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Song Released: 2010

Nightmare Lyrics

Now your nightmare comes to life.

Dragged you down below
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never

Hate to twist your mind
But God ain't on your side
An old acquaintance severed


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    Mar 2nd 2011 !⃝

    This song is basically about hell and if you are going to keep on being sinful you're going to end up in the "nightmare" which is hell.
    The part where he sings "i know you hear there voices calling from above"
    they are talking about god trying to help, but since u lived the life of sin u belong in the nightmare.
    "No one to call everybody to fear your tragic fate is looking so clear"
    that's hell for your a$$


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    Mar 20th 2011 !⃝

    In an interview M.Shadows said that nightmare was the only lyrics on the album that hadn't been adapted due to the revs passing, because Jimmy love the lyrics so much, he also says the song is about how kids are growing up these days and the consequences of their actions.


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    Jan 2nd 2011 !⃝

    This song about someone going to Hell."Dragged you down below, down to the devils show to be his guest forever." is totally about hell. And anonymous, the video might be dedicated to The Rev, but the song is not about his death. it was written before he died.

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 12th 2023 !⃝

    Guys I'm gonna be real with you. You're all wrong. This is literally just the "Moon" Easter Egg song. Obviously it has to do with the Zombies story line. Or at the very least there's way too many coinciding themes between the song and the Moon story.

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 28th 2022 !⃝

    I Don't think this song is about hell, I think it's about the cruel treatment given to a person in a mental asylum. For example, the line; "Give in with your best intentions, help you with your complications" Probably meaning that the character in the mental asylum is there to get help, but instead they torture him. or the line in the chorus "You should have known the price of evil" is referring to how he did something wrong and now is trapped in a mental asylum, left to die, with no one to call and everybody to fear.

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2022 !⃝

    This song is about the physical death of a person who is not forgiven by the blood of Christ and therefore will continue to live in hell apart from God. All the lyrics are actually pretty biblically accurate except for the part that says you will hear voices from above. The bible does say there will not be any link or communication for those in hell to those in heaven. The part that talks about the inked mark on your head would be a reference to the book of revelation that says those souls that will go to hell will receive the mark of the beast on their head (666). All in all it's a good warning to those living without the forgiveness Christ for their souls.

  7. anonymous
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    Sep 21st 2022 !⃝

    The start he think he in a nightmare but it turn out he in hell. Dragged down below to the devil's show to be his guest forever mean he passed away and dragged to hell by demon to be there forever. Hate twisted you mind but god not on you side. Sound like evil try to twist his opinion on god and they state god not on his side for all the evil had did in his life. it continues to depict hell in lyrics like flesh is burn and etc. And then reply you should of known the price of evil which he should of known if he does evil he end up in hell and hurt the people in heaven to know there loved one is in hell no to call mean also no can help in hell. And fanialy it goes on about he hear his love one in heaven calling out for him because they can see his pain but they can't help him

  8. 032c_a7x
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    Dec 7th 2021 !⃝

    Wtf, are you`all dumb? It`s not about beeing an addict or beeing a solider. Why would it even be about the holocaust? Im not sure but i think it`s about living life feeling trapped or like it`s not yours.

    To be honest:

    Feeling like life is a nightmare.

    Having something that you`re afraid of happend.(Now your nightmare comes to life)

    I think it`s also about having nightmares and then waking up knowing it won`t get better(Can't wake up in sweat 'Cause it ain't over yet).

    Mabye suffering from ptsd or some sort of trauma.
    (You're now a slave
    Until the end of time here
    Nothing stops the madness
    Turning, haunting, yearning)

  9. anonymous
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    Apr 3rd 2021 !⃝

    This song is a chorus of demons welcoming a fresh soul to Hell. It's not any more complicated than that, and yet it's fascinating to hear it sung from their perspective and it contins many levels of imagery and implications.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 23rd 2020 !⃝

    I feel it could be :
    - about taking the bad choice (like choosing the wrong major and having to endure the tough courses) and regretting it.
    - about teenagers who turn to be rebellious and therefore self-destructive
    - about someone who got into trauma and then he mistrusts people or associate the current situation with the hurtful one so he/she is in a nightmare

    But I don't know

  11. anonymous
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    Feb 1st 2020 !⃝


  12. anonymous
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    May 14th 2018 !⃝

    I believe it's about the Holocaust. "Ink the numbers in your head" most likely means about the Nazis inking Numbers onto the Prisoners in the Death Camps. "Mental Holocaust" probably means the torture and torment the prisoners went through to survive.
    (or it could be about Hell and heaven but it's worth a try)

  13. anonymous
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    Nov 4th 2017 !⃝

    Well I think it's about bad dreams or a bad day. You know how people make you feel, like it's a nightmare.

  14. anonymous
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    Apr 16th 2016 !⃝

    About the most ''terrifing'' feeling to realize that you're actually being [body or mind or both] dragged down to your worst Nightmare that you ever had imagined in your sleep that is awakeing and coming to life up on you in reality of your conscience mind that cannot hold back it's defences anymore against your continues collective sins and demons [fears and beliefs ''mixed'' and induced with drugs] that are breaking through from your sub-conscious mind. That took you over and under, into your worst nightmare that feels it's not ever going to stop in reality that you awoke in that feels ''very real'' as like you're in The Devil's Show [wars like the Middle East or other places, where soldiers could've had these phycosis breakdowns and needed to be taken to a Mental Hospital] where you feel to believe the Devil's demons want your soul for his show, 'cause all of this living Nightmare feels like you're in the actual Hell and fighting for your soul against the evil with the anti-phycotic drugs they've giving you that could make your feet feel the burn into subduing you to a straightjacket to surreder and just give yourself [soul] up. All the while struggling in this living Hell who needs to SCREAM THE NAME OF JESUS to hear your cries for some relief with the hope to be saved.

  15. anonymous
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    Apr 4th 2016 !⃝

    idk i think it is about him saying he isn't a christian and that he will b gong to hell but i have listened to some other songs like dear god and i c no demonic lyrics my bf actually told me i needed to stop listening to it bc of the references to hell i and 14 and i told him i have listen to these songs since i was a baby i have an attachment and now since i tried to break from them i listened to them recently it makes me really mad so i think there is a connection to demons and hell thru the song

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  16. anonymous
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    Mar 16th 2016 !⃝

    It's about for those who have nightmares and in the end it comes to their life in real.
    Because it says, "As your nightmare comes to life".

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  17. SkhairKro89
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    Nov 12th 2015 !⃝

    I agree with one of the user's interpretations, that this song's indeed about Revelation End Times, however, I disagree that it's about "After the Rapture," but more so After the "False Rapture." Scripture speaks about how one will be in the field taken and another left behind, for the past 200 years bible scholars have missrespresnted this passage as meaning a sorta "Rapture." where beliviers are taken away before the tribulation, however, there's another passsage that refers to branches not yeilding fruit being taken away to be burned, so clearly the passage about one being in a field taken, most likey refers to a person who's taken away to be burned like the branches not yeilding fruit. Otherwords, in the End Times, those that are "taken away." will have been believed to have been raputured, leaving those behind to think they've lost their salvation and were left behind because they didn't "Belive" or were "too sinful." The false rapture will corospond to people beliving the Anti-Christ is the true Jesus, and by beliving in him results in them being destroyed. He'll claim they've been taken to Heaven after they've appeared to "dissaper" when infact they were most likely taken away and killed in concentration camps or what not. This song refers to the time after that "False Rapture." where true believers of the real Christ, and not the antichrist are thrown into the system where they're tortured and told their "Sinners." that they "Deserve to be there." for now bowing down and showing allegience to the "Anti-Christ." Since he's posing as Jesus, claiming to be God, it will seem like these people being thrown into these Mental Wards were placed there becasue they were "Evil" for not believing in this "Self proclaimed Jesus." Hence the lyrics "When all that's wrong is right." Which, in the context of this song being sung from the Devils perspective himself, openly admitting that his End Times reign will make "Wrong" appear to be "Right" and "right" to appear "wrong." He's sorta mocking these people who are suffering in these Mental Wards as being helpless despite knowing the truth that they are infact in the right, afterall, but there's nothing they can do about it, no-one to call, no-body to hear, it's a total Nightmare because their being accused as "Heritics and Unbelievers / evil sinners" and punished as such, when they're actually true believers in the real Chist and infact saints and martyrs. It's a sorta Anthem to how tough those times will be for true Christians who don't buy into the Anti-Christ as being God and the rampant almost Demonic presence of these people such as the Staff running these Mental Wards working along side the Anti-Christ System by submitting it's patients to all these mind and body destroing drugs "Given with the best intentions help you with your complications." They say, but it's really them just trying to drive these patients "Psychotic." in order to force them to surrender and accept the mark of the Beast. "I know you hear their voices, these signals of love" refers to these victems hearing the holy spirit, and since this song's taking the approach as if the Devil himself was singing it, he's mocking the fact that he knows they're hearing the Holy Spirit, but will make it seem like they're just mad hearing hallucinations from the drugs their being given, so that nobody will take their testiomony seriously. THey'll try telling the staff and workers that they hear these voices of truth, and they'll disregard it as nothing more than mere "insanity." The Anit Christ is trying to get the whole world as well as these victems suffering in these Mental Wards thinking they are there because they're "Infidels" and were left behind the so called "Rapture," becuase they didn't belive in this so called "Jesus" who's truly the Anit-Christ and that they "missed" their chance at Salvation. Also you see in the music video the priest reading scripture to the patient on the streatcher, he seems to be "Holy" and warding this patient of his "Evil" but you notice he's sorta a "Dark-looking priest" a priest of the "Anti-Christ System." Doing nothing more but playing along the Charade of apearing to the outside obserber as being on the "Good side" when really he's a "False Preist." This re-enforces those who havne't been sent to these Mental Wards, those that have accepted the Anti-Christ System that these "priests" and public figures working in these wards are somehow "good" and are quote on quote "fighting against these heritics." The end times will be all about "false apperances."

  18. anonymous
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    Oct 12th 2015 !⃝

    this song is just an imaginery shit about how people think about hell and the anti Christ.

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