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Kenny Chesney: Who You'd Be Today Meaning

Song Released: 2005

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Who You'd Be Today Lyrics

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Sunny days seem to hurt the most
I wear the pain like a heavy coat
Feel you everywhere I go
See your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughing in the rain
Still can't believe you're gone
It ain't fair you died too young
Like a story that...


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    Oct 21st, 10:50pm report

    This song hits me super hard. When I was 4, my little brother was rushed to the hospital, at the time I didn’t know what was going on, and neither did he, he was only two. By the next day, he had died of minengitus. This is the song that we played at his funeral and one of the only things I remember from that time. I will always remember him, and even though I didn’t know what happened then, I miss him so much now.


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    Sep 30th, 9:36pm report

    This makes me sad and cry I lost a son at the age of 4 due to a rare type of cancer after 6 months. Then a few years later I lost a baby girl after 3 days later.so when I hear that song I do wonder what they would be like right now


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    Jun 27th, 2017 6:46pm report

    Awesome song. Got me thru sudden death car crash of my wife and daughter. One year married just getting custody of my daughter into finally a stable home and just two days before moving into our new bought home.


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    Apr 26th, 2017 4:56pm report

    The song is a song to a person who died before their time (“It ain’t fair, you died too young / Like a story that had just begun / But death tore the pages all away”). The narrator describes how much he has missed that person and questions what their life would be like if they were still alive ("Sometimes I wonder who you'd be today"). The song ends with the narrator saying that the only hope that comes from the death is knowing they'll see each other again someday.

    Music video
    The music video was directed by Shaun Silva and premiered on CMT on September 27, 2005. It starts off with two teenage boys in a basketball practice, and then cuts to Chesney's performance, and subjects related to the song's storyline. Throughout the video, friends and couples are seen speaking to each other. A high-school couple is seen talking together, and flashbacks are seen, implying that the woman was killed in a car crash. A woman is sitting on a bench, talking to a man, later scenes show the woman pulled from a burning building, and imply the man died in the fire. The boys playing basketball are also seen playing at the same court as kids, then cutting to serving in the military. As the boys run up the basketball court, one of them disappears, revealing the other one to be playing alone and reflecting on the past with his friend.

    (Wikipedia - give them the credit)



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    Apr 26th, 2017 4:06pm report

    This song is so beautiful, i lost one of y best friends 2 years ago, 2 weeks before her graduation,She wanted to go to college an become a cardiac surgeon. I think about her all the time an wonder who she would be today. it still gets to me, this song really does help me though i can relate to it. love it.


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    Jul 8th, 2016 7:27pm report

    This song is amazing. It really speaks to me but I'm going to talk about the special meaning it has to my eighteen-year-old brother. We have a cousin that passed away twelve years ago. Now I was only two so I don't remember him, which is why I'm talking about my amazing brothers interpretation to this beautifully tied together song. He was only six months younger than my cousin that had passed away. My cousin, Tony, died of neuro-blastoma cancer at the age of six. In those six years that he was on earth with us, he and my brother, Jordan, became very close. Tony Vann Allan White(typically called Vann Allan) and my brother would always play with barbies because that is what Vann Allan enjoyed doing, my brother not so much, but he did anyway to make Vann Allan happy. This song is very relatable to many people for many different reasons. In my brothers case, it is meaningful to him due to the death of Vann Allan. Twelve years later and he still has a void in his heart from that special cousin that can never be mended. My brother is now going down the long journey of becoming a firefighter. Jordan says that he wants to be a firefighter because it is his passion, his reason, and while that may be true I feel like there is more to the story. I feel like he is fighter for Vann Allan. As if he is helping others so they never have to feel the way he did twelve years ago and still does every second of every day just from that precious young boy that deserved to live much longer and grow up with my brother. They could have been firefighters together. They had many more years to play Barbie together and that should have happened but it didn't. So, my brother is hanging on to the hope in this extremely touching song that states "I know I'll see you again someday." My brother plans on living a long, meaningful life to fight his and Vann Allan's fight. Then, he is going on to be reunited with Tony Vann Allan White once and for all.


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    Jan 19th, 2015 1:53pm report

    Kenny Chesney lost his childhood best friend to a car accident in Florida when they were both teenagers


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    Feb 3rd, 2013 2:26pm report

    This songs helps me when I think of my daughter that dies about an hour after her birth. Every lyric is to the key of how her life ended so short. I always wonder who she would be today and who she would be as she became a young woman. Songs like this can really pull at the heart strings and give some comfort when you are hurting from a loss like this. Beautiful song. Love it


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    Dec 28th, 2011 12:51am report

    i'm 14 almost exactly a year ago my mom died she was 30 after i got done crying i laid in bed for hours thinking. the next day i remembered this song and looked it up. it still hurts and somehow i know that it will never completely stop hurting but this song helped me start to heal ☆ signed pauline ☆


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    Oct 6th, 2011 10:58pm report

    I listened to this song countless times after I lost friends. When I was 14 years old I lost 4 friends all from car accidents. This song has a very special meaning to me, because the lyrics are tied together so beautifully. It's an easily relate able song for going through deaths. On nights when I'd be crying, one line always struck a chord with me, "The only thing that gives me hope, is I know I'll see you again someday" This is a very beautiful song. A death of a child is difficult enough, but music helps everything. This song helped me get through the difficult nights.


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    Mar 30th, 2009 3:15pm report

    This a very sad but hopeful song talking about the pain involved into see a young girl(or man)died, by any reason, car crashes, fireman's , soldiers, etc..., and how hard is to their family go trough their lost day after day dealing with their thoughts...

    " would you chase your dreams, settle down with a family, what would you named your babies..."

    but giving a message of hope to those persons who losts somebody....

    ...you'll see them again...(someday)

    ...and the things happens for some reason....

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