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Michael Jackson: Another Part of Me Meaning


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Song Released: 1988

Another Part of Me Lyrics

We're taking over
We have the truth
This is the mission
to see it through
Don't point your finger
Not dangerous
This is our planet
You're one of us

We're sending out
A major love
And this is our
message to you
( message to...

  1. anonymous
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    Oct 31st report

    i dont know if im right but that chorus " im sending out......part of me" seems to me te key for this interpretation,i think he is reffering to himself as the galaxy and all the planets of our solar system are waiting for the earth to become a peaceful land without wars and conflicts like the other planets for me. "youre just another part of me" read it right now and see if you sport the difference

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 7th 2020 report

    I think he’s talking about his fans m, saying “we’re sending off a major love, and this is our message to you” saying the Moonwalker community is trying to show love to the world maybe? And the “we’re taking over” saying his fan growth is growing bigger and bigger, maybe this is how I take it, “another part of me” saying his fans are a part of him,

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 20th 2020 report

    "You're just another part of me" = That line should tell you everything. Very few people see the bigger picture like MJ did.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 16th 2020 report

    This is a high vibration way much higher than everything
    My interpretation is that everyone is made to face the truth that we should go beyond appearances and spread love and be connected to a tribe that sometimes you don’t have to see but the message is we’re now awake we can’t let go and without love True one for some who knows but for people who loves Michael it’s evident
    We know others who are on the same frequency and level
    Maybe him against or with the world because he’s loved beyond mesure
    He’s saving soul
    Remember when the world stopped when he died
    Still hopefully he’s inside us like a part of the family if we didn’t even have met him
    Respect and admiration for this life time that changed for ever till the end
    He’s really powerful
    A genius
    From out of space
    He’s the only one

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 21st 2019 report

    Michael Jackson is talking about the law of Oneness

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 24th 2018 report

    I think He's talking about the Law Of Attraction. He starts off saying we are taking over. We have the truth. Meaning we are taking control of our own minds. Then he says we have the truth. The truth of who we really are which is beyond the phisical but spirits. Then he goes on to say this is our mission to see it through. Meaning now that we know who we really are let's put it into action. By focusing on our desire until it comes into fruition. Then he says don't point your finger not dangerous this is our planet your one of us. Meaning don't be afraid of the power of your subconscious mind which is all knowing with infinite intelligence. And some people might think it's witch craft or some people think your apart of some cult or something. then he says this is our planet your one of us. Meaning a spirit with access to unlimited power for those who look beyond the phisical appearance. Then he says I'm sending out a major love. Which is a rocket of desire. And then he says and this is my message to you the planet's are lining up meaning your in alignment with your desire. Then he says their bringing brighter days. Meaning your going to manifest your desire. Then he says they are all in line waiting for you. Meaning the universe is waiting to give you what ever it is that you desire. But you have to know who you are and the hidden power that dwell in your subconscious mind. Then he says up from nation or ah revalation it's not clear to me. If he's talking about a revalation a revalation is something that has been revealed or being revealed. A inner foresight. Of what's to come. Your subconscious mind knows all things the God/subconscious mind has infinite intelligence it knows all, see's all, and can do all.Then he says we have the truth. Meaning those who are aware of their mighty subconscious mind. Then he says the final message we bring to you. Meaning you have the power with in you so stop looking outside of yourself and look within where the treasure house of unlimited possibilities are. Then he says their is no danger so feel the truth. Meaning now that you know the truth believe in the truth have no fear. Then he says so come together meaning you. Meaning come join us the enlighten ones.

  7. anonymous
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    May 20th 2018 report

    Mj here is foreseeing someone in the future who'll be like him(his kind), but in that future, the person is facing challenges in form of fears. And he's sending out that message to meet the person in the future. The person is then giving up to his destiny till a time his lunar sets up with the planetary body to his Favour, bringing brighter days and that person seems the last of its kind to bring out the truth through music. He's encouraging the person not to have fear of danger. "The planets are lining up, we're bringing brighter days"... We're bringing bringing brighter days shows that he'll not be alive then to witness it. Waiting for his manifestation. Don't you see, you're just another part of me, hee hee, means The person is a "HE" and has some similarity in art with him(mj) and he's from another nation likely Africa. In a nutshell, he's telling the person to go out with the truth he has embedded inside to the world.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 2nd 2018 report

    He says, we are all connected in a ( major love), we are made from love.( John 3:16). ,So let's Party, all join in, all invited.

  9. anonymous
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    Aug 23rd 2017 report

    Well I Think he is talking about Jehovah witness which he grew up and was no longer with, their aim was to send out love, he is saying even though am no longer With you there is another part of me that is showing the same love they are.

  10. anonymous
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    Mar 22nd 2017 report

    There's another part of him that gave himself away.

  11. anonymous
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    Sep 3rd 2016 report

    This song about jehovah witnesses religion group who they have the truth as they claimed and there mission is to be with them or part of them for salvation because MJ was one of them

  12. anonymous
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    Jan 31st 2015 report

    Good people are overtaking the bad
    Good prevails over evil
    Truth over lies
    Light over darkness
    People should not be scared of the new changes
    The changes are love and peace for all kinds
    We are all connected....

  13. anonymous
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    Jan 21st 2012 report

    Yea I agree. This song is about brighter days to come, and ascension the planets lining up, also about the evil in the world calling themselves "elite" but truly there just another part of it all the same as me and you, in a attempt that they will see :). Muchlove

  14. anonymous
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    Oct 5th 2011 report

    This song is about people from another planet and they are trying to bring peace because in the lyrics when he sings the chorus he says "we're sendin' out a major love and this is our message to the planets are linin up we're bringin brighter days they all in Line waitin for you

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