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The Temper Trap: Science of Fear Meaning


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Science of Fear Lyrics

Brakes on, Brakes on
The car is running empty
Brakes on, Brakes on
The car is running empty
Downhill, head on
This crash is coming slowly
downhill head on
This crash is coming slowly


Or watch the slow death of your way...

  1. anonymous
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    Apr 24th 2021 report

    Science of fear refers to psychological manipulation and control through fear. The TV is referenced in the lyrics as this is the symbolic outlet for agenda driven manipulation. The fear keeps us ‘right here’ unable to think rationally because of the emotional nature of emotionally charged propaganda that overcomes our ability to rationalise without reacting to emotional triggers. And so we continue towards the looming train wreck. ‘Breaks On’ is telling us to stop and step back and look without emotion and see without the influence that comes from the fear. The science of fear can be thought of being synonymous with the politics of fear, but also is a reference to the fear based psychological manipulation through as being a science in and off its self. The art of the Psychological Operation.
    ‘My baby’s stuck on a road that leads to nowhere’ can be viewed as the singer’s partner being under the spell of the propaganda -and so the belief system projected upon her leads her on a path that has a false destination or outcome because it is the vehicle used to gain her compliance and agreement with the solution proposed by the media driving the fear into the public’s psyche.

  2. anonymous
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    Sep 22nd 2012 report

    The lyrics describe an impending car crash. I interpret "Breaks on" as a reference not only to car brakes, but also the daily break taken from daily responsibilities.

    The impending danger slowly arrives, but since it creeps forward, people stay put. "Move" or watch your way of life die. The science behind fear involves a seemingly nonexistent threat. The incentive is to sit still and keep knowing less (as U2 put it: Watch more TV).

    The baby stuck on a road that leads to nowhere could represent productivity that never materializes due to the impending danger.

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