach you will look at me differently
    you can interpret that line in so many ways

    “You’ve got me Turin all around to be who you need me to” he’s trying so hard to be good for this person, and it’s like they’re never satisfied

    “Should I be quiet? Uh, come on be silent uh, you know I’m trying so don’t say nothin” like they’re going to lose all their progress if they just start talking when they speak they create so much anxiety for him when you’re not talking I don’t have to try so hard he is overthinking so much he doesn’t feel like he will ever be heard or accepted by this person.

    “Uh tell me you trust me and kiss me and hug me, yeah” why can’t they just love me like why can’t you do these things for me just do these things

    “Well, I would do anything for ya
    you just gotta love me” he’s saying like I love you so much, and I would do anything in my power to make you happy, but you have to put effort you have to love me as well these lyrics seem so sad like if they’re begging for love the want attention and affection from this person

    “I got an itch in my throat I don’t know what which way to go” like he can decide maybe he doesn’t know if he should leave or stay, or maybe he sees potential if he stays they just want approval from this person badly

    “It’s all because I want to show you that I’m capable” he lacks so much confidence when I read this line it’s like they’ve been treated so bad they wish to show them that they can actually do this, like he has been proven wrong so many times

    “Hush, baby, don’t you say another word, be quiet
    hush, baby don’t you say another word
    hush, baby when you do, I just get hurt”
    It’s like everything this person tells him it just progressively gets worse they never make this person feel better

    “Come on baby, don’t you hurt me anymore” they know what they're doing to them they're aware, or maybe they're causing so much pain without realizing it

    “I got goosebumps all over me and when your around, hard for me to breathe”
    He can ever be comfortable he’s scared of every move makes like “don’t judge me”
    he’s lost himself completely trying to be so perfect for this person

    all he wanted was to receive love and be accepted and understood, but he could never be enough

    I love this song so much, it’s so good

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 17th 2022 report

    Its about his low self esteem. Because of that and the fear to not be accepted, he is trying to be perfect for the girl that he is in love with. But, now he is nervous and have a ich in his throuth. that s because he is fighting with the ideea to be perfect. That s also the reason to tell her to be quiet, to say nothing; he needs to be imperfect which means to not try anymore to be perfect. If she is still talking, it makes him trying to be perfect, so he needs quietness to dissapear the anxiety.

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 3rd 2022 report

    it’s about his anxiety and trying to confess his feeling to her but his head telling him to “shut up, be quiet”

  8. anonymous
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    Oct 5th 2021 report

    i think it is about his anxiety, "shut up and be quiet" that is his anxiety telling him not to talk and say what he wants

  9. anonymous
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    Sep 19th 2021 report

    When I hear this song I imagine someone being oppressed by someone or something, be it a partner or even a work environment or a family member. I see it the person wants to be heard “I’ve got an urge to release” but doesn’t feel that they will be heard or accepted if they do “so I just won’t say anything at all”. In some sense I think it’s about some kind of work or life situation “last year I fell flat on my face. Last week I knew something should change” like going through life and finding your voice amongst others is a really difficult thing and it’s easy to lose yourself. And we all know to get through life and work and to get along with people or get higher in the work world and such you have to “fake it to make it” and thus I feel these lyrics are eminent to that “you got me turnin all around to be who you need me to be” I think this song is applicable in many ways and not just in a love situation kind of thing. “Hush baby don’t you say a word” I think is to comfort the persons self and just get through what they need to. Love this song honestly.. speaks to me on many levels

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