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Avenged Sevenfold: A Little Piece of Heaven Meaning

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A Little Piece of Heaven Lyrics

Before the story begins, is it such a sin,
For me to take what's mine, until the end of time?
We were more than friends, before the story ends,
And I will take what's mine, create what
God would never design

Our love had been so strong for...


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    Nov 13th 2015 report

    Ok, I know the story is murder and necrophilia and zombies and killing. But maybe there's metaphor, guys. How about this: (it beckons back to the saying "dead at 25, buried 60 years later)

    The guy loves his girl but he loves her too, so as an escape he goes and has an affair. This "rips her heart out" and "kills her". Then, the two stay together and he uses her even more, because it becomes this emotionally abusive relationship where he can do whatever he wants with her. This is represented by the "unspeakable acts" he does with her dead body. Finally, she's had enough and does the same to him. Now he "dies" of heartbreak, and knows how she feels because he had to go through the same hell as her. Finally he wants to make it up to her, and they do stay together, but they're both really dead inside because of the emotional distrust that both have. Instead, they love the rest of their lives together hurting eachother and anybody else.


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    Mar 24th 2008 report

    This song has kind of a complicated storyline.in an interview the rev said this about the song he wrote not word for word): it's about a couple, the girl is messing with him, and yes, he does finally kill her. BUT her spirit comes back and repossesses her body, and she kills him. He also repossesses his body along with the girl after his death, and they forgive each other, get married, and kill everyone at their wedding.

    OK, I guess it wasn't that complicated, and I know it probably sounds stupid...but that's what the rev said it was about. Pretty kick ass song.


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    Nov 10th 2009 report

    Just see the video and you will know what the song's talking about.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 19th 2018 report

    “We were more than friends” This indicates that two characters are in a romantic relationship.
    “Create what god would never design”
    This implies that the man did something unspeakable.
    “I was weak with fear that something would go wrong” He proposed and she said no, sending him into a violent rage.
    “Conjuring her deepest fears” He made her incredibly scared by being this angry.
    “Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times” He murders her during his fit of rage.
    “Eyes over-easy, Eat it, Eat it, Eat it.”
    Over- easy is a form of fried egg. Eyes could be visually compared to an egg. This is implying that the man is committing canibalism.
    “She was never this good in bed, even when she was sleeping. Now she’s just so perfect, I’ve never been quite so fucking deep in.”
    The man is committing necrophilia.
    “I could keep you looking young and preserved forever” The man is fixing some of the wounds and is preserving her lifeless body.
    “That’s why I got a heater for your thighs”
    He is warming her thighs in order to make her feel alive.
    “You had my heart, at least for the most part
    'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime, we fell apart
    Let's make a new start”
    He wants to somehow redeem himself but he knows that it is too late.
    “Now possibilities I'd never considered,
    Are occurring the likes of which I'd never heard,
    Now an angry soul comes back from beyond the grave,
    To repossess a body with which I'd misbehaved
    Smiling right from ear to ear
    Almost laughed herself to tears
    Must have stabbed him fifty fucking times
    I can't believe it
    Ripped his heart out right before his eyes
    Eyes over easy
    Eat it eat it eat it
    Now that it's done I realize the error of my ways
    I must venture back to apologize from somewhere far beyond the grave
    I gotta make up for what I've done
    'Cause I was all up in a piece of heaven
    While you burned in hell, no peace forever”
    Her soul repossesses her dead body and kills the man. He realizes his mistake and tries to venture back to redeem himself. He acknowledges that he was happy and she was going through hell.
    “I will suffer for so long
    (What will you do, not long enough)
    To make it up to you
    (I pray to God that you do)
    I'll do whatever you want me to do
    (Well then I'll grant you one chance)
    And if it's not enough
    (If it's not enough, If it's not enough)
    If it's not enough
    (Not enough)
    Try again
    (Try again)
    And again
    (And again)
    Over and over again”
    This is a conversation between the two main characters. It is about him wanting to redeem himself and her giving him a chance.
    “We're coming back, coming back
    We'll live forever, live forever
    Let's have wedding, have a wedding
    Let's start the killing, start the killing”
    "Do you take this man in death for the rest of your unnatural life'"
    "Yes, I do"
    "Do you take this woman in death for the rest of your unnatural life'"
    "I do"
    "I now pronounce you"
    The man has proven himself somehow and the two have had their wedding. As a married couple they terrorize everyone and are once again united.

    How did I do?

  5. anonymous
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    Jan 7th 2018 report

    My interpretation of this song is that it is about love. Yes the lyrics are a bit twisted and not appropriate for certain audiences but it seems like there is a deeply rooted metaphor within the lyrics. He kills her and commits unspeakable acts but she does something almost as bad. It almost seems like its trying to portray 'an eye for an eye' or 'two wrongs can make a right' but it really means (to me anyway) that no matter how bad someone messes up in a relationship there is a happy ending for all if they love each other enough. If this is true then the two partners are each other's 'little piece of heaven'.

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 14th 2016 report

    This is a very beautiful song and I can really listen to it hundereds of times without getting bored, but the lyrics is a bit stupid. It's about a couple, the boy kills the girl, the girl comes back from hell and kills him, they finally apolagize each other and have a marriage killing people.

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  7. anonymous
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    Dec 9th 2015 report

    If you ever had an abortion you would understand the song means abortion. Believe me, I just passed that moment.

    Erased all mv in your mind and think about the song. They are friends with benefit > girl got pregnant > lets kill our baby, dont cry, we love you but we're not ready. Then they got married at the end
    The way I did abortion in illegal hospital is using pills putting inside deeply every 6-3hours until the sack was broken, then the nurse stabbed inside more than 50 times deeply to let the fetus out to make sure she collected every part of fetus.
    At first I think like all of you, the guy killed the girl, blah blah frome story in mv, but after I passed that hell on earth, I got it. The guy forced me to do too.
    //sorry, im not good at english

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  8. anonymous
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    Jul 15th 2013 report

    my interpretation of this song is aboh=ut a man who is in love with a girl finally proposes to her and she rejects his proposal so he becomes enraged with anger because he had a feeling that would happen in the beginning so before more can go on he kills her,sows her up, and bangs her dead body. eventually she comes back from the grave and does the same to him but he asked for her forgiveness. She forgives him for what hes done to her and they get married and start a killing spree and live happily ever after :)

  9. anonymous
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    Jul 3rd 2012 report

    As stated by M. Shadows at an A7X show: It's about a man who proposes to his girl, and she says no. He loses it, kills her, and does "unspeakable" things with her dead body. Then, she comes back and kills him. They make up, get married and go on a killing spree together. The end... Such a beautiful love story.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 15th 2012 report

    'Must have stabbed him 50 fucking times'
    this song is obviously about kinky sex

  11. zackattack
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    Mar 6th 2012 report

    This song was made because they wanted that kind of "Tim Burton" feel. Not based on a freaking story. I saw their "inside the studio" movie and A7X said that's why they made "A Little Piece of Heaven".

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 23rd 2011 report

    I believe that this song is trying to say that if you try, everything will work out in the end.

  13. anonymous
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    Dec 14th 2011 report

    the second rated one is right.
    If you want to know why, watch the music video.

  14. anonymous
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    Jul 23rd 2011 report

    very similar to the poem "porphyrias lover" by robert browning (1830's)where the narrator of the poem in a state of paranoia/psychosis strangles his lover (porphyria) in an effort to forevfer preserve the moment of happiness and her beauty. he is justified in his actions as he believes since porphyria did not scream or utter a sound that she was accepting of this fate (though she was strangled with her own hair which the narrator is obsessed with, she may not have been able to utter a sound). he is also justified because no one especially god interceded to spare porphyia. Porphyria now "gives herself to him forever"

    ***anyway i posted this because it is kind of cool that a poem written almost 200 years ago shares such similar characteristcs.

  15. anonymous
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    Jun 30th 2011 report

    I believe the song is about abortion.

    "Is it such a sin to take what's mine..."(The choice of aborting is what's his)
    "God would never design" abortion.
    He was "weak with fear" that the child she is bearing will take her love away from him.
    He "took all possibility" of that happening by...

    A. performing an abortion
    B. outright killing her

    I leave the choice up to you but I will take the more realistic route (in modern times) and say he performed an abortion.

    -This stanza is a late-term abortion-
    So he "stabbed" the baby "fifty fucking times"
    "Ripped her"(the baby girl's) "heart out".

    -This stanza is an abortion with pills-
    He's "never been quite so fucking deep in" having sex without protection of course.
    Generally women look older after having babies so he keeps her young and preserved by spraying his "fountain" of abortion pills on her "youth" (babies)

    The baby from the "little crime" of the late-term abortion is disposed of with a "heater" (furnace).
    It's not the baby's time to die "but bye, bye".
    "When the fire dies"(The baby is disposed of) it's not over. He hears a baby crying even though he killed her.("baby, don't cry")

    -talking to the dead baby-
    "you had my heart" (he was the father)
    He apologizes to her but...

    she comes back from hell and repossessess his girlfriend's body "with which [he'd] misbehaved" and kills him.

    He realizes he was up "in a piece of heaven" playing God.
    He's suffering in hell and trying to make it up to the baby he killed.
    "We're coming back" He gets to be with his gf and
    "live forever". So they're both in hell because she's the one that let him perform an abortion on her.
    They "have a wedding" in hell which is ironic because they're just going to "start the killing" of babies again. At this point we realize that he thought the "error of [his] ways" was not being married to his girl.

  16. anonymous
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    Jun 29th 2011 report

    im not a big fan of the song but the title... my boyfriend said i was his “little piece of heaven” and i just wanted to kinda learn what this song is about...

  17. nep
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    Jun 26th 2011 report

    He kills her, performs sexual acts on the corpse, corpse comes back and kills him, he begs for forgiveness, they get married, and go on killing spree.

  18. anonymous
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    May 23rd 2011 report

    The song doesnt have any sort of meaning. They just made it to have fun. They say it in all their interviews....

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