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Avenged Sevenfold: Not Ready to Die Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

Not Ready to Die Lyrics

"Not Ready To Die"

Cast away in time
Evil yours, now evil mine
So I robbed you blind
The voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful side

The endless possibilities
controlling every fight

You can't break me
Crushed the...


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    Oct 5th 2011 report

    First off, many of the lyrics in this song are misquoted.

    It's pretty obvious now, with all of the back story being revealed, that this song is sung from Dr. Edward Richtofen's point of view.

    First- "The Voices in my head..."
    Dr. Richtofen very obviously has paranoid schizophrenia.

    "Evil yours, now evil mine."
    Richtofen swaps bodies with Samantha and gains her power over the Zombies.

    "The endless possibilities
    controlling every fight." "every fight" is a misquote. The actual lyric is "controlling 9-3-5".

    Richtofen has been manipulating everything to work out in his favor since his first appearance, and was a member of group 935 who created the Zombies.

    "Make me crawl
    to daddy's little girl to read the writings on the wall."
    Daddy's little girl is obviously Samantha, who has been trying to kill Richtofen. This doesn't prove Richtofen is the base of the song, but it does prove Samantha isn't and makes it unlikely that the celebrities in Call of The Dead have anything to do with it.

    "Through the madness we find
    loyalty is no match for power."
    Richtofen's insanity eventually led to betraying Group 935 in his quest for power.

    And finally-
    "And I'll control the world
    one person at a time..."

    It's revealed in the final map, "Moon", that Richtofen has been hell-bent on world domination. And he nearly succeeds.

    All in all, this song appears to have been made for the map "Moon", but was put in Call of The Dead to allow Elena Seigman to sing- she's sung a song for every map that contains the characters Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai. Her finale song did not live up to all of it's predecessors, so Avenged Sevenfold's song Nightmare was added as a bonus. It's a shame really.


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    May 18th 2011 report

    I believe that this song is from Rictofens point of view. (Describing how rictofen feels when he killed Dr.Maxis). First of all, "The voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful side." All of us know, for those of us that know alot about call of duty zombies, that Dr.Rictofen is pretty insane. He refers to "The voices to his head" Quite often in the game.
    "I've stood in the dark been waiting all this time" This must refer to a quote Rictofen says when you revive him in Shi No Numa. "Now I can continue my service to the illuminati!"
    So I pretty much think that he was waiting for the time to kill Maxis while he was servicing the illuminati. Or maybe Rictofen had his own agenda.
    "Through the madness we find loyalty is no match for power, Say goodbye to your life" Which would pretty much refer to Rictofen overpowering Maxis and killing him with his daughter Samantha.

    This is just my thought based on what I know so don't go saying that I'm an idiot because I don't know everything. I don't mind a friendly debate.

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 25th 2012 report

    The only reason Richtofen is a perverted, Evil, Phyco is because he tested his own teleporter, got lost in shangr-la for a very long time, while he was lost, he got mad at the maxis family from their idea of the teleporter, then when he returned, he became the Perverted, Evil, phyco he is now, and got group 935 to help him kill dr. maxis, Samantha maxis, And fluffy, Samanthas used-to-be poodle, into the teleporter, Samantha got sent to moon, into cryogenic slumber (in that pyramid), which richtofen found out about, Dr. maxis was put into a computer on moon, which nobody, not even samantha knew that he was there, and fluffy, well, fluffy was a fiery hellhound, so, fluffy go kaboom-boom.
    Richtofen then captured Takeo, Nikolai, and an unknown mexican, Takeo and Nikolai survived richtofens super solider tests, and brain washed them, the unknown mexican died, so then in world at war, Dempsey was spying on them, but got captured, listen to a radio, and richtofen will talk about them bringing a spy to verruckt, and Dempsey got turned into a super solider, got his memory erased.
    Character side effects:
    Dempsey got more aggressive, too aggressive, soo aggressive that he knows that theres a player.
    Nikolai Now needs to drink vodka to actually survive.
    Takeo, well, he lost his sense of humor.

  4. anonymous
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    Apr 25th 2012 report

    This doesn't have to do with the meanin but the lyrics are wrong. It isn't "You can't take me" it is "You can't save me".

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 13th 2012 report

    Too simplify my theory, the song is from the perspective of Richtofen. It´s his plan to conquer the world. Read my other explanation for 100% accurate details.

  6. TheReverenderTheory
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    Feb 27th 2012 report

    First of all this song is completely related to the by Call of Duty: zombies story-line consisting of the fictional characters: Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki. With additional characters: Dr. Maxis and his daughter Samantha. The whole song is from the perspective of Dr. Ed Richtofen.

    ¨Gone, cast away in time¨ Refering to the part in the story in which the characters used the teleporter created by Richtofen, to travel through space and time.

    ¨Evil yours and now evil mine¨ From Richtofen´s perspective, the work of Dr. Maxis was evil. Richtofen learned from doctor Maxis thus making him learn his wicked ways of torture and inhuman behavior.

    ¨So I robbed you blind¨ Dr. Ed brain washed Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo to serve him and protect him from the zombies.

    ¨The voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful side¨ Doctor Richtofen is skritsofenic, which causes him to hear voices. The voices in his head tell him to commit crimes against humanity.

    ¨The endless possibilities, controlling 935¨. 935 is a sientific research group that created the zombies and wunder weapons, Richtofen is driven to controll this group to gain much needed power, to fufill his desire to controll the world.

    ¨You can´t break me, crushed the fears of yesterday¨ Richtofen feels the zombies can not defeat him.

    ¨You can´t save me. Barriers our trust will fade¨ The four characters hate one another and have very little trust for eachother.

    ¨I´ve stood in the dark, been waiting all this time. While we damn the dead i´m trying to survive. I´m not ready to die.¨
    Dr. ed has been in the dark and has been powerless for so long and now world domination is at his grasp, yet his mission of world domintaion is not complete, so he must survive the zombie outbreaks.

    ¨Damned, watch the masses fall. Burn it down. Controll em´all.¨ The massacre of zombies. Then richtofen´s plan to burn society to the ground and controll them all.

    ¨(Let em´bleed) Make them Crawl to daddie´s little girl to read the writing on the wall¨ Richtofen´s voices speaking to him, telling him to make them suffer. ¨Daddie´s little girl¨ refers to Samantha the daughter of Dr. Maxis. ¨Read the writings on the wall¨ refers to the spirit of Samantha reading the writings on the walls, written by other survivors.

    ¨Through the madness we find, loyalty is no match for power. Say goodbye to your life, left to rot in you darkest hour. Prayers won´t help you now. As long as you´re mine¨ Richtofen realizes that the zombies are killed effortlessly by him and his three servants. He claims there lives as his own.

    ¨I´ll controll the world, one person at a time as I damn the dead I´m trying to survive. I´m not ready to die¨ Finally Richtofen reveals his plan of world domination very clearly.

    Thank you, sorry for the very long explanation but it´s the most legitimate and accurate way that I could explain this. The lyrics are 100% correct as I checked and wrote them down by ear just to explain them. I gathered this information from the zombie game´s easter eggs, character quotes and of course the lyrics. Once again thank you.

  7. anonymous
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    Dec 20th 2011 report

    i believe this song is just from anyones point of view who plays call of duty "friends won't help you now" i know that i'm not gonna help someone when they die in zombies. they shouldnt of died in the first place

  8. anonymous
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    Dec 7th 2011 report

    when anonymous posted on this, that person was being awesome. this band is much better than overrated untalented autotuner-using pop. not popular enough!!!

  9. anonymous
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    Dec 7th 2011 report

    I believe that it is a very shallow interpretation to assume that the "Barriers" are simply the barricades in the game. Anyone who knows M. Shadows' songwriting style knows that he very rarely writes anything that does not have deep meaning; he doesn't waste a single word. No, I belive the barriers are the moral barriers and the barriers of the characters' sanity. As they kill thousands of undead, they are slowly becoming bloodthirsty animals, and they stop caring about anything. The killings become little more than casual child's play. The barriers of their sanity fade into black.

  10. anonymous
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    Dec 2nd 2011 report

    I think that M Shadows is simply sugesting the servival of the fittest and its a rockin song i love it

  11. anonymous
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    Nov 29th 2011 report

    when he says "the endless possibilities controlling 935", he is referring to Group 935 which started the outbreak

  12. a7xsynner6661
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    Oct 4th 2011 report

    since a video of this song was posted on may 3, i thought he was talking about camping's hoax"judgement day" on may 14th. May this year was pretty stormy because of a thunderstorm. During a thunderstorm, i would think of A7X to keep my hopes up.

  13. anonymous
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    Jul 14th 2011 report

    Continued from above. Crushed the fears of yesterday means he doesn't care about the zombies anymore. Now he fears that the other characters will find out his plan. And also throughout the song ul understand that he knows that he's smarter than Samantha and isn't bothered by her

  14. anonymous
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    Jul 14th 2011 report

    Its richtofen. Hes been planning to take samanthas place as a controller. 935 was the name of the group that did stuff with 115 and now he controls it. Our trust will fade means he'll betray the other three characters (or 11 now). Been waiting in the dark means he's secretly plannin it. While we damn the dead I'm trying to survive means he's not trying to live to just live he's trying to live to carry out his plan

  15. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2011 report

    Well "gone cast away in time" is like how they teleport to random times, "evil yours now evil mine" is how 935 was faxing zombies in the past and now the actors are facing them. "The endless possibilities controlling 935 could mean how Sam and maxis and the zombies always control em. Crush the fears of yesterday could mean they are killing the same problem that 935 had in the past. Barriers our trust will fade is obvious cause barriers are useless at times... (Help me) make them crawl like a crawler! Daddy's(maxis) little girl (Sam) to read the writings on the wall" like how in der rise and kino der toten u always read the writings on the wall.

  16. anonymous
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    Jul 5th 2011 report

    to be honest i would say it's the whole concept of COD zombies. "gone! cast away in time" referring to how all the characters are placed in a place just casted away. "I robbed you blind" saying how you steal someones points by making them pay for something (like a door) you dont want to so you can get something behind the door. "The endless possibilities
    controlling every fight" meaning that there are many things you can chose from that will ultimatley change the match. and the chorus parts such as, "crushed the fears of yesterday" saying you have advanced to the next round, and "barriers i trust will fade" saying the barriers boarded up will soon be destroyed as the undead approach.and last part of the chorus "stood in the dark been waiting all this time" to me it's a bit tricky but i'd have to say it refers to camping for the zombies. "while we damn the dead im trying to survive" means killing zombies while trying to stay alive. the next verse then starts refering to purley slaughtering zombies and how samantha is torchering all of the players. and that is my theory

  17. anonymous
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    Jul 1st 2011 report

    Its from richtofens point of view notice the line... "The voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful side." knowing that he is insane that line means the voices in his head told him to kill maxis and samantha.

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