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My ship went down, in a sea of a sound.
When I woke up alone, I had everything.
A handful of moments, I wish I could change, and a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade

In a city of fools, I was careful and cool,
but they tore me...


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    May 14th 2014 !⃝

    This song simply discribe the lives of so many teens that need help who were just like me who cut themselves and had bulimia depression and other very though thing to put up with i love this song and i hate the fact that many people call rock bands satanic


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    May 15th 2011 !⃝

    "Therapy is every kids nightmare. When everyone is telling you you need help and all you really want is a hug." - Alex Gaskarth


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    Dec 3rd 2012 !⃝

    Therapy is about every kids worst night mare. Everyone is saying they need help when all they really want is a hug.

    The song is basically about this kid, who's really depressed. Everyone around him is saying he needs therapy. He's a mess and he needs to be fixed.

    "But I'm smiling at everything"
    This could mean he's hiding pain behind a smile.

    The second verse is about how truly broken he is. He can't tell anyone because he literally can't. He knows it could hurt him in the end but he can't "my lungs gave out, as a faced the crowd I think that keeping this up could be dangerous. I'm flesh and bone, I'm a rolling stone, and the experts say I'm delirious" basically, I think, he is so wasted with life, he's stretched thin. There's not much left of him. Everyone around him is saying he's crazy, which is probably hard for him.

    I don't really understand the "arrogant boy" part. Maybe they mean, no one else will be able to love who you are so you should start loving yourself. People are telling him he is worthless.

    I really love this song. I think it's amazing and it's so true. I cry every time I listen to it

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 11th 2020 !⃝

    I think the arrogant boy part is Alex talking about himself. He's saying that he feels like everyone is better off without him and they wouldn't notice if he was gone.

  5. anonymous
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    Jun 28th 2018 !⃝

    This song is about needing therapy, but not wanting it. His ship went down, he wanted someone to help him back up again. When he woke up alone he had everything, that could mean that he was happy no one saw him vulnerable the night before. He didn't want to be drunk and scared in front of somebody without knowing it.

    He had a handful of moments he wants to change. I can only translate this as self-harm, he wants to go back and force his mind to go to other things that don't involve him hurting himself to feel something. Whether this be physical or mental self-harm.

    A tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade. Somebody said something to him that was so awful it was like a nightmare that pierced his skin with a blade. This line is about someone telling him something, and all he could resort to was self harm. These nightmares keep coming back, again and again.

    He was finally carried away to therapy, for being a walking travesty. He was sad and anxious all the time, not knowing what to do. He needed to get better, but he didn't want therapy. It was never good enough to get him through with all of it. He just needed a hug.

    My lungs gave out as I faced the crowd. This line is talking about an anxiety attack Alex had while on stage. Things got so bad that not even music could take his mind off of tall the shit that happened. He wanted his old, happy, life back.

    Arrogant boy is about telling himself that you have to love yourself so no one needs to give you pity. Yet, at the same time, he's telling himself that they're all better off without him. That they don't need Alex in their lives.
    He needs to cause a scene, because if he doesn't they'll fall asleep without him. He's lucky if his memory remains, if people remember him at all. Twenty, even thirty years from now.

    He wants therapy to choke on its misery. Not the misery that it has, but the misery its picked up from helpless kids that don't know what to do with themselves. They don't want to be them. Who are so deep into whatever's going on that someone referred them to therapy, when all they fever fucking needed was




  6. anonymous
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    May 4th 2017 !⃝

    After Alex's brother commited suicide when alex was at a younger age, Alex had to go through therapy because of that... Therapy doesnt help many people especially those with a bad past because, a therapist will ask questions about the persons(alex) past when they are just trying to forget their bad past.. So i think what Alex is trying to say is, Therapy was a living hell for him and it brought back the horrible memory he was trying to forget although, Alex will never forget his brother which he truly loved and still loves....

  7. anonymous
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    May 13th 2015 !⃝

    I hate/love this song because it makes me realize who I really am, I want to be this happy joyful person, but my depression just keep coming back.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 27th 2015 !⃝

    "Therapy is every kids nightmare when people are telling you that you need to get help but all you really want is a hug" - Alex Gaskarth

  9. anonymous
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    Aug 29th 2014 !⃝

    It's about the therapy Alex had to be in after his brother committed suicide and about panic/axiety attacks since he suffers from the disorder

  10. Millyjane123
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    Jul 30th 2014 !⃝

    i love this song it rocks. i cry everytime but its one of my faves. i love the lyrices but it is so sad

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 22nd 2014 !⃝

    no, the meaning of this song, well here is just some very crucial backround information...

    When Alex was 12 his brother (who was an alcoholic) commuted suicide

    and Alex had to go to therapy because of his brothers death, and according to the song therapy was hell for Alex and it didn't help

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 19th 2014 !⃝

    To me I think it is about a person who gets into the wrong group of friends and hates himself for it because it had turned him into a horrible person. He feels like he has friends but they have done bad things and pressured him into doing stuff that he didn't want to actually do. Then I think he feels like he thinks keeping up this facade is breaking him apart so he seeks Therapy, even though it doesn't help him. The 'arrogant boy' part is him talking to himself. Telling himself he doesn't need them and they'd be better off without you and actually he doesn't mean anything to them. That's my interpretation idk

  13. anonymous
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    Jun 18th 2014 !⃝

    Alex wrote this song for his brother who committed suicide.

  14. anonymous
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    May 23rd 2014 !⃝

    Its about a person who is confused they dont know which way is up. They dont know themselves this world is telling thwm what to do , But know one listens to you. You dont need help . Your not crazy just unstabele. Not unbroken but broken. Just tired of all this bull that they been feading you tired in general done

  15. anonymous
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    Jan 10th 2014 !⃝

    When I hear this song... it reminds me of myself. it reminds me of someone who is so down on themselves and the world, that they don't know how to present themselves to the world. I see someone really depressed and someone who is ready to give up. I think it's about someone who feels lost and they are just trying to fit in but they don't. 'give me therapy Im a walking travesty but Im smiling at everything, therapy... you were never a friend to me, you can keep all your misery" This tells me that the song is about someone who wants help someone who is depressed but puts on a mask every morning and pretends to be okay. When they refer to 'Arrogant boy love yourself so no one has to' I think this is a comment saying that all that really matters in life is that we like who we are, and we love ourselves for who we are.

  16. anonymous
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    Apr 11th 2013 !⃝

    this song is awesome and i think it's about the people who got bullied (like me) and that u need therapy and about the people who got to the bottom. and he's saying that the kids who are bullying others they think that everybody needs them when they don't

  17. lullabylover66
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    Oct 20th 2012 !⃝

    I personally think this song is about a guy who knows therapy is the right way to go but he doesn't want it because he thinks it will make things worse. He thinks that it will make him even more miserable than he already is.

    This is what I personally think it is about.

  18. anonymous
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    Aug 1st 2012 !⃝

    To me this song is just about teens going through a hard time and perhaps thinking of suicide.
    "..I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything." to me this showes how people with severe depression usually put on a mask of happiness.
    "arrogant boy, love yourself so noone has to, they'll fall asleep without you." or "you're lucky if your memory remains." hints at seriously thinking about suicide.
    However this is just my opinion, perhaps because I'm in that situation and that's how I relate to this song.

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