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Elena Siegman: Pareidolia Meaning


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Pareidolia Lyrics

I see them staring back at me
They know my name
The faces in the sky are
looking for something more
My friends have paper smiles and
laugh at me in all my trials

Their eyes are everywhere
and see everything
what do
They need me
And I...


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    Jul 7th, 2011 7:27am report

    AThis is obviously samantha's view in black ops. As mentioned above, a pareidolia is something you see or hear that has significant value in something that may be worthless or non-existant. Her friends are the zombies that eventually kill her as you can hear her dying in agony by a hell hound on a radio in der reise (the giant) she depends on the zombies to kill dr richtofen for helping to make the zombies that kill her. So she seeks revenge by possesing the zombies. She needs the zombies to kill richtofen, the zombies need her so theyre not completely mindless beings with no purpose. It all ends so violently i know, the group slaughtering countless zombies. It all ends so painfully and slow, either refering to her death, or how in the end of a game of zombies, players are picked off one by one until theyre all dead. And finally, pareidolia could possibly(my interpretation) that the whole story of zombies is her dream and she already went crazy, that none of this ever happened because as we all know, in our laws of physics, teleportation, time travel, and a stable form of element 115 (unapentium) is not possible. But thats my thought and i was extremely bored when i wrote this. Black ops zombies are beast


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    Aug 9th, 2011 8:54pm report

    well.. in the part that she says " their inside me am inside out" makes me think that all her " friends" are only in her mind "theryre inside me" and she sees them everywhere "im inside out"

    the part "i might try to find my light tonight, hide my sight from eyes i try to fight, my nine eyes of light die by the blight,ride white knight unite my plight tonight" i interpret it as Samantha trying to find her oldself, her goodself because after being in the 9 maps "kino der toten, five,shi no numa, nacht der untoten, veruct, der riese, asension, call of the dead and shangri-la she couldnt find a way to eliminate the 4 for players so the zombies are begining to hate her and to go towards her they want to betray her so she is starting to give up and she kind of want to do a truce with the players so she starts explaining how she feels when she is being betrayed by the zombies.


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    Jul 30th, 2011 7:22pm report

    I believe that Samantha from black ops is the paradolia...

    -The quote "The faces in the sky are looking for something more" has now appeared more than once in a black ops song.

    This song makes me believe
    -one, this is Samantha because of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0SwrroqcxE
    -two, it makes me believe there are multiple undiscovered zombie map skies that have this same instance
    -three, Samantha is looking for something, maybe to possibly save her? a future Easter egg?

    -The lyrics "My friends have paper smiles and laugh at me in all my trials" makes me believe Samantha has actually shattered into pieces and are all versions of her from different time periods maybe laughing at her own misfortune out of insanity or whatnot because of the sky theory I said above.

    -The lyrics "They need me And I need them" makes me believe she needs all her pieces to be whole again

    -The lyrics "I might try to find my light tonight Hide my sight from eyes I try to fight My nine eyes of light die by the blight Ride white knight unite my plight tonight" makes me believe that Samantha is doing anything and everything she can to put herself back together and that she's hoping the white knight that rides will save her... (possibly zombies, characters, dogs, or even maybe something not even introduced yet?) It also shows that she is most likely split up into 9 different pieces

    -All the lyrics that say things like "They're inside me" and "I'm inside out" prove that the world the characters are in may actually be a subset of Samantha or that she is in-between dimensions...


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    Jul 17th, 2011 7:05pm report

    Some of the lyrics stick out as clear metaphors. My nine eyes die of light...specifically a reference to the Egyptian mythology of the Underworld. And passing to death, what happens in between the moment of death and when you are judged after death.What you will see.


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    Jul 6th, 2011 7:35pm report

    Its obviously about the new map Shangri la for call of duty black ops. Thats why the song was made. For fans of zombies in CoD let me just say thAt its in samanthas view. Take my word, i listen to all of elena siegmans songs


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    Jul 6th, 2011 7:00am report

    The state of Pareidolia is when you perceive things in inanimate objects and that they have a significant value to the human brain, 3 circles and a line make people think of a face, clouds make you see or imagine animals, objects, etc.. So, this song is mostly be about the singer having a big pareidolia history, which makes her hallucinate things, makes her imagine things out of objects around her . She mentions "They" a lot of times, so it is suggested that she imagines revenants, she defines them as friends. She can never be alone because of her Pareidolia, and throughout the song, her case of pareidolia makes her imagine things out of the ordinary, eventually making her crazy. These friends get a hold of her and end her life.


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    Jul 6th, 2011 7:57am report

    Something to do with cake....

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