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Goo Goo Dolls: Girl Right Next To Me Meaning

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Girl Right Next To Me Lyrics

You changed my face
I think I like it better now
It doesn't matter anyhow
Cuz that's the way it is

You said hello
Where the hell you been?
I said I feel like I been off to war
And I may never be the same again

I made my bed, but now I...

  1. Selo
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    Jan 21st 2007 !⃝

    It took me hours of thinking and observing the lyrics for me to finally understand what this song might be about. This is my favorite song by my favorite band, so it was worth slaving away to be able to interpret it here. Really. So, here’s how I see it. This is obviously a song where the guy speaking is in love with a girl, but what makes this different is that she’s younger than him. Six years younger. He knows that he should keep his hands off because she’s not anywhere near his age ("I toss and I turn and you know, you know it ain’t right"), but he still can’t stop thinking about her. In fact, he believes that everything she says and does to him is perfect, in "You changed my face, I think I like it better now". He also says that a quiet moment with her is better than a fun moment alone ("’Cause I’m sober with you and you know it beats drinking alone"). But, surprise surprise, the feeling isn’t mutual. The chorus reflects that perfectly, and also lets us know their age situation. "And when you dream, 17 / I ain’t there so I don’t care" is her dreaming and everything is the way it is in real life, but she’s not dreaming of him. "’Cause in all my dreams, I’m 23 / And she’s that girl right next to me" shows that in his own dreams, she’s there, but he’s not any younger and she’s not any older. He’s saying that in his dreams, their relationship works out, despite their age differences. The rest of the song is basically going into more detail about his feelings for her, and it’s so beautifully written.

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