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Elena Siegman: Beauty of Annihalation Meaning


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Beauty of Annihalation Lyrics

All my atrocities, come by way of reciprocity.
I'm chewing the bones of my own reprieve
Death, be my dignity, execute hemlock philosophy
Poison fills the cup of the carpenter
Love lost on me
Life so costly
No reason


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    Mar 4th, 2011 3:57pm report

    The song is from the Zombie map on call of duty, Der Reise, it is sung from the survivors point of view.

    "All my Atrocities come my way of Reciprocity" is a reference to Tank Dempsey (the American one) and the terrible things he's done to win the wars he's been in.

    "I'm chewing the bones of my own Reprieve"
    is a reference to Edward Richthofen (the German one) and how he created the zombies, released them on Der Reise, and no going back to fight his own creation.

    "Death by my dignity, execute hemlock philosophy" is a reference to Takeo Malaski (the Japanese one) and how he would rather die fighting then surrenderer to the zombies.

    "Poison fills the cup of the carpenter" is a reference to Nikolai Belinski (the Russian one) and how he was a carpenter before his "poison" (vodka) ruined his life.

    The song is being sung by Samantha in the call of duty series, regular lyrics are sung by her human form, the screamo lyrics are sung by her demonic form.


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    Sep 20th, 9:56am report

    I love Elena, her voice is so sweet. Yet when she screams it is so cool. The beauty of annihilation is one of my favorite zombie songs. I have always wondered what she says backwards in the beginning of Beauty of Annihilation. What do the backward lyrics say, anyone???


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    Jun 21st, 2014 6:39pm report

    spot on interpretations. as I see it, its simple. the first line is spoken backwards to show just how lost sam happens to be in her own insanity. adding to the mindsets however, Dempsey is as we know American. at the time of America's involvement in ww2 the attack on pearl harbor was cause enough, thus the reciprocity. for richtofen, the zombies were planned to be used on the allied forces a reprieve, or a chance to take back what was lost from the allied advance. the four share no desire to feel attachment with each other as they know they can die at any given time. takeo,belinski and Dempsey are curious as to how everything started,unraveling the story of sam's hate. sam believes for the most part that she is untouchable and that its in her best interest to wipe everyone and everything out,her own version of a final solution. if you notice throughout the zombie story line, there is never anyone left. just the four survivors.


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    Apr 2nd, 2013 4:04am report

    You forgot the end of the song.

    When she says-

    Death so close that I can taste it.

    - I think she is reffering to the fact that the survivors are coming for her and she knows shes pretty much screwed.


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    Jan 5th, 2013 1:37pm report

    Just saying she isn't a Demond. But this person is partially correct because its a demonic possession.


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    Nov 24th, 2011 11:19pm report

    the second interpretation was pretty spot on except for the fact that he said "her demonic form" she is not a demon because she was once human. demons like angels were never human but were created by either god or satan (angels-god demons-satan) so it is impossible to become a demon or an angel after you die. but other than that, pretty good. i would like to point out just in case people didn't know this, Der Riese is pronounced (Dare-Reesa) I am studying the German language and from this i have learned that in German, "IE" is pronounced "EE" and "EI" is pronounced "EYE" and they always pronounce the "E" at the end of a word, ALWAYS and it is pronounced as an "A". so there you have it, a free lesson in German.


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    Jun 9th, 2010 6:42am report

    The main theme in this song is clear if you know its background...Zombies, and their destruction.

    The first line is sung backwards, possibly to add to the sheer insanity that the song represents. The first four lines are metaphors for the mindset of each of the four characters in the COD:5 Nazi Zombie mode: Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski.

    The entire song is a combination of regular singing and screamo, to represent the duality the game represents. Their is the story, which is serious, emotional and chilling, and then there is the fact it is a game, people get hyped up, and might yell "YOU CANT FUCKING ANNIHILATE ME!"

    The song makes frequent reference to various kinds of ammunition to emphasize the war game aspect, and the chorus itself "Beauty of Annihilation" links to the idea that eventually, you will see this horror so much, you will see the beauty that killing zombies truly holds.

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