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Third Eye Blind: Semi-Charmed Life Meaning

Song Released: 1997

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Semi-Charmed Life Lyrics

I'm packed and I'm holding
I'm smiling, she's living, she's golden
She lives for me, says she lives for me
Ovation, her own motivation
She comes round and she goes down on me
And I make her smile, like a drug for you
Do ever what you...


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    Jul 1st 2007 report

    So, I've heard this song and loved it since I was a little girl but only recently just listened to the lyrics and realized that the song is about how crystal meth is affecting his life with his girlfriend. In the first part before the chorus, they are experimenting with drugs together, getting kinky, and the whole shabang and both of them are just having a fun time. The girlfriend, however, decides she has had enough of the 'semi charmed life' they are living and leaves him to steep deeper in his addictions-which describe the verses after the first chorus; his life on meth. When he is talking about the sand beneath his toes, the four chords that make him cry and such, he is missing his girlfriend and his life before his addiction but he realizes it is too late. He sees his girlfriend later on and they have sex as they are still very attracted to each other even though they now lead different lives. For a few hours they are in ecstacy, but he knows that once it is over, she will leave him once again and he will be left alone to cope with his deficiencies.

    I like how this song is happy and sunny, like a trip on meth, but the lyrics tell a dark and depressing story, as does a life long addiction to the drug. well,hope I helped some! this site is cool:)


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    Mar 2nd 2007 report

    This song is about life, and drug use, crystal meth in particular(illustrated clearly throughout the song). These two people do all these drugs, but it's not enough to make them happy. They always feel empty. They've either gotten to the point where they've done every drug there is to do to fill the void within them and none of it has worked, or they're just tired of the way they're living but don't know any other way to get through life. This is illustrated by the lyric," I Want something else to get me through this semicharmed kina life", They don't know how to make sense of a world that can be so beautiful , yet so ugly...semicharmed. In the end she finally figures it out and leaves him, but he doesn't realize because he's still completely fucked up.


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    Mar 7th 2007 report

    Okay, First I'll explain the drug references. "The sky it was gold, it was rose I was taking sips of it through my nose"
    Crystal meth is rose coloured, and you snort it. When you bump, you take small amounts of the drug to keep up your high. So that's the whole, "And a bump for the drop
    And then I bumped up I took the hit that I was given Then I bumped again And then I bumped again"
    "When the plane came in she said she was crashing..." crashing is coming down from a high.

    Now I'll explain it as best I can verse by verse.
    The chorus is saying that the semi charmed life is the bittersweetness of being a drug addict. So his girl is saying that she wants something more in their relationship than just having sex and getting high together (I want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life), but he's too high to change for her so she'll stay (I'm not listening when you say goodbye).

    The whole second verse before "how do I get back there to the place where I fell asleep inside you" is about getting high.
    Then he's saying that he wants to go back to the time when they first started getting high together.

    In the third verse, the girl is crashing from her high, so she sleeps with him in exchange for drugs.

    This song is a very sad song.

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 18th 2021 report

    I actually don't want to listen to this song again. It's depressing af, sounds cheery but it's not

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2016 report

    Original lyric was I want nothing else but they had to change it to make it seem better or more positive.

  6. anonymous
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    Apr 9th 2015 report

    It's about meth addiction. I grew up listening to this song and I got sad to realize yes, it's about meth addiction. It's hard to tell from the happy-upbeat to it. :( Without looking up the lyrics I thought it was about summer or something.

  7. anonymous
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    Mar 25th 2010 report

    She's got her jaws now locked down in a smile
    But nothing is all right
    All right

    I'm not listening when you say

    im not sure but i think this song is about a girlfriend of his who overdosed on meth and died.

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  8. anonymous
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    Feb 13th 2008 report

    "Doing crystal myth, will lift you up until you break
    It won't stop, I won't come down
    I keep stock with the tick-tock rhythm, I bump for the drop
    And then I bumped up, I took the hit that I was given
    Then I bumped again, then I bumped again "

    It's about meth they say it right in the damn song

  9. anonymous
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    Apr 6th 2007 report

    I believe it was about doing meth but not just dependency. I think it's about the up you get when one it and his drug inflicted out look on the world, "the sky it was gold...".

    the song cares a very lively sound until the verse "I believe in the sand beneath my toes..." and it could describe his want to quit use or someone who left him because of his use of meth.

  10. anonymous
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    Aug 12th 2006 report

    The songs about crystal meth "taking sips through my nose" I bumped up than I bumped again "still its something I want to do just a little now I fill myself coming off the ground I'm scared I'm not coming down" it also says something about crying becouse when you snort it hurts!

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  11. anonymous
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    May 15th 2006 report

    I thought this song was about dependency; and about a relationship between both needy people who both love and hate eachother. The drug reference I felt was just a metaphor for weakness and need; to be honest, I never listened to the lyrics before; now when reading them, and remembering the general up beat mood of the song, I really have a new respect for these guys. I thought they were just another ordinary garden variety pop rock band that rode on the cusp of the grunge and alt. rock era, but I have to admit, I like them now. And of course, the name 'third eye blind' was clever, and I hadn't got it till recently. Go figure; 5/5

  12. anonymous
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    May 11th 2006 report

    This song is about two people who look to drugs to get more out of life but it backfires when the girlfriend either dies or is in a coma(i'm not listening when you say goodbye). He says "and nothing is alright" that sounds hopeless.

  13. geeksquad101
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    Mar 30th 2006 report

    This song.. (being blunt) is about Crystal Meth

  14. anonymous
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    Jan 21st 2006 report

    One could easily interpret this as being about anything you're dependent on.

  15. Wintermut3
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    Jan 4th 2006 report

    This song was stated by the band to be about a Methamphetamine addict they knew.

    The lyrics (ESPECIALLY the third verse censored in radio-play versions, and the line "doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break") point to it strongly, and they've as much as come out and said it.

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