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AC/DC: Hells Bells Meaning


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Song Released: 1980

Hells Bells Lyrics

I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain

I'm coming on like a hurricane

My lightning's flashing across the sky

You're only young but you're gonna die

I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives

Nobody's putting up a...


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    Jul 11th 2007 report

    I bought the Back in Black CD with the band interviews and it says how/why each song was written. Brian said that he was messing around and needed an opening so he started putting words together with Angus, not EVERYTHING that every single band writes needs to be interpreted. Sometimes they just make songs from the back of their head.

  2. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2022 report

    You are all semi-retarded idiots. It’s rock and roll damn it. Bon Scott didn’t write it. It’s not about some skirmish at the 38th parallel. It’s not a hidden Masonic Christian message OR some call to arms from the supernatural Satanic realm. It’s just a killer fucking jam that Brian wrote lyrics to after hearing the riffs and getting stuck in a storm. The band got the call for recording time at a studio in the Bahamas earlier than expected and as they arrived, an actual hurricane swept over the islands. They’re all stuck inside and Brian Johnson came up with the lyrics - nothing more, nothing less. The music for most of the band’s tracks (both Bon and/or Brian eras) all came from Malcolm’s head and countless hours of tapes he would make when he got an idea. He and Angus would comb through them for gold nuggets when it was album time and then they would pen lyrics.

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 9th 2021 report

    You see, hell is living on earth. It’s a song about Jesus Christ and the end of the world where Jesus (shiva) sends a sensation down some evil souls spines which means they are a friend of his as the were placed there on purpose...
    Most of the references are about Jesus Christ and how it will all go down. Blah blah blah blaaaaahhhhh

  4. anonymous
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    Jul 29th 2020 report

    The song is a great divide and conquer tactic. If God is on the left them I am sticking to the right is talking about Jesus Christ and Armaggeddon, judgement day. He has his "Bell" and he is going to send you to hell. He didn't say he was standing on the left side of God. Nicoli Bell, Calhoun, GA

  5. anonymous
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    May 17th 2020 report

    The songs about crack. Apparently I need to enter 100 characters for a comment...im going to tell you all about how I peaked in high-school.... well thats the end of that story.

    Stay in drugs.
    Don't do school.

  6. Deathclock10
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    May 17th 2020 report

    The songs about crack. Apparently I need to enter 100 characters for a comment...im going to tell you all how I peaked in high-school.... well thats the end of that story.

    Stay in drugs.
    Don't do school.

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 19th 2018 report

    Actually this song is all about crazy people who relate themselve with stans and don't want to go to heaven but they think hell is a good place to chill and it's cool to be in hell. They show their self badass.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 8th 2018 report

    I believe not all music should not be picked apart like tattoos that's the magic however it fills the void of nonexistent in one's self to compatiblee existint to compromise the void of fullfillingness at its leisure to overcome the background of the history to become a material of matter to weave into ones present

  9. anonymous
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    Aug 19th 2016 report

    Straight and simple. Its about choosing to do evil and rebel against God

  10. anonymous
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    May 30th 2016 report

    I've heard that highway to hell was penned about the bands early days in perth western australia and their association with the leopold hotel on and canning highway where the pub is situated. I would love to find out if it's true and the story behind it as celebrations and so forth are still held there, thanks.

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 9th 2014 report

    You know, I'm thinkin' when someone tells you they're good, you might want to indulge in some skeptical thinking. If they tell you they're evil, it might make sense to take their word for it and...get and stay away as fast and long as you can. Whatever rap they provide subsequently.

    They say the road....is paved with good intentions. May be true, but the short cuts will get you there faster and more reliably.

  12. anonymous
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    Jul 5th 2014 report

    Read acdc biography..... They got the opening lyrics from a storm while vacationing in the Bahamas .... The rest of the song was a result cause angus and Malcolm loved to piss off the do gooders

  13. anonymous
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    Oct 12th 2013 report

    It's about Satan dragging your soul down to Hell on Judgment Day.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  14. anonymous
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    May 10th 2013 report

    this song is about bons passing and a true way to mourn a legend of rock witha legendary song this band and this song is not a satanic maybe to the mindless drone of a church it it but you have to look at the band underneath this song has church bells at the beginning this osng s AC/DC's way of doing a 21 gun salute to a fallen brother and he will always be remembered.(btw the intro is epic bells then the rapid bluesy guitar building up to an epic climax now that is music my friends)

  15. anonymous
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    Nov 20th 2012 report

    To me the song is obveiously about the Devil. "If your into Evil your a friend of mine." "Cos if God's on the left then Im sticking to the right." "Satin is coming for you." What do these lyrics have to do with a war in Viet Nam?? Maybe AC/DC wrote it for shock value? Who knows... I dont "think" they worship the Devil.

  16. anonymous
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    Oct 29th 2012 report

    It's a fact that Bon Socott did do 'most' of the back in black album as it said somewhere and I quote 'The money earnt from the back in black album is sent to the remaining relatives of the scotts' and another thing I also remember reading is on 'you shook me' Brian contributed the first line or so line, being, she was a fast machine, she kept her mother clean. Now...On to hells bells. I believe that the bells may have been added to the song after the passing of Bon to symbolize the funeral, however I also believe that the line Rolling Thunder could symbolize how AC/DC stormed in the progression to the top with highway top hell, therefor maybe carrying on the story with highway to hell? that is just a suggestion


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