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The Neighbourhood: Softcore Meaning


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Softcore Lyrics

You've been my muse for a long time
You get me through every dark night
I'm always gone, out on the go
I'm on the run and you're home alone
I'm too consumed with my own life

Are we too young for this?
Feels like I can't move

Sharing my...


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    Jul 13th 2022 report

    I interpret the songs meaning as a young man who is emotionally conflicted about his relationship. With the lines "I feel my youth slipping away" and "are we too young for this" he is signalling his yearning to be free and that perhaps his relationship is causing significant stress. However on the other hand he is acknowledging his dependance on his s/o. It's a love song undoubtably. But with the lines "every time I kiss you baby I can hear the sound of breaking down" he is acknowledging that they're time together is almost up.


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    May 14th 2022 report

    I think this song is about forcing something that isn't there. I see it as being too young to be in a relationship/ not feeling comfortable in a relationship.
    "doin what I can, trying to be a man ... are we too young for this" These lyrics in my opinion could be perceived as a young boy trying to seem grown up for his girlfriend


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    Mar 20th 2022 report

    I believe he made it because he thinks he’s not good enough for someone. And “sharing my heart it’s tearing me apart” meaning he’s giving all his love but he can’t get love back from her. He’s said “am breaking down” many times which just believes he wishes to be enough but he can’t be enough so he crys each night because of it.

  4. anonymous
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    Aug 3rd report

    Fist of all I appreciate all who sought out your feelings. Not everyone have the self acceptance. And I believe that's the fist step to Self change. I hope for June 30th commenter (the one with a big description)and others who believe they're being and having irrational hopes in their relationship find happiness and peace of mind. No it's not a mental illness to expect affection excessively rather it could be your craving for affection you missed when you grow up. These are behavioral issues that can be cure with proper self acceptance and self confidence. Start with being positive. Gradually you will attract positivity and that can help you to build your confidence. Build yourself first and then think about starting a relationship. Reach for you goals! Your not too late for this do it for yourself.

  5. anonymous
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    Jun 30th report

    I believe this song is a perfect example of codependency and unhealthy hyperfixation of your partner. I love this song and I believe it puts my emotions into lyrics. I am very obsessive and emotionally dependent on all my significant others. although Ive only been in 2 real relationships as of now in my late teens/almost 20s, when i was younger I was always obsess over my little flings I had. Constantly craving validation. Is that undiagnosed mental illness or daddy issues? Maybe. Sharing my heart is absolutely destroying me. I have no idea how to have a normal healthy relationship with men. My
    emotions and behavior is attached to them and how they treat me. Not to help, I always find myself with toxic or other mentally ill lovers. Once I put them on this pedestal and i am so infatuated with them, they always disappoint or do not treat me how I believe I should be treated or dedicate 110% of their waking minutes to me. (Which is irrational) What hurts more is I am self aware of my irrational antics but I actually cannot change. One moment I can feel like they are useless and they mean nothing to me. Soon enough, they are the missing puzzle piece to my life…again. “I might need you or Ill break” After playing this cat and mouse game and telling them how much I dont love or need them, they rightfully leave me be and it drives me insane and I go into a manic spiral. I really have so much more to say about this song but I really dont know how to put it into words. I truthfully need to be by myself because I actually drive myself to insanity and they actually have no idea. I hope somebody can relate to this and feel less alone. Im not sure the diagnosis but I know there is probably one out there.

  6. anonymous
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    May 31st report

    Feeling stuck in a relationship. (“Feels like I can’t move”). Not wanting to give up though. (“But I know I’d miss you if I left right now”).

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 23rd 2023 report

    I think it's about being in a toxic relationship, and when it says "are we too young for this" it's referencing the toxic relationship. Also that when it says "you've been my muse for a long time" it is referencing how things usually start off well in a toxic relationship.

  8. anonymous
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    May 24th 2022 report

    I understand it being all the love and stuff but i also see it as like a toxic relationship or form of sh “you’re like the sun, you wake me up, but you drain me out if i do to much, i might need you or i’ll break down” sh the feeling waking them up/making them feel alive but doing to much drains the blood outta them/trying to hard in a relationship where nothing is in return but if they don’t they breakdown and it’s the only way of release/if not trying while the s/o does nothing the relationship goes to pieces.

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