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Elena Siegman: Lullaby for a Dead Man Meaning


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Lullaby for a Dead Man Lyrics

Life is still spinning,
Your end my beginning,
And everything I hoped for has been strangely set aside.
Reason for living,
My mind is forgiving.

And destiny is proving to be absent from my life.
I know it, I feel it,
I know when you're...


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    Apr 28th 2011 report

    I think it's about Samantha… listen :)…..

    Life is still spinning
    in my beginning -- Her life is still out of control and she feels disoriented. Also could be a reference to teleportation, since you spin around in the machine. If so, she could be saying even though she's 'situated', she feels like she's back in the machine. Oh and the tapes in the maps clearly show she was in the teleporter after the Fluffy incident.
    everything I hope for has been strangely set aside -- She's lost all human hopes, wishes, aspirations. Pretty much her humanity is straggly lost. In its place, we can assume, is a deeply harbored grudge.
    breathing for living -- Claims she is no longer human, therefore saying she has no need to breath. Almost saying she is superior to that.
    my mind is forgiving -- Stumped me a bit. Maybe she still feels emotions of forgiveness and pity towards the survivors. But by referring it to my mind and not 'I' or ' I'm ', could mean she's detached from that. Like, the emotions are felt, but not accepted as a whole.
    and destiny is proving to be absent from my mind -- Destiny is no longer relevant to her. She does not believe her position is fair, destined, or was to be. She lives for now, for the moment.

    You know where, your feeling ( x4)
    I know when your sleeping
    I know the things your dreaming -- Pretty much showing she is all knowing and superior to the survivors. Almost like a threat, " I know you better than you know yourself, just give up"
    and I know you will never give up and die -- Showing her annoyance and recognizing the fact the survivors are stubborn and do not plan on dying.

    Conscious fulfilling, darkness revealing Oh -- Her conscious, the side that seeks vengeance, is fulfilled by her actions towards the survivors. This reliance and need to please her conscious shows she is dependent on this darker, more inhumane side of her. It's something she's not used to, so it's like the side is barely revealing itself.
    faultering securities are shining like the sun -- She admits to having faults in her actions. Comparing them to the glare of the sun gives a sense of her mistakes being obvious. Such words make her sound like she hates the fact there obvious. Almost like there harsh and stare her down, like the suns glare.
    eyes are deceiving -- This one was a bit hard. Could be a reference to the zombies alluring yet haunting, glowing eyes. Or maybe her own eyes deceive her and make her doubt herself. Still sketchy about this one.
    your mind will stop breathing and -- Claims she'll get rid off the survivors once and for all.
    all you are made of will now rightly become mine -- Warns that they will die and their soul will escape them. Leaving a corpse with no life source to call its own, therefore becoming hers for whatever sadistic reason.

    Father, why have you forsaken me
    my life is gone -- Samantha is sort of blaming her father for her murder. Her father (and Germany's) wish to create a machine possible of corpse reanimation and a machine that manipulates space and time cost her, her life.

    father, know how long it's taken me
    I live again -- She attempts to reason with her father on what she is doing. And she proclaims she has found a way to 'live' once more. Which is just by manipulating the zombies and toying with the survivors of the game. She has found a meaning to her off putting position, a position where, we can assume, is just to wander the in betweens of space and time.

    Thats it. Please give feedback if you agree, disagree, want to add on, or If my facts are wrong. Thanks, please take note this is my opinion, we are all entitled to our own :).

    -- Joline

  2. Fogofrio10
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    Aug 28th report

    I will repost the song with markers to help me to show my interpretation:

    /1/Life is still spinning/1/
    /2/Your end, my beginning/2/
    /3/And everything I hoped for
    has been strangely set aside/3/

    /4/Reason for living/4/
    /5/My mind is forgiving/5/
    /6/And destiny is proving to be
    absent from my life/6/

    /7/I know it, I feel it/7/

    /8/I know when you're sleeping/8/
    /9/I know the things you're dreaming/9/

    /10/And I know
    you will never
    give up and die/10/

    /11/Conscious fulfilling,/11/
    /12/the darkness revealing/12/
    /13/All thoughts and insecurities
    are shining like the sun/13/

    /14/Eyes are deceiving,/14/
    /15/your mind will stop breathing and/15/
    /16/all that you are made of
    will now rightly become mine/16/

    /17/You know it, you feel it/17/

    /18/I know when you're sleeping
    I know the things you're dreaming
    I love it when you're weeping
    Even death can't stop this feeling

    And I know
    you will never
    give up and die/18/


    /1/Samantha refers to her life being a mess after she enters in the teleport machine; it can also be referring to the teleport travel including a spinning spiral, so she could be kind of "dizzy" by this./1/

    /2/Samantha might be referring to her father's death, as if she was saying: "your time ended, now mine begins"; it can also refer to the zombification of a recent corpse, once that minus one survivor means plus one zombie./2/

    /3/Samantha, when went inside the device, apparently lost much of her human wills; it can also mean that everything that she expected to her life was subtly interrupted by entering in the teleport./3/

    /4/Samantha is powerful a lot now, maybe she has no idea of what to do with all this power of her; her motivation is vengeance, but what will she do after?/4/

    /5/It could mean that Samantha was willing to forgive the survivors, but it's visible that she hates them. However, she says "my mind" and not "I" or "me"; as if the forgiveness feeling comes to her, but she simply doesn't care for it/5/

    /6/Samantha is now so powerful that she doesn't even care about destiny anymore, she probably thinks that it wasn't destiny that brought her to inside the device; now she makes her own destiny./6/

    /7/She knows it and she feels it, a hook to the next strophe./7/

    /8/Another power demonstration. Samantha is so powerful that she is able to know, at anytime, when the survivors are sleeping./8/

    /9/She is able to enter in the minds of the survivors and to know their darkest, deepest and most intimate desires; she knows what they dream./9/

    /10/Even hating the survivors, she reckons and admits their persistence in keeping themselves alive./10/

    /11/Samantha's conscious desires and actions are quite clear, she wants to get revenge from all those who had to do with her father's death; and she fulfills these desires by throwing hundreds of zombies over those involved in it./11/

    /12/The device wakened her darkest and obscurest side of her, and this darkness goes revealing itself more and more./12/

    /13/This might be about the survivors' "thoughts and insecurities", which are very visible as the sunlight to her./13/

    /14/"The eyes being deceiving" probably makes reference to something that is not what it looks to be, which leads to various interpretations. Possibly it's about the survivors. Maybe about them thinking that the zombies are still people and have somehow a way to "back to normal", or maybe it being about they thinking that the zombies attack randomly instead of being controlled by someone, or even about them having an escape from the zombies. Its hard to say what it means./14/

    /15/She speaks that the survivors will die one time or another, stopping every breathing and mind activity of them./15/

    /16/Samantha is the zombies and the zombies are Samantha. Once that the survivors are dead, they'll be part of the zombies; therefore property and part of Samantha./16/

    /17/The survivors slowly start to feel the power of the entity controlling the zombies, slowly they start thinking that they might really end up dying to zombies./17/

    /18/She repeats and complements the previous chorus. She sees the suffering of the survivors and enjoys it, a so strong feeling that even their death cant stop it./18/

    /19/She possibly makes reference to a part of The Bible (Matthew 27:46), where Jesus, on the cross, asks "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?", but with a bit changing on the words. Maxis, when he was killed, left Samantha alone and devastated, she feels that she has no more life to her after this./19/

    /20/This is quite hard as well. Probably it's about how long it's taking to her to avenge Maxis/20/

    /21/This part might be another reference to The bible (Revelation 1:18) (I confess that I might be wrong here), where Jesus (probably Him once that the first one was too) speaks that he was alive, dead, and now was alive again. Samantha compares herself to Him, once that she died as well and resurrected inside MPD./21/

    /22/Just some repetitions of the refrain's strophes./22/

    /23/She reaffirms one last time that she knows that the survivors will never "give up and die"./23/

    That's it, thanks for reading

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 2nd 2012 report

    I don't think this song is about Samantha. The events in Verruckt took place before Samantha was in control of the zombies.

    I think the song is about the zombies; after they die and become the undead, and how they feel while being controlled. That or possibly from the viewpoint of whatever was controlling them at that time.

    It's strange though... The zombies were being controlled even though no body was in the MPD device at the time... Either someone or something was controlling them at the time in a different manner, or there's a plot hole ( Being that Samantha was actually controlling the zombies, while the hidden plot had her still living her life in Der Riese and not in the MPD). I think the answers may be revealed to us in time...

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 12th 2011 report

    actually treyarch had the whole story planned out they were just waiting 2 c how famous it would become b4 releasing the future maps. also he map he song was featered in was part of the storyline

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 14th 2011 report

    The song bears many quotes from the bible, "father, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46)
    "I live again" (Revelation 1:18)
    However, I feel the song is more than likely about Sam.

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 30th 2011 report

    Everything here about samantha, teleporters, anything relating to the Zombies storyline are false. This song was created back in the Original Zombies mode, and they hadn't thought of the 'plot' by that time. Samantha didn't exist. None of it did...

  7. anonymous
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    Jul 18th 2011 report

    it's about how Samantha is affected by the zombie breakout. And she blames her father for the state she's in and how she's no longer human. She toys with the survivors to state that she lives again

  8. anonymous
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    Jun 28th 2011 report

    This is from Sam's POV probably. She wants to kill the survivors but she knows they wont give up easily. Maybe she knows what each one of them desires "I know the things your dreaming"

    "I love when you weepin" this one was off I mean none of the survivors seemed like they'd break or cry. Maybe Richtofen dreams about the things he had done and thanks to that diseas he has where he cant control his emotions he feels guilty or unconciously cries?

  9. anonymous
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    May 17th 2011 report

    I think its about samantha and her revenge to Richtofen.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  10. anonymous
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    Apr 20th 2011 report

    the song is about the life of jesus. He said father, why have you forsaken me, right before he died. Then when he says I live again, it represents his resurrection from the cross. Hence, why it is in Nazi Zombies. The zombies are partially resurrected soldiers from World War 2 but they were forced to death to return a new life.

  11. anonymous
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    Mar 4th 2011 report

    Lullaby for a dead man is the easter egg for the Nazi zombie map Verrukt, it is sung about Samantha and her relation with the Zombies (in other words, they hate her).

  12. anonymous
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    Feb 21st 2011 report

    Found on Call of Duty: World at War. It seems to tell a story about a lost identity and how he/she will never give up living.

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