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Billie Eilish: Lovely Meaning

Song Released: 2018

Featuring: Khalid

Lovely Lyrics

[Verse 1: Billie Eilish & Khalid]
Thought I found a way
Thought I found a way out (found)
But you never go away (never go away)
So I guess I gotta stay now

[Pre-Chorus: Billie Eilish & Khalid]
Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of...


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    Jul 19th, 2018 7:37pm report

    I think this song is about someone who is stuck in a place/feeling/experience he doesnt want to be in. he doesnt tell anybody anything; he tells to himself he will get through it.
    but in the chorus "heart made of glass"- he knows he'll break easily. "mind of stone" he can get the idea in his mind but he'll still break in the heart.
    in general- this horrible feeling when you think you're all alone dealing with something, that ur the only one there for you- and there's no one else out there who will understand.
    I feel like thats why they put it in 13RW. cause it represents Hannah's feelings so much.

    if anyone feels like that too- please dont keep it all inside.
    tell someone. choose to tell someone. because I promise you're not alone in this world, even if sometimes you feel like that... thats not true because people love you and care about you.


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    Mar 6th, 2020 3:05pm report

    I think that Lovely describes feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically trapped, as like the lyrics say.
    Reading the above interpretations, I noticed many mentioned mental disorders, so I think it could be that, as in the music video, there are perception illusions and effects like clouds and raindrops around the box.
    It could also mean being physically trapped. An idea was like a slave of an abusive family, through "thought I found a way out" and "but you never go away," like the family keeps trying to sabotage the person's efforts.
    But going back to the first one, "you never go away" could refer to a mental or emotional disorder that hampers their life or career, like an injury.
    Overall, I feel like Lovely is about being trapped by something or someone, mental or physical, that is hampering the person's efforts at life, success, career, or freedom. Please rate to tell me what you think!



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    Sep 24th, 2018 9:16pm report

    The song is called "lovely" since it is depressing, it is about getting out of everything horrible after feeling miserable.In my opinion , when she sings about finding a way out, it's her thinking she's found a way to get away from the depression controlling her life. Although the depression is still there, and she might as well stay like this. she begins to sing in a crescendo, showing her sense of hope that she will get out of this situation no matter the case. This really touches me because I know people who have felt this way or have been depressed. It's sad to think about all of the suicides that have happened in the world because of the depression. It is saying also that no matter who puts them down they will always keep trying and will go through another 100 years of torture and pain just to feel free again.
    As at the start it says though I found a way, though I find a way yeah, but you never go away ( so the problem won’t get away from the situation) So I guess I gotta stay now ( deal with it). And after that it comes the part where she hopes someday she’ll get out of that miserable feeling, even if it takes all night or a hundred years. And she needs a place to hide but she can’t find one near, and she wants to feel alive outside but she can’t fight her fear.
    And then it comes the chorus where she says: isn’t it lovely all alone? Heart made of glass my mind of stone, Tear me to pieces, skin and bone. Hello, welcome home.
    After she says, walking out of town searching for a better place ( instruments play and refrains after the word ) somethings on my mind.. always in my headspace.. and what she means by that is that the situation she’s suffering from is always on her head so she’s always thinking of it.


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    Oct 23rd, 10:04pm report

    I think it's about trying to beat cancer or some other life-threatening illness.

    "Thought I found a way out" means that the person thought they found a way to beat it but it didn't work.

    "Heart made of glass" means that the illness or cancer is making them weak and unable to fight it for much longer.

    "Even if it takes all night or a hundred years" means that they are willing to do and try anything to be healed.

    "Hello, welcome home" means that either A, they finally were cured and they got to go back home or B, they finally gave up and flew up to Heaven and didn't suffer any more.


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    Oct 22nd, 10:57pm report

    I think Lovely is about a girl in an abusive relationship that she is trying to escape but she can't. She saying it's lovely being all alone with out anyone hurting her. That's why why it feels so hopeless. Billie ends the song, "hello, welcome home." Which means he's back to abuse her, and she didn't ever get away.


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    Jul 22nd, 7:16pm report

    I think this song to me represents loving someone so much and you know they love you but they hurt you weather physically or mentally maybe through alcohol then they are truly sorry so you carry on in a toxic relationship because good days are really good bad days are really bad. Then you begin to stop having feelings and turn into stone.the chains meaning being stuck.made of stone meaning you dont even know how you feel anymore so being alone in this cycle of destruction. Not feeling it physically or mentally anymore just numb. This is what it means to me it's how this song makes me feel being in the situation I am in currently

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    Jul 11th, 7:20pm report

    Of course this can mean different things to different people. But to me, it is about a girl who is probably being physically abused (tear me pieces skin to bone) with no one to help her or confide in thus “all alone”. Her desire is to leave, but her abuser never leaves. It would seem that she has some freedom since she can “walk out of town looking for a better place.” This May suggest that she is a young girl who cannot leave home to be on her own. She seeks a place to hide ( no doubt from her abuser) and continues to look for such a place. She wants to feel alive once she gets away and to deal successfully with the fear she feels. That’s what it means to me anyway. Daniel G


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    Jul 11th, 7:44pm report

    Sad lonely getting bullied called names leaving my only best friend introvert nobody talking to me
    sad really lonely.


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    Jun 9th, 6:37pm report

    I think it's an abusive relationship, "Thought I'd found a way out, but you never go away" is referring to he/she won't let you leave, when you thought you could get away from them, they caught you, but then they never leave them alone. Is just what I got from it


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    Mar 31st, 2020 3:17pm report

    This is pretty much thevdefinition of between a rock and a hard place. Someone is going through pain and anxiety but ia scared to let out their feelings. They continue a blind search for support. More emotionally pained than physically.


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    Mar 29th, 2020 3:21am report

    Heart and mind can’t meet on any point. You can’t get both to agree on same. And when you do, your heart breaks and only that is left is your hard mind made of stone. Every time you keep on trying, heart breaks more until all that is left is your mind. It’s lovely. All hearts are going to break one day.


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    Feb 25th, 2020 2:42pm report

    Although I'm not Billie, so I can't properly interpret this, I think Billie Eilish's song from 13 Reasons Why, "Lovely" is about being trapped, and trying to get out, but also a little bit about all the hurt caused by her being trapped. Oh, and also about being scared to leave a accustomed space. For example, I'm listening to this now, and some stuff that stood out to me was:
    "oh, I hope someday I'll make it out of here..."
    "...I can't fight my fear"
    "...looking for a better place"
    In those parts, she talks about fear, and escaping. But again, this is just my interpretation of a song that definitely can be thought of as many different things.


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    Feb 24th, 2020 2:51pm report

    I think music always speaks to people on a personal level depicting what they are going through in their mind. To me it spoke of an abusive relationship. "Thought I found a way out but you never go away so I guess I gotta stay now." Leaving the relationship but then slipping back into it over and over because the person resonates in their thoughts. And just hoping that one day either the person changes or they finally get the strength to leave.


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    Feb 2nd, 2020 2:27pm report

    I think that she sings this song because she needs a way to talk to somebody, so she sings this song to tell people how she feels.


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    Jan 17th, 2020 1:12pm report

    It's singing about having depression and being in a situation where you can't get out of.

    It also could be about self harm cause it says "Tear me to pecies, skin to bone"

    This sing also fits Billie Eilish's style cause she's depressed.


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    Jan 15th, 2020 1:59am report

    I think this song could also be a very good fit for domestic abuse as well, and the struggle to get out of it, both with struggling to get away in the physical sense of running away and the mental frustration associated with hoping things will chang e and be better. This is just a short interpretation but look through this lens, when you do you can see how I got here.


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    Dec 30th, 2019 12:16pm report

    This song is about depression. In the first verse, it speaks of how you think you're finally rid of your depression, but then it comes back. In the prechorus, hey start to sing about how they hope that someday they will be rid of their depression, no matter how long it takes. They try to hide from their depression and ignore it, but they just can't. In the chorus, Billie sing "Isn't it lovely all alone?" which implies that they are familiar with the feeling of depression and being alone. Then when she sings "Heart made of glass, my mind of stone." it is referring to how their minds are strong but their hearts are fragile. In Khalid's verse, he talks about how they try to hide from their emotions. This is such a deep and relatable song when you really dissect it.


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    Dec 4th, 2019 12:05am report

    i think the song is about depression and self harm for the fact that they say "tear me to pieces, skin and bone" it could mean cutting, and they say they want to feel alive, in my depression fits i feel dead inside and i dont care anymore...

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