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Elena Siegman: The One Meaning


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The One Lyrics

All my life I've been debating
All the crows they sit there waiting
Wondering what I'm going to eat
Until I have it I can't breathe

I finally see you on the floor
Your heart's not beating anymore
My lust for you just cannot wait

  1. anonymous
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    Dec 6th 2020 report

    It’s pretty clear after all these years what it’s really about. It’s really about her husband that died. She remembers the fights they had but she still loved him and one day she came home from to him laying on the ground dead. She wants to join him in the afterlife, I don’t know how you guys can’t figure it out after all this time.

  2. anonymous
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    Jun 6th 2019 report

    Well my interpretation here it is. I think zombies are reference to hackers. They look for the survivors (people who havent given up/dont hack.) They live like zombies but as the above poster said part of them knows what they do is wrong. They are narcissistic zombies who the small part of them thats still human is waiting for the one to come and beat their hacks so they can give up and move on. All of the lyrics could be viewed as how a Narcisstic zombie "eats peoples life energy ex etheric blood" Or a Narcissist hates normal people with a happy life. "Happy life makes me sick" "The kids they bully screams sound like music" Another reference to Narcisistic hackers.My theory is you are the One and the hackers are like soulless stalker zombies who cant stop cheating online bc they are addicted/Dont believe in themselves.

  3. anonymous
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    Oct 26th 2011 report

    I can understand where many of you are getting the 'Sam' point of view from the song, yet youre thinking more of the 'revenge' she intends to exact upon Richtoffen, and arnt accounting for other characters; my thoughts on perspective? clearly, it is of the Zombies.

    "Wondering what I'm going to eat
    Until I have it I can't breathe"- this is quite clearly talking about the mass of Zombies, not knowing what they hunger for, that is, until they set their sights upon the Survivors.

    "My lust for you just cannot wait
    Your skin it tastes like chocolate"- this is but another 'hunger' reference; the Zombies are relentlessly trying to kill, and devour the survivors.

    "All the screaming sounds like music"-this is pretty straight forward; when the Zombies kill, they get a thrill from the agonizing screaming.

    "Losing all my holy dreams
    Someone tell me what they mean"

    "I've been waiting for you
    To come here
    And kill me
    And set me free"- both of these sets of lines appeal to the 'human' aspect of the Zombies; theyre 'holy dreams lost' (clearly a biblical statement) is the idea that they have been cast from god, and in this new, undead form, are with Satan. the small part of them that is human realizes that what they do is wrong, yet they cant control it; theyre undead, and animalistic tendencies take hold on their body. in my opinion, they almost WANT the survivors to kill them, to set them free from the madness; they dont want to kill people, they want to be laid to rest.

    "Blood's flavor is so metallic
    It's smell makes me go phrenetic
    Textures that I find in you is a thick viscous glue"- 'bloods flavor'? what do Zombies eat? blood, and other parts of the body. the smell makes them go 'fanatic' (the lyrics above butchered the spelling) basically means theyre whipped into a frenzy when they smell blood. and a "textures...find in you...thick viscous glue"...blood isnt thin like water, and its very viscous (a description of blood)

    "There's an iron smell of blood in the air
    And now I see it everywhere"- when a zombie slaughters someone, they dont just nibble...they rip and tear, and so the blood would be 'everywhere'.

    "I've been waiting for the one"- this one short line, could have a million different interpretations. possibly, this could just be referring to the one who finally kills them and sets them free from being undead. or, it could be much deeper...much more inversed into the plot line (and yes, at the time that this song was made there wasnt a solid plot that was TOLD; but the idea that Richtofen made the Zombies, killed maxis and samantha, and brought out fluffys demon WAS already in the overall design for the entirety of the Zombie story.); honestly, I believe that the Zombie perspective is referring to Richtoffen. initially, Richtofen didnt want/plan for this apocalypse; he was studying the human body, trying to create a super soldier (thats where dempsey, nikolai, and takeo come into the picture; they were apart of Richtofens' plan), create weapons (the wunderwaffle, ray gun, thunder gun, etc.), and in reality, do as he pleases. yet he made mistakes, and the Zombies were created. I believe that the Zombies recognize especially with Richtofen, and are waiting on their 'father' (the one) to end their suffering, fix his mistake, and lay them to rest.

    I know that was quite a long little rant, yet I hope now that you'll read the lyrics closer, go back and really listen closely to the song, and maybe understand the storyline of the Zombies, the conflict, and the song itself and its meanings better.

    -Ty :)

  4. anonymous
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    Aug 13th 2011 report

    I do believe it is in Sam's view saying I'm waiting for someone to come help me. Saying that she wants someone or "the one" to come and kill her so she may be free from the demonic side or her that is taking control.

    The theory of the darker side taking control came from the line "Losing all my holy dreams" which is saying that the side that may wish for good to come back or whatever is fading and becoming lost.

  5. anonymous
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    Jul 20th 2011 report

    It means that the zombies need you to kill them and set them free. Their souls are trapped inside and they need you to kill them to set the souls free.

  6. anonymous
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    Jun 28th 2011 report

    This might be a hint that Samantha might have a double personality a side that wants to kill u and the side tha wants peace so the peacful side is waiting for the survivers to come and rescue her by killing her and the evil spirit.

    "The one" might refer to the survivors or a certian one of the Ruchtofen pherhaps.

  7. anonymous
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    Mar 4th 2011 report

    The song is the musical easter egg for Call of Duty's zombie map Shi No Numa, it is sung from a Zombie's point of view, the zombies are in misery having to walk the earth killing innocent people, having a never ending hunger for human flesh, and being lonely forever and the zombies are waiting for someone to come and kill them and set them free from the misery they are experiencing, it is probably the creepiest song out of all the Nazi zombies song so far this is probably done on purpose to shoe how bad the Zombie's feel.

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 21st 2011 report

    A song found on Call of Duty: World at War.
    It could relate to the desperation and hopelessness of waiting for that certain person, in this case, The One.

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