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Perfect Symmetry Lyrics

I shake through the wreckage for signs of life
Scrolling through the paragraphs
Clicking through the photographs

Who are you? What are you living for?
Tooth for tooth, maybe we'll go one more

This life, lived in perfect symmetry
What I do, that...

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    Jul 11th 2018 !⃝

    "I shake through the wreckage for signs of life
    Scrolling through the paragraphs
    Clicking through the photographs."

    In the modern world there is a lot of news, and I read a lot of stories online, which often include slideshows of dramatic images.

    "I wish I could make sense of what we do
    Burning down the capitals
    Wisest of the animals."

    As human beings we are supposed to be more than just animals giving into our tribalistic tendencies. I wish different cultures could live together peacefully instead of tearing each other down.

    "Who are you? What are you living for?
    Tooth for tooth - maybe we'll go one more."

    Take a step back and reconsider what you're doing. People attacking each other hasn't led to good results, but yet you're probably going to fight again.

    "This life is lived in perfect symmetry.
    What I do - that will be done to me."

    The Golden Rule. If you don't want to be attacked, stop attacking others.

    "Read page after page of analysis
    Looking for the final score
    We're no closer than we were before."

    Despite all the wars and all the news, there hasn't been a winner, and an end is not in sight. Intead of trying to have our side win the war by killing the other side, we should look for a more peaceful resolution.

    "Who are you? What are you fighting for?
    Holy truth? Brother, I choose this mortal life!"

    I don't believe in your religious reasons for war. This life is the only one we know is here, so I'd like everyone to start caring about this world.

    "As the needle slips into the run-out groove
    Love - maybe you'll feel it too."

    This warring among people is repetitive. I love everyone as a human being. Can't you show the same compassion?

    "And maybe you'll find life is unkind and over so soon."

    Life is still a struggle, and we might not get as many years as we want.

    "There is no golden gate
    There's no Heaven waiting for you."

    By following what you think are your God's commands you are not going to get into Heaven. This life is the only life we have good reason to believe exists.

    "Oh boy you ought to leave this town
    Get out while you can the meter's running out.
    The voices in the streets you love.
    Everything is better when you hear that shout."

    Not really sure. Maybe just get away from toxic people and find a better community to be around?

    "Spineless dreamers hide in churches"

    People praying for a difference aren't actually making a difference.

    "Pieces of pieces of rush hour buses
    I dream in e-mails
    Worn out faces
    Mile after mile of just empty pages"

    Not sure. Something about the singer's daily life and commute thinking about all these goings-on in the world. Maybe this song is a culmination of many thoughts from those times.

    "Wrap yourself around me."

    Stop the negative feelings for each other. Show me love for your fellow human, and I will love you as well.

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